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Best TV Celebrity Pictures From Comic Con Day 3!

Now just someone needs to come up with a show with all of these people in it.



You say you respect me. You say I’m your friend.

I don’t dismiss you.

Yes, you do, and not just today – all the time. Look, things can’t always just be on your terms, Will. I’m tired of this.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a fellow classics student trying to learn Ancient Greek, but classes in my area are EXTREMELY difficult to find, so I'm teaching myself using online resources. I have a strong Latin background, so the grammar isn't causing too much trouble, but I keep getting stuck on the accents. Do you have any advice?

I’m in the same boat as you where my background in Latin is stronger but I’ll try to help. I personally enjoy watching/hearing other people explain stuff so videos on youtube really helped. This video by CiceroAntonius was particularly useful (the other videos on this channel are also really helpful) and Seth Holm has some videos on accents. Also you can download any of the following textbooks from textkit: First Greek Book, A First Greek CourseFirst Greek Grammar Accidence, Greek Grammar by William W. Goodwin and Smyth’s Greek Grammar. All of them have sections on accentuation and they are also pretty helpful in general. Hopefully, some of this will be useful to you :)

Anyone else with more experience with Ancient Greek willing to help anon out??