william and son

When Afton sees Springtrap
  • Springtrap: Father it's me Michael!
  • William: SON HOLY FUCK
  • Springtrap: I know it looks bad but--
  • William: YOU BEEN A FURRY FOR 30 YEARS?!

Skyscrapers under construction on the Avenue of the Americas area, north of Rockefeller Center in Fall of 1962. View looking southeast from Park Sheraton Hotel. Buildings under construction are the New York Hilton Hotel (William B. Tabler-Harrison & Abramovitz, 1963) at left; and the 45-story Sperry Rand Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1963). The 42-story Equitable Life Assurance Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1961) are at right. Above it is the top of 70-story Rockefeller Center’s R.C.A. Building (Associated Architects, 1933).

Photo: Andreas Feininger.

Source: Andreas Feininger, Kate Simon. “New York” (New York, Viking Press, 1964).

dex doesn’t like to raise his voice
  • it reminds him of his dad and how he used to scream at his mom when he thought that dex and his siblings had gone to sleep
  • of how after he yelled at her, his mother would sink down the wall of their tiny kitchen and curl up as small as she could get and just cry
  • so whenever dex is in an argument he’ll talk until his face is red and he’s having trouble breathing and he’ll curl his hands into fists and he’ll snarl and he’ll get worked up
  • but as angry as he’ll get
  • dex will never raise his voice

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give me demi dex please like give me that boy that 

  • felt out of place in middle school and high school cause he never really got this whole attraction thing
  • give me dex that just thought he was focused on hockey
  • dex that freaked out at night after dinner with the family when they asked why he never talked about girls
  • that confused kid that went through school feeling out of place among the horny teens jumping from ‘relationship’ to ‘relationship’
  • all that confusion turned into annoyance and sometimes anger at all the sex jokes and stories in the locker room
  • give me dex that then came to samwell and met this guy that wont shut UP about poetry and sonnets and all this love and lust bullshit in symbolism
  • then give me poor, still confused and annoyed dex that one day nursey, after theyve known each other for a while–gotten used to each other on and off the ice, nursey does some small little thing for dex that really shouldnt be that significant
  • like grabs his notes he left at the haus or something
  • and dex looks at him for a minute just standing there holding his notes and just thinks
  • oh…well that’s…fuck
    (feel free to add on i just wrote this in a rush of FEELS)

Golden skyscrapers. Sunset view of Midtown Manhattan modern skyscrapers from the top of Rockefeller Center’s International Building in the autumn of 1963. At left is the 52-story Union Carbide Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1960) and behind it, the steel skeleton of the new 50-story Chemical Bank New York Trust Building at 277 Park Avenue (Emery Roth & Sons, 1964) under construction. The Art Deco’s golden crown of the Chrysler Building (William Van Allen, 1930), with the New York Central (Warren & Wetmore, 1929) and the 59-story Pan Am Building (Walter Gropius-Emery Roth & Sons-Pietro Belluschi) can be seen on right.

Photo: Eliott Elisofon/LIFE Magazine.

Source: “New York World’s Fair 1964/1965 Official Souvenir Book” (New York, Time & Life, 1964).


William the Conqueror long did reign;
William his son, by an arrow was slain;
Henry the First was a scholar bright;
Stephen was king without any right.
Henry the Second, Plantagenet’s scion;
Richard the First was as brave as a lion;
John, though a tyrant, the charter was signed;
Henry the Third had a weakly mind.
Edward the First conquered Cambria dales;
Edward the Second was the first English Prince of Wales;
Edward the Third humbled France in its pride;
Richard the Second in prison died.
Henry the Fourth for himself took the crown;
Henry the Fifth pulled the French King down;
Henry the Sixth lost his father’s gains;
Edward the Fourth laid hold of the reins.
Edward the Fifth was killed with his brother;
Richard the Third soon made way for another.
Henry the Seventh was frugal of means;
Henry the Eighth had a great many queens.
Edward the Sixth reformation began;
Cruel Queen Mary prevented the plan;
Wise and profound were Elizabeth’s aims;
England and Scotland were joined by King James.
Charles the First found the people a cruel corrector;
Oliver Cromwell was called Lord Protector;
Charles the Second hid in an oak;
James the Second took the Catholic yoke.
William and Mary were offered the throne;
Anne succeeded and reigned alone.
George the First from Hanover came;
George the Second kept up the name;
George the Third was loved in the land;
George the Fourth was polite and grand;
William the Fourth had no heir of his own,
So Queen Victoria ascended the throne.
When good Queen Victoria’s long reign was o'er,
Edward the Seventh the English crown wore.
His son George the Fifth, ruled the realm amassed,
where the sun never set, it was so vast.
Edward the Eighth gave up the throne for his wife;
George the Sixth ruled through World War II’s strife.
Elizabeth the Second reigns today,
And “God save the Queen” all her subjects hearts say!