william charles

Let’s allow ourselves space and error, hysteria and grief. Really, we must let the candle burn—pour gasoline on it if necessary. Creation is our gift and we are ill with it. It has sloshed about my bones and awakened me to stare at 5 a.m. walls.
—  Charles Bukowski, from a letter to John William Corrington featured in Screams From The Balcony: Selected Letters 1960 - 1970
Which Classics Author Should You Fight?
  • Charles Dickens: The Victorian equivalent of a white male tumblr meninist. Fight his past newspaper blogger ass, though the guy does write about his own "tragic experiences", so be warned that a caricature of you will probably be appearing in his next novel.
  • The Brontes: idk they're from Yorkshire I wouldn't risk it
  • Dante Aligheri: Yess he spends all his time in his room writing self-insert Bible fanfic and never goes outside, 10/10 would fight this nerd. You will win. Easily.
  • Mary Shelley: Why would you want to fight Mary Shelley???? She's nice and bad things happened to her and she invented scifi! Go reevaluate your life choices.
  • Victor Hugo: Don't. He will kill you otp viciously and then spend 38 pages describing someone's hat.
  • Jonathon Swift: It's 50/50 you'll win, but you might fall asleep from his long-winded prose before you land a punch.
  • William Shakespeare: Little is known about him, other than the fact that he had free access to bears and swords and a penchant for revenge and mass murder as plot devices. If you're gonna fight him, watch your back.
  • C.S. Lewis: Whiny and allergic to adjectives and allegorical and super racist. Fight Him. So long as your childhood can take it.
  • J.R.R Tolkien: Shakespeare's biggest fan, so a total dork. Also old and shell shocked. Your call.
  • William Thackeray: Him and his friends will get drunk and gang up on you. Not advisable.
  • Alexandre Dumas: He was once described as "the most generous, large-hearted being in the world" and had extensive military training. Just... don't.
  • Harper Lee: Still alive, so she's got a foot up on the rest of them.
  • George Orwell: Total fuckin' politics nerd. Will keep a diary of the fight.
  • Jane Austen: You'd feel too mean, it'd be like punching some harmless lana del-ray book club chic. Fight her if you want but be aware of the emotional consequences.
  • Mark Twain: Constantly angry looking. Just look at that mustache. You want to fight him already, don't you?
  • Oscar Wilde: The sassiest little shit ever. Be prepared for cane wielding sassmeister. You'll probably lose, but it'll be worth it.
Underappreciated dethklok things

- the way nathan holds his phone with 2 fingers
- every time pickles says “NYEH” (specifically when he said it in his sleep in renovationklok)
- the faces toki makes when he’s coloring
- “I would eats a hot dogs. Just puttings that out there.”
- dick’s laugh
- the way pickles pronounces “swans”
- toki and skwisgaar always saying “pickle”
- pickles’ side smile (seems to run in the family bcus seth does it too)
- pobody’s nerfect, this mess is a place
- how toki always seems to be using a skwisgaar skull mug even though he has one of his own
- “I’ll sees you in valhalska.”
- how nathan and pickles know at least a little bit of french
- pickles just tapping the glass with his drumsticks in the murmaider video
- how nathans nails are always perfectly painted
- murderface in general
- those few frames in the intro where nathans hair flies back and you can see his whole face
- how short pickles is compared to skwisgaar
- dr john twinkletits, the pastel metalhead therapist who got his arms eaten by yard wolves
- that girl clown with the pig tails in all of rockso’s videos
- how all their tv’s are hung up with giant hooks that’re shoved through the screens
- affectionate drunk charles
- the faces seth made when pickles was strangling him in dethfam
- when pickles or skwisgaar sings