william edward hickman


William Edward Hickman was broke and apparently needed $1500 to attend Bible College. His solution was to kidnap and hold for ransom 12-year-old Marion Parker in December of 1926. Marion was the daughter of a prominent banker and Hickman, calling himself “The Fox”, demanded a ransom of $7500.

Hickman arranged that he would meet her father to hand over the money and set Marion free. He had Marion wrapped in a blanket bundle in his car which he said he would leave further up the road.

Once Mr. Parker handed over the money, Hickman sped off leaving behind Marion as promised. When Mr. Parker went to his daughter, he discovered she was already dead. She had been strangled, disemboweled and her limbs had been severed.

Hickman was caught and tried for murder. His tried to plea insanity to no avail. He was found guilty and hanged at San Quentin in October 1928.

Ayn Rand Fun Fact # 73

The unattainable, yet intense, crushes of Ayn Rand:

Cyrus Paltons, a fictional character in a story called The Mysterious Valley, which appeared in a French children’s magazine Rand read as a young girl. Particularly taken with the pen-and-ink illustrations of him, she remembered him as “tall, long-legged, wearing a soldier’s leggings but no jacket, just…an open-collared shirt, torn in the front, open very low, sleeves rolled at the elbows and hair falling down over one eye.”

William Edward Hickman, a notorious murderer. She described the man who strangled and dismembered a 12-year-old girl in 1927 as a “genuinely beautiful soul” and a “brilliant, unusual, exceptional boy” who had the "true, innate psychology of a Superman.“

Art Alexakis, lead singer and guitarist of Everclear. Story in Fun Fact # 44.

Eric Braeden (né Hans Gudegast), star of The Young and the Restless. Several of her friends remember that she fell "in love” with him after seeing reruns of Rat Patrol. Harry Binswanger remembered, "She started researching [Braeden] through her agents, getting a list of everything [he] had ever been in. She arranged to take pictures of him off the TV. It’s technically hard to do, or so she was told, so she had a lab make some pictures. She read interviews of him. She rented the movies he was in. She tracked down all the information she could.“

Morris the Cat, advertising mascot for 9Lives cat food. "Morris the Cat was her hero,” a friend recalled, “She loved him.”