Wendy Williams blaming Zendaya pulling out of the Aaliyah movie on everyone who said she was too light to play the role.

“I can’t believe we’re dealing with dark-light in 2014!”

Yeah Wendy, well dark skinned little girls who are under represented on tv can’t believe it either. But yeah, Those poor light skinned people.. Smh

Besides if you’re team would actually do some real research and get their facts straight, that’s not why she backed out of the movie.

a few gems from this conversation with my brother:

“mlp was made for bronies not little girls and the creator should be ashamed of himself”

“i think females should receive equal treatment. giving them an advantage is not feminism its misandry”

“you should learn to appreciate satire i bet charlie hebdo’s comics pissed you off”

“you sound like zuko. you hate everyone, even the people on your side. go talk to iroh. he has a lot to say to you.”

“125 million women have had female circumcision? how many men have been circumcised?”

So, I Was Right, Then? (The Next Generation Part II)

Not to long ago, I wrote an entry saying that I felt sorry for the next generation of the Fat Acceptance movement because nowadays the culture of body-shaming is so pervuasive that it reaches people who, normally, it would have passed straight on by due to them being, y'know, not old enough to be worrying about that shit. It should come as no surprise- except, perhaps, to people who are still shocked by the sunrises and the existence of oxygen- that my freakishly-good intuition turned out to be spot on the money. This morning, I heard about a study on Radio 4 that shows that levels of body-insecurity in youngsters is at an all-time high. The problem is becoming so acute, and is so continually reinforced by bullying that there are actual honest-to-goodness proposals to teach self-esteem classes in schools. Now, when you’re culture’s so openly hostile to difference that in order to counteract that poisonous influence you actually have to TEACH SELF-ESTEEM ON THE NATIONA CURRICULUM, then I think it’s time to take a good long look at society and think “you know what- some serious changes need to be made here.” A bill that outlawed any form of body-discrimination in the media and workplaces in the same way that race-discrimination is outlawed sounds like a good start.

Of course, the main reason I’m posting this is as evidence that, yes, I do normally turn out to be right on shit like this. Incidentally, while I’m pointing out how uncannilly prescient my political statements usually are (yet at the same time filled with pity for the upcoming generation), I’d like to point out that I also accurately predicted that austerity policies would fail to revitalise the British economy (The USA opted for more growth-oriented policies, and that economy is doing way better) and would fuck over a lot of people at the bottom of society (job losses, pay cuts, retirement package restrictions: all examples of how this shit hasn’t helped anybody); that privitasation of national industries would result in profit-driven companies cutting corners in areas to important to cut corners (not long after shouting this incoherently at the TV when I first heard the news about Tory privatisation plans, I found a news story that demonstrated just how right I was: it was about a PRIVATE care company that was shutting down many of its care homes and basically dumping their residents and staff onto the street); that climate change would start to fuck shit up in our life time if we didn’t do anything (a couple of islands are now on the verge of being submerged by rising sea-levels and… well, have you SEEN the weather lately). Incidentally, I also tried to tell people that voting Tory would bring them nothing but pain. Two years later I was listening to Tory voters complain about how the people THEY HAD VOTED FOR LIKE DUMBASSES were screwing up their lives.

I guess if this blog entry amounts to anything much, it’s my version of standing in the middle of the rubble after some kind of civilisation-destroying escherton, holding up a Loony-Toons style sign with the words “I told you so” printed on it, in large, bold letters. And you know what gets my right on my nerves? The fact despite my magnificent track-record of accurately predicting the blindingly obvious (‘cause let’s face, being able to see this stuff coming requires nothing more than barely-above-average pattern regontition skills), the next time I point out where a particular political decision will lead… I will be totally ignored. You’d think, by now, folks would have just learned to take my word for it. Now, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter, since even if the people around me did listen when I pointed out what should be painstakingly obvious to anyone with eyeballs, I couldn’t effect the highest levels of government where these decisions are actually made anyway. But it would still be nice not to feel like every time I point out something out that, frankly, wouldn’t take anybody long to figure out on their own if they’d only be willing to look a little closer the data, I was having to smash my way through a brick wall of willfull ignorance.

Sorry for the downer, folks. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” ~Upton Sinclair
—  …Never more true than for anyone who profits, or seeks validation, at the expense of another. Think human rights violations, environmental racism, and marginalization…

anonymous asked:

I'm losing my mind. I cant be around white people anymore, their willfull ignorance hurts me. I can't do this anymore. I really can't go on living like this. I want to cry everyday. I feel so beaten down as an black woman. I feel rejected in all

I understand how you’re feeling. I feel like this right now. I feel defeated everything time I think about it all. It’s really tough to live in society as a black woman.

Don’t lie to me and tell me you’re not sold on this guy. You literally refused to look at what he said and you’re totally buying into his tortured soul fucking bullshit. He’s 31 years old and you’re 18 and you’re both just as reckless and “free-spirited” as can be but honey you’ve got reality flying at you and you’re so far from ready for it that I’m almost scared for how hard its gonna hit you, not to mention the fact that there’s a reason older men don’t date women their age. By refusing to look at his bad side and by continuing to fuck around with him you’ve basically turned your back on at least one person who was ready to be there for you whenever you needed it.

But what can I do? You’re finally 18 and you just want to be able to do what you want unapologetically. Fine. But don’t act surprised when your naivety and willfull ignorance fuck you over.

I’m not here for you anymore. And you need all the helping hands you could get.

11helvetica asked:

5, 6, 55, 32, 62, 64-66 B)

thanks so super much for asking me!! sorry it’s a little late ;0;

5:4 turns on
–the color red
–soft and or lacy fabric/material
–certain voices/hearing someone’s voice that i like
6:4 turns off
–willfull ignorance
–close-minded people  
–the color orange
–too many people around
32:Someone I love
Cameron who is my giant but perfect dork and yesterday was our 4 month anniversary so heh
55:What is something I disliked about today?
my grandma when i was saying goodbye she kept trying to touch me and shit and im like PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE ugh
62:Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
more skyping/video chatting online for me
64:Do I believe in magic?
of course! i practice it afterall!
65:Do I believe in luck?
totally. and i really hope i get luckier in the near future!!
66:What’s the weather like right now?
its dark outside but in the 70F temperature and its night so dark again