william 'the fridge' perry

152: “The Fridge.” G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

This caps off 1987! This figure is William “The Refrigerator” Perry, aka THE FRIDGE. This was another figure only available via mail-in. I actually really liked this figure a lot! Obviously it was radically different and kinda off the wall comparatively to other figures, but it was fun and he was a powerhouse!

  • TV Show: The A-Team
  • Episode: The Trouble with Harry (Season 4, Episode 21)
  • Air Date: 3/25/1986
  • Wrestler(s) captured: Hulk Hogan (as himself), Mr. T (as B.A. Baracus), William ‘The Fridge’ Perry (as himself)
  • IMDB Page: The A-Team - The Trouble with Harry