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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15

The walkers near the sea

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Maggie helping plant stuff at Hilltop/ Eric & Aaron/ Daryl & Jesus/ Cindy & Tara

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Holly’s story line/ Sasha & walker David/ Maggie & Gregory/ Gregory looking for the place Simon wrote down for him/ Eugene giving Sasha the poison/ Dwight in the cells  

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“I’m here to protect the pregnant lady not the pregnant lady protect me.”- Gregory/ Tara & Rachel 

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Oceanside & Tara/ Tara what’s her face & Cindy/ Cindy tells the others why Tara & Co are there/ Eugene & Sasha/ Carl & Enid talking about remembering who Carl killed & who he didn’t kill/ Rick saying “get on your knees” becasue we all know that could mean death  

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Sasha headbutting David/ Negan stabbing David/ Some of Oceanside wanting to fight/ Cindy knocking out her grandmother/ Daryl wanting to kick Dwight’s ass 

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Rick: we need to play by Negans rules

Olivia: * slaps Negan into next week*

Michonne: *makes a road block of walkers and forced a Savior to take her to Negan at gunpoint*

ROSITA: *is having Eugene make bullets*

Sasha and Jesus: *tracking down the Sanctuary*

Carl: *deadass kills two saviors and threatens to kill Negan*

Rick: *deep sigh*. BOI