william franevsky

The Eighth Day

It’s not often that I come across a project that has such an incredible scope and seamlessly integrates a myriad of media, but The Eighth Day certainly ticks all the boxes. A collaborative project between Colby Vincent Edwards, William Franevsky, and Jarrett Scherff, The Eighth Day explores dark childhood fantasies, post-apocalytic themes, and rugged survivalism in microscopic detail, with fashion, photography, styling, and hand-fashioned weaponry all playing part. Truly amazing.

From the artist statement:

The collaborative group created a plethora of weapons and costumes, wrapped with twine, adorned with teeth, leathers, weathered and dented and tested in the manner in which they would be in everyday use. They carefully documented the civilization in which these weapons were wrought, with beautifully textured black and white photographs that look timeless, in a sense that they lack their own time. The carefully and outrageously detailed tools and costumes are displayed as artifacts, which makes them seem mythological in their origin. The 8thday manages to combine so many contrasting concepts, a child wanderer who is also a man with a mission, an authentic world that is also a completely manufactured reality, an attention to detail which is coupled with a complete lack of specifics, of where, when, how and why.

The complete artist statement and further imagery can be found at The Eighth Day’s Tumblr page here