william a. riker


Gif is mine

Teaching Riker how to cook? 

Requested by Anon~

“Make sure to cut the carrot into small pieces. Don’t make them too big.” You instructed, glancing over to Riker before returning your attention to the rest of the dish.

He gave a nod and continued to chop up the carrots. But after a few moments, Will looked to you, ceasing his movements. “Am I doing this right?” He asked with a smirk.

When you looked down to the carrot, you found that the pieces were much too big. You sighed and gave Will a pointed look before placing your hand over his, guiding him how to cut the carrots. “Like this.” You said, ignoring the tempting heat coming from the First Officer.

“Oh, I see.” Riker mused out, and he was lucky you couldn’t see his grin. He’ll definitely tell you that he already knew how to cook after dinner.