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Season 4 begins with a drug-addled and deathly ill Frank reappearing. Meanwhile, Fiona cares for the household and works at Worldwide Cup with her boyfriend boss Mike Pratt, and attempts to connect with Debbie and Carl, who are dealing with the upheaval of their adolescent hormones.

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Hovenweep National Monument, Ancestral Pueblo people, located on the Utah/Colorado border in the USA. Dates from 600 AD.

National Park Service sign near the site:

“Hovenweep.” It is a Paiute and Ute word meaning “deserted valley.” It was the name given to this extraordinary place by pioneer photographer William H. Jackson, who visited here in 1874. It’s an apt description. As you scan the vast and lonely expanse surrounding you, it’s hard to imagine that these solitary canyons once echoed with the cries and laughter of hundreds of men, women and children.

Established as a National Monument in 1923, Hovenweep preserves what archaeologists consider to be the finest examples of ancestral Puebloan masonry found anywhere. Whether multi-story towers standing alone along canyon rims, or ingeniously engineered structures perched on massive boulders and ledges within the canyons, these ruins evoke feelings of wonder at the motivations and resourcefulness of their builders.

“I think that Hovenweep is the most symbolic of the places in the Southeast… Hovenweep gives me a feeling similar to what I feel when I’m participating in ceremonies which require a tacit recognition of realities other than the blatantly visual. During those times I know the nature and energy of the bear, of the rock, of the clouds, of the water. I become aware of energies outside myself, outside the human context. At Hovenweep, I slide into a place and begin to know the flowing, warm sandstone under my feet, the cool preciousness of the water, the void of the canyon, and the all covering sky. I want to be a part of the place.”

-Rina Swentzell, Pueblo Indian scholar, Santa Clara.

Photos courtesy & taken by Greg Willis.


Montana in 3D!

In celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Montana’s Statehood here are a few stereographs from Big Sky Country, all from the series of photographs from the Hayden Survey. (Hayden Survey, William H. Jackson, Photographs, 1869 - 1878) .  

Maybe these will inspire you to enter the Stereoscopic Image category of digitalnz-dpla 's GIF IT UP Challenge!

Looking for more stereographs?  They are not always identified as such, but you can find many in the series of photos from geological survey expeditions, such as the King SurveyPowell Survey, and Hayden Survey, and also in the series of Mathew Brady Civil War photographs.


Cant wait to catch up with the Gallagher’s and see, how Fiona handles Jimmy-Steve-Jack, Frank & Sheila, Carl & Debbie, Lip & whoever, Kevin & V as new parents…….who am I kidding, show me the Gallavichs first! Ian, Mickey & their son Yevgeny.

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Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter Sammi and is surprised to learn that she has a son. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mike get serious; and Carl steals dogs and holds them for ransom, so he can earn some drug money for Frank. Also: Sheila has her first successful online date with a Native American cowboy named Roger Running Tree.

The U.S. Geological Survey in camp at Red Buttes.
Figures are 1. F.V. Hayden, U.S. Geologist in Charge, 2. James Stevenson, 3. H.W. Elliot, 4. S.R. Gifford, guest, 5. J.H. Beaman, 6. C.S. Turnbull, 7 and 8. cooks, 9. Cyrus Thomas, 10. H.D. Schmidt, 11. C.P. Carrington, 12. L.A. Bartlett, 13. Raphael, hunter, 14. A.L. Ford, 15. W.H. Jackson. Natrona County, Wyoming., 8/24/1870

Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942, Photographer.  Series: Hayden Survey, William H. Jackson, Photographs, 1869 - 1878Record Group 57: Records of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1839 - 2008

Find more of William Jackson’s photos from the Hayden Survey in the National Archives Catalog