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A book bound in the skin of 19th century murderer William Burke, who, along with his accomplice, William Hare, killed 16 people in 1828, in Scotland. Burke and Hare sold the corpses of their victims to Doctor Robert Knox for his dissections and anatomy lessons. The book is kept on display in Surgeons’ Hall Museum in Edinburgh.


“He was probably the most efficient killing machine that we’ve seen amongst the serial killers we’ve studied. With his ability to articulate how he made certain choices, why he let certain people live and die, he’s become a standard by which other serial killers are measured.”

- FBI Profiler William Hagmaier on Ted Bundy, who he interviewed and studied while he was on death row.



1973- Kathy Devine was just 15 years old when she went missing from her home in Seattle. She was last seen hitchhiking to Oregon, trying to run away from home. Her remains were found just days later. She had been strangled, sodomised and her throat was viciously cut open.

Given the circumstances of the murder, most people (including police) assumed the murderer was the serial killer who had been terrorising the state known as “Ted” aka Ted Bundy. However, 28 years later, DNA evidence revealed the truth.

Kathy’s actual murderer was William E. Cosden Jr. (above) Cosden had been released in 1973 from a mental hospital where he was confined after the 1967 murder of a woman. Samples from Cosden were subjected to DNA testing. It was evidence which linked Cosden to Kathy Devine. Cosden, 55, did admit to having sex with Kathy, but denied killing her. Already serving a 48 year sentence for first degree rape, it is unlikely that he will ever be free.