william cap hatfield


Pairings: William “Cap” Hatfield x Reader
Words: 754 
Warnings: None
Summary: When a stranger sneaks into the house, the reader is ready to protect her life.
A/N: I’ve been meaning o write one for Cap for a while now but I was worried it wouldn’t interest anyone. I saw @prettieparker86 post and finally made up my mind. I hope you will like it! 

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The loud unexpected squeak coming from the entrance forced my brain to immediately jump to the most horrific conclusion. I grabbed the first thing within my reach, which just happened to be a crowbar and quickly hid behind the door frame, cowering in fear.

The wooden floor was cracking under the weight of the newcomer making it easier for me to follow his path. He was walking down the hallway but stopped after no more than a few heavy steps and proceeded to the first room to the left. I was trying to guess what in the name of Lord could he be he looking for in the dining room. McCoys wouldn’t bother with stealing and there was no place to hide. After what felt like forever he finally left and headed straight to the kitchen where I was standing. I tightened my grip on the metal bar so much that my knuckles turned white, praying to god for strength and luck or alternatively just simply quick and painless death. I wouldn’t dare to expect anything different in days like these. The conflict between two families was getting worse with every passing hour and somehow I managed to get myself involved in the middle of it.

The stranger paused right next to the place where I was patiently waiting for an occasion to jump at him in hopes of getting him by a surprise.

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