william cap hatfield

William “Cap” Hatfield Imagine

Words: 2, 550

Warnings: SMUT, non-consensual sex, trauma 

Tags: @xhystericaljokersuckerx


I sat on my porch. Lazily kicking the leaves from the steps, while listening to the quiet whistle of the trees. Off in the distance, I heard a horse whiney. Galloping towards me. My fingers slid over to my father’s gun that I kept with me when I was alone. But under a thick fog, William’s face appeared. I looked at him with relief. 

“You damn well scared the hell outta me, Will.”
“Well, I apologize for that, surely.” His thick accent trailed from his slightly parted grin. Getting off his horse, he tied her up, and walked towards where I sat. Stepping onto one step, and leaning against the banister. 

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