elderly bandom memories:

  • ryan ross doing cocaine with some random girls ON INSTAGRAM
  • that dude that tried to scam people claiming he had ryan’s ep
  • brandon urie and ryan ross ending up at the same haloween party and pretending iT NEVER HAPPENED
  • when propertyofzack broke the news that fob was coming back two days before their grand announcements and everyone was like omg zack u such a liar
  • paramore’s revolving door of members
  • josh (formerly) from paramore’s cringy blog post
  • brendon urie’s vine fame
  • pete and patrick’s solo efforts
  • kim kardashian in the thanks for the memories video
  • alex from all time low and tay jardine from we are the in crowd drama during warped tour
  • when of mice and men were relevant
  • what even happened with sleeping with sirens
  • guyliner, the manbun of emo
  • pete on one tree hill
  • andrew mcmahon two to three bands ago
  • mikey way cheating on his wife?????? 
  • the RUTHLESS bracelet that summer everyone had
  • TAI TV
  • the original jagk shirt and glamour kills??
  • gabe saporta’s purple hoodie and the single with blair waldorf that actually did good???
  • jeffree star???? singing????? at warped????? 
  • long fall out boy song names (make fob song names great again)
  • you me at six? and the fact that no one knew how to spell josh’s name
  • travie mccoy’s marriage to katy perry?
  • the long island bands - tbs, brand new, etc
  • stage gay
An Emo (Pop Punk) Christmas

Just a compiled lists of christmas songs/covers:

All I Want For Christmas Is You - My Chemical Romance

Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You) - My Chemical Romance

Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass - All Time Low

Fool’s Holiday - All Time Low

White Christmas - Panic! At The Disco

Sickly Sweet Holidays - Dallon Weekes    (Bonus ft:Amelie Weekes)

Christmas Drag - Dallon Weekes

Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas) - Dallon Weekes

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fall Out Boy

What’s This? - Fall Out Boy

Christmas Time Is Here(Live) - Fall Out Boy

Nothing For Christmas - New Found Glory

Ex-Miss - New Found Glory

This Christmas - The Summer Set

Christmas Lights - Yellowcard

I Don’t Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You - The Ready Set

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas - Blink-182

Happy Holidays, You Bastards - Blink-182

Xmas Sux-Frank Iero

Don’t Shoot Me Santa - The Killers

O Holy Night - Brand New

Right Where You Want Me To Be - A Day To Remember

Last Christmas - Jimmy Eat World

Ho Ho Hopefully - The Maine

Do You Hear What I Hear? - William Beckett

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Issues

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Bowling For Soup

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Tyler Joseph

Christmas By The Phone - Good Charlotte

Merry Christmas, I Missed You So - Taking Back Sunday

My Christmas List - Simple Plan

30 Days - Nevershoutnever

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - The Academy Is…

Winter Passing - The Academy Is…

This Christmas (I’ll Burn It To The Ground) - Set It Off


Brendon Urie singing Christmas songs on periscope 

Seasons Greetings from:

  Cobra Starship

Panic! At The Disco 

Fall Out Boy

Ryan Ross

quick flip through of my first sketchbook, which i finished last week. i’ve improved immensely over the past year, and would love to share my improvement with the internet. hope you guys like it ❤️

Signs As Fanfic Cliches
  • Aries: Pete calling Mikey "mikeyway"
  • Taurus: Jon and Spencer playing videos all the time
  • Pisces: Brendon always being a hyper bitch
  • Leo: William being an artsy slut
  • Virgo: Ryan hating life and himself
  • Gemini: Gabe speaking Spanish to William during sex
  • Libra: Frerard banging on every surface possible
  • Cancer: Spencer clinging to Ryan like a lost puppy
  • Scorpio: Ryland switching to Guy Ripley every two seconds
  • Sagittarius: Pete, Ryan, or Frank killing themselves
  • Capricorn: Gerard being crazy or emotionally unstable
  • Aquarius: Everyone making fun of Frank`s height

about a girl by the academy is… lyric lockscreens // requested by anon

Signs As Emos
  • Aries: Frank Iero
  • Taurus: Pete Wentz
  • Gemini: William Beckett
  • Cancer: Ryan Ross
  • Leo: Patrick Stump
  • Virgo: Gabe Saporta
  • Libra: Brendon Urie
  • Scorpio: Gerard Way
  • Sagittarius: Mike Carden
  • Capricorn: Mikey Way
  • Aquarius: Vicky-T
  • Pisces: Spencer Smith
Re blog if you agree with any of the following

•Stuck in Love -William Beckett (feat. Ryan Ross)

•Ryan Ross harmonizing in Stuck in Love -William Beckett (feat. Ryan Ross)

•Ryan Ross saying “I never will” in the smallest voice in Stuck in Love -William Beckett (feat. Ryan Ross)

•Ryan Ross yelling “Oh! Oh!” in the background durning Stuck in Love -William Beckett (feat. Ryan Ross)

Ships and Their Most Popular Fanfics
  • Ryden: Throam
  • Frerard: A Splitting of The Mind
  • Petekey: Just Off The Key Of Reason
  • Gabilliam: It`s Warmer In The Basement
  • Phan: The Hat Fic
  • Peterick: The Lung Fic