william basinki

Wind Sand and Stars free DIY Audiobook

hallo all. I made an audiobook of the section of the book “Wind Sand and Stars” by Antoine St. Exupery that the little prince is based on. You can listen/download here . This was made as a class assignment, I’m sorry that the audio isn’t really mixed properly, I just really don’t have a clue how to do that. music is  “The Disintigration Loops” by William Basinki. I hope you enjoy it a little. 


William Basinski :: “Disintegration Loop 4”
The Disintegration Loops III (2062; 2003)


This is a piece from a series of releases from William Basinki.  The piece was created by trying to transfer older recordings to digital, but the original tape broke down progressively more and more as it was digitized.  It’s an ambient sound that goes from fully formed to almost complete silence by the end.  Its hypnotic and I love it. -A