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Happy Holidays! I know we haven’t been active for a little while, but life is extremely busy atm, and I’m really trying my best to keep the blog updated. Christmas Eve was not so long ago, and this year, we celebrated with my twin sister and her little family. And that was quite the challenge with nine children, and my sister being 22 weeks pregnant, was very exhausted. However, all of the children were behaving well. We actually stayed over to the next day, and yes, it was not easy to find room for all of us, so sleeping comfortable wasn’t really a possibility. Nonetheless, here are a few more photos:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of everyone, and many photos were very blurred. I mean, we had nine children in the small house, and two of them were down with a cold and were sleeping for most of the day/evening. Emily and William both had too much energy to stand still for a photo, but you can see them running in the background, haha. But despite not being able to show photos of all the fun we had, it was an amazing Christmas Eve, in good company and with great food!

Thank you! Maegan, Samuel and kids. @mummamae.


William: (We met when we were pups.)

Aiden: It was when my family moved to William’s town, and I started going to his school. One of the other kids said not to sit next to William because “he’s dumb.” So I sat next to him.

William: (And then Aiden learned WSL so he could talk to me! We’ve been best friends ever since!)

Aiden: And we’ve been through a lot together. The bullies.

William: (Your parents’ divorce.)

Aiden: Your parents’ issues.

William: (All the way to where we are now!)