william e. thomas

Carole Lombard photographed by William E. Thomas in the ₁₉₂₀s.

“I can’t imagine a duller fate than being the best dressed woman in reality. When I want to do something, I don’t pause to contemplate whether I’m exquisitely gowned. I want to live, not pose. So far as clothes go, all I try to do is be well groomed. I don’t spend two thirds as much on my wardrobe as a number of the stars. I don’t believe in being lavish that way. It’d be a career in itself and there are two many other things to enjoy. Besides, I couldn’t afford it!”

Grease: Live E! The Leather Jacket : Aaron Tveit Portion Only (x)

“’You’ll recognize it,’ teases star Aaron Tveit (a.k.a. Danny Zuko himself). ‘Our costume designer, William Ivey Long, is kind of the G.O.A.T. of costume designers.’”

Finally, an elusive clip from the moments during TCA16 where he was being interviewed with Tommy Kail.

It’s so often in movies that women are more naked than men and that’s unfair, we wanted to sort of redress the balance. I didn’t have a problem with the nakedness, because I felt that there’s always been a strain of sexuality in Gothic romance as much as there has been the fear of death and the threat of violence.
It’s a very violent film and I felt like we needed to balance that. So if we’re going to bring up the violence we needed to bring up the sense of sexuality.

Tom Hiddleston addressing the nakedness in ‘Crimson Peak’