william grotz


May 1920 issue

cover art by William Grotz

~ Frank Blighton, “The Hop on Hyperspace”, ‘Hyperspace is a dog’, 1st of 2 stories in BM

~ Hamilton Craigie, “Receipted in Full”, ‘Headnote is worth (partially) quoting from: “ …Another typical Black Mask complete novelette…which represent[s] the very best mystery fiction…printed in America today. Novelty of plot, nervous suspense and ingenious solutions are the keynotes…; 1st of 3 stories in issue in which he figures’, 1st of 7 solo stories in BM

~ Hamilton Craigie & Walter Grahame, “According to Specifications” and “The Jest Ironic” (2 stories by this pair)

~ Ashton Crowell, “The Prison Clock Strikes Nine”, ‘prison setting’, only appearance in BM

~ Captain Frank Cunningham, “The Best New Books”, ‘Regular column which reviewed new mystery & detective novels; also called “The New Mystery Books”; not indexed beyond this point.’

~ Schuyer Hamilton, “The Silvered Sentinel”, 1st of 2 stories in BM

~ Clinton [aka Charles] Harcourt, “The Necklace of the Pharaohs”, 1st of 6 stories in BM

~ Greye La Spina, “The Seventh Step”, author’s sole appearance in BM

~ Maurice Level, “In the Light of the Red Lamp”, ’short-short’, 1st of 2 stories in BM

~ C.S. Montanye (Carleton Stevens), “Looking Out for Orchid”, ‘narrated by vaudevillian in dialect’, debut, 1st of 29 stories in BM

~ John Irving Pearce, Jr. and Joseph Faus, “The Belled Boomerang”, only joint appearance by these authors in BM, for JIP, see Oursler

~ Merlin Moore Taylor, “The Wheel Within the Wheel”, author’s debut in BM, 1st of 8 appearances in BM

~ Harold Ward, “The ‘Tail’ of a Cat”, 2nd of 29 stories under this name in BM [2nd of 46 stories in BM under three different names– Ward Sterling and H.W. Starr]

~ Valentine Williams, “The Mystery of the Missing Finger”, ‘Desmond Okewood, British Secret Service’, 1st of 2 stories in BM

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 June 1922  issue

cover art by William Grotz

~ John Baer, “Courage”, 1st story in same issue

~ John Baer, “The Vanishing Motive”, 2nd story, 18th and 19th stories in BM

~ H.R. Corey, “Crusoe’s Man Friday”, only story in BM

~ Walter Deffenbaugh, “The Turbans in the Forest”, last of 14 stories in BM

~ J.S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher, “Exterior to the Evidence”, 3rd of 5 parts, ‘serial re-run of novel 1st pub in London (1920) with same title’, 3rd of 6 appearances in BM

~ Jack J. Gottlieb, “The Blunt Fingers of Hate” and “On Page 119”, 2 stories in this issue by JJG, 2nd and 3rd of 8 stories in BM

~ George B. Jenkins, Jr., “Two Minutes Alone”, 3rd of 5 stories in BM

~ Murray Leinster (pseud. of Will F. Jenkins), “The Frankenstein Twins” [the movie which made the name famous was 9 years away],and 3rd of 7 stories under this name

~ Lloyd Lonergan, “The Six Suspects”, ‘Complete Mystery Novelette’, and “State’s Evidence”, 2 stories in this issue, the 6th and 7th stories in BM

~ Howard P. Rockey, “Alibis and Evidence”, 1st of 5 stories in BM

~ Paul Sand, “The Advertising Criminal”, last of 3 stories in of BM

~ J.J. Stagg, “Murdering Uncle”, 8th of 11 stories in BM

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