william a. riker

Name: “Motherbird”

Type: K’Vort-class Bird of Prey

Affiliation: Rogue

Captain: K’Nera

Year: 2373

Background: Codenamed Motherbird by the Maquis. A Maquis cell led by Ro affiliated themselves with K’Nera, a former supporter of the House of Duras and a direct descendant of Kruge. With the help of newly a minted Maquis Rebel William Riker, led a covert operation to Starfleet Headquarters to infiltrate library records. There they retrieved recently declassified info on the Genesis Device. Upon returning to the ship they were double-crossed by K’Nera, who killed all but Ro and Riker. K’Nera planned to use Genesis as a weapon. They in turn fought their way off the bridge, and Riker later revealed to Ro that his recent court martial had been a sham to lure her cell and K’Nera. They both inflicted damage to the Bird of Prey’s system, the Enterprise locked on Riker’s transponder to destroy the Bird of Prey. Riker was beamed off before the ship before it exploded. Although Ro was presumed killed, she in fact escaped on a Klingon shuttle. It was later revealed that even the Genesis info was a honeypot and fake. 

Appeared in Star Trek: TNG “The Enemy of My Enemy”, Marvel Comics


choose your fighter

pros: large stick fends off the enemy
cons: conspicuous height

pros: timeless fashion sense
cons: can’t play the mandolin

pros: the only one with basic self-preservation
cons: not a merry man

pros: miraculous healing powers
cons: sympathetic towards every opponent

bok troi
pros: +1701 willpower upon eating chocolate
cons: none. she is perfect.

pros: head like a dome
cons: knows too much