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fuck wendy williams, and fuck every person in her audience clapping along to the absolute bullshit that comes out of her mouth. how dare she make this about kylie and her missteps and relate that to bruce’s transition, how dare she basically say bruce transitioning isn’t a ‘big fish to fry’ or shouldn’t be a priority to him, and how DARE she, as a public figure, be so incredibly transphobic???? and fuck all of you on here too who post pictures of Laverne Cox with #queen in the tags who are agreeing with what wendy said, calling her ‘savage’ and saying ‘this needed to be said’. you’re all disgusting. 

Wendy Williams Petition


Wendy Williams has recently called Bruce Jenner a fame whore and used a rumored trans name of Belinda to address him! She has since been quiet on the matter and has not apologized which makes me infuriated!

I’ve started a petition at https://www.change.org/p/fox-broadcasting-company-cbs-abc-wendy-williams-remove-wendy-williams-from-airtime-or-issue-a-public-apology to either have her airtime completely cut out or for her to issue a public apology.

As a LGBT supporter, I think this is sickening. This is not the first time she has done it either, as I address in the petition description she has done this during multiple affairs!

Please sign up and sign the petition or reblog so others can! Let’s get the TV companies to notice!!

How is Wendy Williams going to bring Laverne Cox on her show and talk about being a transgender woman and SUPPORT HER and than say Bruce Jenner has better things to do then transition like sweetheart are you confused? AND ALSO WHY DOES EVERYBODY HAVE TO MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT KYLIE WHEN THIS IS BRUCE’S MOMENT?

m literally disgusted that wendy Williams would make a comment like that. Jenner has denied and hid their true selves for 65 years. They have won gold medals, rised 10 full and step children and put everyone before themselves for 65 fucking years. Transitioning does not make you any less of a parent, or any less of a human being. Regardless of how you feel about the Kardashians it takes a lot of fucking courage to do what jenner did, especially when you are apart of the most famous and talked about family in the world. They were finally true to themselves and that is extremely uplifiting, beautiful and brave. So many trans and non-cis teenagers have killed themselves this year alone because they felt hated, unaccepted, and alone. Jenner proved friday night that its never too late to transition. Its never too late to be who you are. They possibly saved thousands of lives. Fuck wendy williams and fuck everyone who agrees with her. She cant just support laverne cox one day and make transphobic ass comments like that the next, it doesnt work like that.