william canton


Apart from being absolutely visually stunning, The Impossible Astronaut is possibly the best series opener ever, it’s just so solid, and introduces us to the wonderful Canton, who really should have returned at some point in Matt’s tenure as the Doctor. The Doctor’s death scene is one of the most shocking and beautiful scenes the show has produced, I just love it!!


Doctor Who 6x02 Day of the Moon

“We know they’re everywhere. Not just a landing party, an occupying force, and they have been here a very, very long time. But nobody knows that, because no one can remember them. […] But the good news is, we’ve got a secret weapon.”


It was such a good idea to open series 6 with a strong 2-part story, Day of the Moon is FULL of amazing plot, characterisation and FULL of awesome River moments, absolutely her finest moments lie in this episode!! Love her


The Impossible Astronaut
>>Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song and the Eleventh Doctor receive a mysterious summons that takes them on an adventure to 21st century Utah and Florida in 1969.Along the way they meet Richard Nixon, president of the United States of America, and former FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III.