william barnett


Zenmasters AU Week, Day 6 – Role Reversal AU: If You Jump, I Jump. Part I (part II).

As a kid, Hyde was taken by his biological father, William Barnett, from his abusive mother’s hands and raised as WB’s son and successor. He never got to keep his friendship with Eric, Kelso and Donna, and he never had to suffer Edna ever again. But growing up as white passing and the bastard son of a very rich and successful man isn’t easy at all, it only makes him as insecure, scared and angry as we knew him. This time, though, he also grow up in a healthy home with a loving family, and good education.

Jack Burkhart never married Pam, she got pregnant and had Jackie on her own, mostly to keep Jack’s affection and money near her, giving Jackie a middle class yet materialistic and shallow life, so the girl got to grow up as we knew her too but knowing the effort it takes to have something. She also got to grow up near Donna and gain the basement’s gang friendship.

Thanks to Buddy Morgan’s sudden friendship with Eric, Hyde gets to see his old friend at a party in the Morgans’ property and slowly, he gets to win his place at the basement again, always having the worst yet most fun ideas to pass the time and Jackie’s mother attention thanks to his name and money. 

When Hyde gets himself expelled from his private high school and is sent to Point Place’s High, that little attraction between him and Jackie grows until they start spending more time together, and he realizes he may have a little crush in the middle class girl who claims to hate his kind thanks to her mother’s ways.