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Il faut pas que je me couche tard parce que demain soir/matin je fais chauffeuse pour mes grands-parents qui sont de mariage, ouais, sauf qu'il faut encore que je trouve le sommeil.

Skyscrapers under construction on the Avenue of the Americas area, north of Rockefeller Center in Fall of 1962. View looking southeast from Park Sheraton Hotel. Buildings under construction are the New York Hilton Hotel (William B. Tabler-Harrison & Abramovitz, 1963) at left; and the 45-story Sperry Rand Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1963). The 42-story Equitable Life Assurance Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1961) are at right. Above it is the top of 70-story Rockefeller Center’s R.C.A. Building (Associated Architects, 1933).

Photo: Andreas Feininger.

Source: Andreas Feininger, Kate Simon. “New York” (New York, Viking Press, 1964).

dex doesn’t like to raise his voice
  • it reminds him of his dad and how he used to scream at his mom when he thought that dex and his siblings had gone to sleep
  • of how after he yelled at her, his mother would sink down the wall of their tiny kitchen and curl up as small as she could get and just cry
  • so whenever dex is in an argument he’ll talk until his face is red and he’s having trouble breathing and he’ll curl his hands into fists and he’ll snarl and he’ll get worked up
  • but as angry as he’ll get
  • dex will never raise his voice

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When Afton sees Springtrap
  • Springtrap: Father it's me Michael!
  • William: SON HOLY FUCK
  • Springtrap: I know it looks bad but--
  • William: YOU BEEN A FURRY FOR 30 YEARS?!

give me demi dex please like give me that boy that 

  • felt out of place in middle school and high school cause he never really got this whole attraction thing
  • give me dex that just thought he was focused on hockey
  • dex that freaked out at night after dinner with the family when they asked why he never talked about girls
  • that confused kid that went through school feeling out of place among the horny teens jumping from ‘relationship’ to ‘relationship’
  • all that confusion turned into annoyance and sometimes anger at all the sex jokes and stories in the locker room
  • give me dex that then came to samwell and met this guy that wont shut UP about poetry and sonnets and all this love and lust bullshit in symbolism
  • then give me poor, still confused and annoyed dex that one day nursey, after theyve known each other for a while–gotten used to each other on and off the ice, nursey does some small little thing for dex that really shouldnt be that significant
  • like grabs his notes he left at the haus or something
  • and dex looks at him for a minute just standing there holding his notes and just thinks
  • oh…well that’s…fuck
    (feel free to add on i just wrote this in a rush of FEELS)
I'm Gay (Da Ba De)


Shitty was yelling.

No, scratch that. Shitty was losing his goddamn mind, what the FUCK. Dex didn’t even remember what was happening before he said it, and then Shitty was there (when did Shitty even get there? He lives in Boston how did he get there so fast?) lecturing up a storm.

“–super insensitive and offensive. There’s literally a gay man living in this very Haus, bro. Gay is not an insult, it’s not a thing you can just use negatively like that. Fuckin’, Jesus, Dex. I knew you came to us as but a small Republican dickwad but I didn’t expect you to continue being a dickwad this long–”

All he had said was ‘that’s gay.’ That was it. Had it had something to do with Ransom and Holster? Maybe? He still couldn’t remember.

He was very aware of Nurse standing next to him, also losing his shit, but in a different sense. Nursey was dying, all snorts and giggles and oh man that was also,,,,very gay. As was Dex himself, which was why Nurse found this all so hilarious.

Dex and Nursey made Eye Contact™.

Not a single word of Shitty’s long-ass rant was sinking in. There was a silent question, hanging between Dex and Nursey. You wanna shut him up? It wasn’t clear which one was asking it, just that someone needed to do something to stop Shitty from choking on the foot he was currently shoving into his mouth.

Dex made the first move. He cupped Nursey’s jaw and pulled him in, kissing him gently.

“–and honestly, I’ve probably said that before too but that was before I knew that it was offensive and rude and…and…What? The? Fuck?”

Dex and Nursey broke apart, but stayed close enough for Nursey to press their foreheads together.

“Shitty, I’m gay,” Dex said slowly. “I am a man who finds other men attractive and wants to date them. I took a boy to my senior prom, I went with Nurse to Winter Screw and nobody said a word, we finally had a DTR talk after Lardo gave us her dibs. I am a gay man in a gay relationship with my gay boyfriend–well pan but you get the idea–everyday I wake up in my gay bed in my gay dorm and put on my gay clothes and go to gay hockey practice and eat gay pie made by another gay hockey player.”

Nursey continued losing his shit and grinning widely in Dex’s personal space, while Shitty seemed to be dropping frames as he tried to process too much data at once.

Then, Holster interrupted the scene, absolutely overjoyed. “Yo liSTEN UP, HERE’S A STORY--”

ABOUT A LITTLE GAY WHO LIVES IN A GAY WORLD,” Ransom added in. This only made Nursey laugh harder, pushing away from Dex to double over.


In his laughing fit, Nursey stumbled and knocked over: a lamp, a small table, Shitty, and an unexplained traffic cone that either Ransom or Holster had put in the living room.

As Ransom and Holster continued to go through their (very rehearsed) rendition of ‘Blue (Da Ba De)’, Dex tried to help up Shitty and Nursey. Unfortunately, Nursey just fell right back down.


Golden skyscrapers. Sunset view of Midtown Manhattan modern skyscrapers from the top of Rockefeller Center’s International Building in the autumn of 1963. At left is the 52-story Union Carbide Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1960) and behind it, the steel skeleton of the new 50-story Chemical Bank New York Trust Building at 277 Park Avenue (Emery Roth & Sons, 1964) under construction. The Art Deco’s golden crown of the Chrysler Building (William Van Allen, 1930), with the New York Central (Warren & Wetmore, 1929) and the 59-story Pan Am Building (Walter Gropius-Emery Roth & Sons-Pietro Belluschi) can be seen on right.

Photo: Eliott Elisofon/LIFE Magazine.

Source: “New York World’s Fair 1964/1965 Official Souvenir Book” (New York, Time & Life, 1964).

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Hi, could You write a Fic where Jamie managed to avoid Geneva´s blackmailing (that never happened) and later she met Frasers and SEE THEM TOGETHER (gladly with bairns)? Love to see Claire give her (G) a hard time – kill that little brat!!!

“Mac!” the groom’s head shot up, a fire of bronze and gold glinting in the sunlight. She held her breath watching, longing, wanting; he was something she wanted more than anything and she always got what she wanted. She missed what else the overseer said, but it was something that turned Mac’s face into something she’d never seen before, pure bliss. His smile stretched from corner to corner of his face, his eyes alight, and he seemed to glow even brighter.

He took off at a run at first, but slowed his pace the further to the edge of the property he went. She was heaving and gasping for breath by the time she caught up with him. Her heart pounding not just from the excursion of running, but from fear. If he stepped off of property lines, then he’d be sent away, and if he was sent away… no. She couldn’t think like that right now. He was hers and she will have what she desires. Multiple letters she had stolen from the post were from two different women, and they burned hole in her pocket. What if one were to know he had a lover? That would end his relationships and he’d have to see reason and be with her. Only her.

Cautiously she peeked around the rowan tree, eager to keep an eye on her prize. Curiosity had sparked deep inside and she needed to know what made him so elated and hasten to the edge of the property line. It couldn’t be that sap Lord John, normally Mac spoke to him cordially, but on the rare occasion he was curt and seemed to swell in size with anger. In those moments, she had cowered in the hay, too terrified to seek shelter in the house. What she saw on the other side of the tree though, didn’t spark terror, or joy, but the sickening feeling of disbelief.

Mac was wrapped around a woman, her untamed dark curls intertwined with his fiery red as the wind blew around them. She could see the gleam of tears streaking down his face as he kissed this woman with more passion than she knew possible. Who was she, and why was she here? Mac was hers and the faster this woman realized it the better for everyone.

“Da! Da! Up! Up! Up!” A small, chubby cheeked boy squealed. His hair had the same riotous curls as the woman, but the shade of Mac’s.

“No…” she whispered aloud to herself. “This can’t be. No! He doesn’t have children! He can’t have children!” Her whispers had escalated to shrieks causing Mac, the woman and both children to turn. Two… there were two children. She screamed in outrage even louder.

“Miss Dunsany!” Mac called as she barrelled towards him and his family.

“You whore! You cheat! You filthy Scottish BITCH!” Geneva roared rearing back to slap the woman who had hidden the eldest child, a little girl, behind herself.

Mac reached out for her hand, but the woman stopped her first, gripping her wrist and throwing it down.

“You do not speak to me that way, Miss Dunsany.” The woman said while glaring down at her.

“I will call you whatever I want! Mac is my groom, my father owns this estate! You are trespassing and do not belong! I can and will speak to you in whatever manner I deem necessary!”

“You may be the child of the owner of these lands, but I am a guest on these grounds. If you do not believe me, ask your father. I came at his and Lord John Grey’s request to visit my husband. His sentence here is nearly up, little girl. You should show respect to others, no matter their station or who you may perceive to be below you.”

“I don’t have to listen to a traitor like yourself. You have an English accent yet you claim this Scot is your husband!”

“Don’t listen to me then, listen to your father.” The woman nodded her head behind Geneva, who swiftly turned to see her father, red faced and storming towards them.

“Geneva.” He said in a tone she’d never before heard on herself, it sent a sickening ice through her veins. “To the house, now. I’ll expect you to be on your best behavior and an apology formally addressed to both Mac and his wife, as well as his children.”

“But Papa!”


“–they’re trespassing! They don’t belong here!”

“Geneva!” He roared again, the small boy in Mac’s arms cowered into his father’s neck

“Mrs. MacKenzie and her children are here on my invitation. Do you not think Mac deserves to see his family? Has he treated our family so dishonorably that he does not deserve a reward?” He grabbed her by the shoulders, spinning her to look at the small family. “Do you see them? Look at the children! They only have letters and vague memories of their father. Is that how you wish to have grown? No trace or memory of me?”

“N-no Papa, I–”

“You’re being selfish, Geneva. Get to the house, now!” She took off at a run, not stopping to pick up the letters she felt falling from her pockets. Her heart was broken. He had a wife, two children. Why couldn’t he be hers?

As the tears fell, and she stumbled her way back towards the house she could hear the laughter of the two children, Mac’s laugh, the laugh of the woman, and an even more foreign laugh, her father’s.

go home lost prince

catching up with one piece rn - cant believe I almost dropped it right before sanji’s arc 



Top 40 Game of Thrones Non-Romantic Relationships:

10. Ned Stark and His Children


Does anyone remember this old relic? 

“Did you know that every girl I’ve ever tried to date has died?”
“I’m not even anatomically correct. I run around naked and I have no Junk.”
“Like a bum on a baloney sandwich.”
“That’s not even an appropriate lab coat.”