william brandt


“You look beautiful, darling,” Ethan smiles at you, wrapping an arm around your waist and kissing you softly.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” you say, before he takes your hand and leads you into the ballroom. You can both hear Brandt and Benji talking over the coms, but neither of you can risk responding. The man you’re after has eyes and ears everywhere in this room.

The mission is for Benji to get into the computers and gather as much Intel as possible, then shut the power off so you, Ethan, and Brandt can arrest the terrorist and his “friends.” You don’t even have a name to put to the face, which makes it harder, but he’s throwing this party under a false name (Aaron Turner), so he’ll be easy to get to.

You and Ethan play the rolls of a married couple happening to pass through Prague for the ball. You’re to “make friends” with “Mr. Turner”, then take him out when the time is necessary. Until Benji was ready, you just have to look like you enjoy the ball as best you can. Brandt watches the both of you from a distance, playing the hopeful bachelor.

“I’m in,” Benji informs. “This can take to as long as an hour though.”

Ethan nods at a security camera to let Benji know we heard, before turning to you. “May I have this dance?”

You smile. “Of course.”

He leads you into the middle of the dance floor, in view of the host of this party, and a slow song begins to play. Wrapping your arms around Ethan’s neck, he does the same around your waist, kissing your neck softly before looking into your eyes. You place your head on his chest, swaying back and forth as you hear Benji say something about how he wishes the two of you would act like this all the time. You give the camera a glare, not wanting Benji to give away your crush in Ethan, not knowing Ethan’s doing the same thing.

When the song ends, you and Ethan pretend to be lustful, and he pulls you into the far corner of the room before pushing you against the wall and kissing you furiously. You kiss back, hands in his hair, barely hearing Benji as he tells you Mr. Turner is heading your way, and you definitely have his attention. Nodding, Ethan kisses you again, before beginning to pull you away only to be stopped by Mr. Turner.

“Good evening,” he says, smiling sickly as his eyes rake over your body uncomfortably, never once looking in your eyes or Ethan’s. “Who might you be?”

Ethan clears his throat, making Mr. Turner look up at him. “I’m James Garrett, and this is my wife, Sarah.”

You smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh no,” the man smirks, reaching forward and kissing your hand. “The pleasure is all mine.”

You catch Brandt’s eye over Turner’s shoulder, and he winks at you, having just witnessed you and Ethan’s make out session. You blush, and look away, fake-smiling as you step back. Ethan and the man begin to converse, until Benji says, “Got it.” And the ballroom goes dark.

The thousands of people begin to scream, and you put on your small night-vision glasses to see Aaron Turner already unconscious and being dragged away by Ethan. You and Brandt do the same to one of the guards (luckily he only had two), and follow Ethan to the waiting IMF van.

After giving the terrorists to the other agents to be taken into custody, you and Ethan walk alone back to the car where Benji and Brandt will meet you. Brandt went to help Benji get his equipment to the car, as last time the poor guy got caught with his various briefcases, and the getaway was very difficult.

“So,” Ethan says, smiling down at you. “That went well.”

You nod in agreement. “One of the best missions I’ve ever been on.”

“Where’re you headed after this?”

Reaching the car, you lean against the side. “Well, I’m on your team, so I’ll probably just take some time to relax until we get called in again.”

He nods, before fidgeting slightly from where he stands in front of you, leaning against the car in the space next to yours. “Maybe we could do something until we get called in again.”

You cock your head to the side, smiling. “Are you asking me on a date?”

Ethan hesitates visibly. “No, it’s just that we only ever see each other when we’re on missions, so I thought-”

Smiling and rolling your eyes, you reach forward and grab his tie, pulling him close to kiss him. He’s shocked at first, but then his right hand comes to rest by your head on the car, and the other is on your waist. You run your hands through his silky hair, and he bites down softly on your lip before you hear someone clear their throat.

Pulling apart, the two of you look over to see Benji and Brandt standing there smirking at you. “About time,” Brandt says, while Benji just grins. Ethan rolls his eyes and kisses you again.