Booger Ball Buffet / Available at www.draw-down.com / Snacks, patterns, and basketball—some of Will Bryant’s favorite things—collide together in this fold-out zine. One side is filled with wacky, intricate patterns while the other showcases goofballs meeting up for a hoop session in the park. Published by Valley Cruise Press, Edition of 100 #willbryant #basketball #snacks #illustration #graphicdesign #pattern #color #art #ValleyCruisePress


Out Today!! Will Bryant’s “Booger Ball Buffet”! Beautifully colorful ten panel fold out with cover. Get it at valleycruisepress.com! @willbryantplz #willbryant #boogerballbuffet (at Valley Cruise Headquarters)

Bluetooth or wired portable speaker (also works as a hands-free phone device), encased in leather to look like grandpa’s old transistor radio. Good Vibes! Print by #willbryant (at Hemingway and Pickett)