I do want to inherit the witch in my women ancestors-the willfullness, the passion, ay, the passion where all good art comes from as women, the perseverance, the survivor skills, the courage, the strength of las mujeres bravas, peleoneras, necias, berrinchudas. I want to be una brava, peleonera, necia, berrinchuda. I want to be bad if bad means I must go against society- el Papá, el Papá, the boyfriend, lover, husband, girlfriends, comadres-and listen to my own heart, that incredible witch’s broom that will take me where I need to go.
—  Sandra Cisneros: A House of my Own; I Can Live Sola and I Love to Work-pg. 138

tumblr user ringabel lighningpda is a hypocrite because they *rolls dice* are mentally ill and *flips coin* dont like homophobes and *shakes magic 8 ball* call people out on willfull ignorance

Donald Trump mocked "global warming" over the weekend because it was freezing in NYC

It was 72° in NYC today. 

Trump is using his willful ignorance regarding climate science and climate change, which includes extreme weather patterns, to attract the idiot vote, AKA Republican base.

My garden is wild and willfull, it does what it wants…things grow together, self seed and fight for light. For those that visit there is a strawberry or two, a ripe tomato a little zucchini, a mandarin, some lemongrass, rhubarb and a big bunch of roses for the picking
—  Caz Hamilton