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any thoughts on a musketeers/pacific rim mashup? i feel like this is the place to go, haha. [whispers] i bet aramis and porthos are drift compatible.

aramis and porthos are incredibly compatible, and their jaeger is something like MAGNIFICENT LADIES.  

athos and milady are hideously, ridiculously, nineteen-hours patrolling the nantes city wall against protestants or something compatible, until one day, he sees in the Drift that she murdered his little bro

these days, he rides around the elevators of the shatterdome with a bottle of wine in one hand and metharocin in the other

she has allied herself nominally with the civilian government but may be pursuing an agenda of her own with kaiju cultists

constance and her dickweed bourgeois husband are technically drift compatible, and he might even technically be in the 01 cradle, but everyfuckingbody knows who actually calls the shots and does the work and elbow-rocket punches the kaiju

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because i'm still trying to decide myself tbh: a new love interest for alicia eventually vs no new love interest for alicia in future seasons.

Excellent question!

First, are we assuming that Alicia divorces Peter? If it would be a love triangle situation or a “Alicia is married to Peter for political reasons but is secretly dating” storyline, then I would not want to see a new love interest for Alicia. But I doubt that’s what you meant, so, I’m going to write the rest of this reply working under the assumption that Alicia divorces Peter sometime well before the end of the series. I don’t necessarily think that will happen, but since that seems like a likely outcome of this arc (and, really, of the way Alicia’s kept Peter at a distance for the last few seasons), I’ll go with it.

In that case, I don’t really have a preference. I think there’d be nothing wrong with exploring Alicia’s love life post-Will/post-Peter, especially not if Alicia expresses the desire to be in a relationship or finds herself attracted to someone new. There’s nothing about the idea I’m opposed to in theory: Alicia’s love life is very much a part of her life (none of that “A female character is automatically diminished by the presence of a love life” stuff here!), and I don’t like the idea I’ve seen floating around that Alicia can never be with anyone ever again now that Will’s dead. At the same time, I’m also strongly opposed to the idea that Alicia’s story needs a love interest to be worthwhile/complete; that now that Will’s dead Peter is irrelevant (he’s not, at least, not yet!) and we need to start speculating about the identity of Alicia’s next love interest right this second (I’m not referring to your question here, of course). 

What I want to see from the show isn’t to see Alicia passionately in love and in a healthy relationship with someone new or to see Alicia be happily single forever— I would be fine with either of those options. What I do want to see is an Alicia who could be happy either way, who’s neither desperate for love nor convinced that it would be somehow beneath her or wrong to be open to the possibility of a relationship. I want to see Alicia in a position where she can love again if she chooses to, and she’s comfortable making choices for herself. (Basically: an Alicia-specific version of the place where Diane was when she decided to marry Kurt.) If there’s a new love interest, I want the relationship to feel organic and to place more importance on character than on plot; to exist as part of her journey rather than manufactured drama to spice up the show. I want it to develop slowly and after Alicia’s had time to see what it’s like to be on her own. More than anything, I want her to be happy. 

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hm, what are your fave moments from elementary? what shows are you looking forward to watching? what books have you read recently and adored?

ALL OF THEM. but ms. hudson, alfredo, the moriarty twist, JOAN’S EVERYTHING, the entire episode with sherls’ old drug dealer, that time joan threw a basketball at sherls’ face, sherls confessing his drug problems to gregson and gregson already all ‘dude, i fuckin’ knew that; i’m a goddamned detective’, sherls’ propensity to use teenaged chatspeak in texts, JOAN BESTING MORIARTY, that time SHERLS NAMED A BEE AFTER HER OMFGGGGGGG AND THEN YOU CRY AND YOUR TEARS ARE BEES.

elementary s2; sleepy hollow for the lols; agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

i’ve been re-reading the discworld series for the past two months AND TALK ABOUT BEST DECISIONS.

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disgustingly into how stacker and herc might have viewed the relationship (or lack of it) between chuck and mako.

STACKER: ugh, bb, shining star, why you gotta do this, you are so much better than this, why don’t you aim for somebody who is at least slightly more worthy of you nobody could ever be truly worthy of you

HERC: please god let my son discover he has a soul please god if he breaks mako’s heart or hurts her in any way, i will yell at him really really hard

Which is to say that Influence by saellys is technically an AU where Chuck and Mako pilot a Striker together, but to me, this is pretty much what Stacker thinks about Chuck and Mako being deeply involved with each other, like, legit 100000% percent absolute canon.

The first thing he sees in the Drift, just before they go rip off Taurax’s head, is Stacker Pentecost. Chuck has no way to know how old the memory is, but it feels recent–one of the last times Pentecost visited from Anchorage. The Marshal tells Mako he fears that her co-pilot may be a bad influence.

Chuck wonders if it had anything to do with her hair. Like that was his idea. 

Mako asks Pentecost, with her customary economy of words, a sentence as narrow as a blade, whether she’s allowed to be a good influence. Pentecost stares at her for a long time, then asks, in Japanese (Chuck only knows this because the meaning is more clear, the words more nuanced and poetic), how many pebbles it takes to fill a well.

Well, that’s just great, isn’t it? That’s a Zen fucking koan. Her Sensei is in the wrong line of work, ought to be at the top of a mountain instead of handling Jaeger jockeys. Chuck feels himself bristle in the Drift, and he feels Mako’s endless calm in the memory. She tells Pentecost that she is not a pebble. The Marshal has nothing to say to that.


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and it makes some of the moments where he’s questioned his identity as a lawyer more interesting too (e.g. heart i think). it’s interesting to see alicia, diane and kalinda, who’ve known him for a long time, worry about him dealing with loosing that.

Yes, definitely. Are there moments other than Heart where he does this? I can’t think of many off the top of my head. All that’s coming to mind is the speech he gives Kalinda in– *cries* 5x15, about how she lives for the thrill of solving cases and couldn’t ever back away from it. I can’t remember if he explicitly draws the parallel between them, but it’s there regardless.

Thinking about the Alicia/Will exchange more– I’ve found it online: 

W: I did. I’m taking the six month suspension. I did wrong. I should face the consequences. There it is. I’ve just decided. Thank you.
A: You’re giving up the law for six months?
W: Yeah. Weird, huh?
A: I can’t imagine it.
W: You did for over a decade.
A: Yes.

I’m assuming Alicia means that she can’t imagine herself giving up the law for six months, not that she can’t imagine Will giving up the law for six months, but I’ll need to actually see the scene again to confirm that. I have a sense, though I’m probably just reading way more than I should into this quote, that “giving up the law for six months” seems like something different to Will than to Alicia, even though he acts like their situations are somewhat comparable. Or maybe it’s just good continuity with no deeper meaning (gasp!). 


oh god i’m so glad people are finally watching it so they can have their lives destroyed too.

god, i’m just. 

on the one hand, i just want to enjoy it as a REALLY EXCELLENT sci-fi action dystopia movie

on the other hand, i just feel sad in all my body parts now.  like.  i just.  jesus, how the entire old world has to die in order for the new one to rise? I AM SAD.  IN ALL.  MY.  PARTS. 

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I have approximately zero recollection of telling you this, bUT YAY

you totally did, hush. 

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currently catching up on tumblr, but wanted to comment on "the easiest way to get Will to take on a case was to offend him on a personal level". i've always regarded that as a symptom of Will being far more comfortable using the law as a weapon, than fighting in any other arena (including personal relationships). it's a 'homeground advantage', if you will. also, i think his identity as a good lawyer is integral to his self image. he sees it as, if he's still a good lawyer, he'll be okay.

Oooh, I love this interpretation. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re getting at, but he sort of takes any threat to his abilities as a lawyer as a a threat to his entire existence, so fighting back is partially about reasserting that image and partially about picking battles where he knows he can win (even if winning a specific case will take more of the firm’s resources than would be wise). 

This also got me thinking about Will’s suspension and the idea that Will needs to be practicing law to be complete. It’s been a while since I’ve rewatched season 3, but don’t Diane, Alicia, and Kalinda, on separate occasions, express concern that Will wouldn’t be Will without the law? For whatever reason, I’m having trouble pushing this idea further right now, but maybe there’s something there? 

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i totally agree. just compared with all the father/son or even father/daughter stories

YES. I just realized while writing that, that women over about 40 are rarely used for any sort of real character moments.  We have these awesome dads, and surrogate dads. (I mean, society puts such a strong emphasis on a “father figure”, but the same importance is rarely put on moms and surrogate moms. It’s awful, really.)  I thought of so many surrogate father/daughter relationships, but like surrogate mother/daughter?? There aren’t too many of those.  And when I really thought about it, women over a certain age rarely make it in to tv in roles other than the wacky grandmother.  And even then, they rarely have poignant interactions with the younger women around them.

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Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself and pass it on to your ten favorite bloggers. :D

[also jim where'd your ask go, your blog page doesn't have a link??]

oh okay!

1. my current emotions are best summed up by this orangutan from the san diego zoo:

2. a couple of weeks ago i had to read this series of articles for comms class about how powerpoint is destroying our minds/creativity and they all had titles like killing me microsoftly and absolute powerpoint and the level of discourse continues to slide

3. this one time my mother and i had a huge argument where we stood at opposite ends of the table and shouted names of different types of pasta at each other (i won)

4. i spent yesterday biking around san fran and today everything hurts. EVERYTHING. there are bruises in places i didn’t think it was physically possible to get bruises.

5. my ask box is missing because when i changed themes the link moved to the side and ‘curiouser and curiouser’ wouldn’t fit on to the button so in a fit of pique i deleted it and then totally forgot about it whoops

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i think i would like it more (and i like it enough for it to be embarrassing tbh) if it was at least a little self aware about how trashy it was but nope, the show really does think it’s high drama.


God, that is pretty much exactly the motherfuck on about this damn show.  Like.  It doesn’t recognize how shit it is?

On the other hand, it did just fucking give me Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler stretched out on a metal table, and Red says, grab ahold of the bench back there because I can’t have you stopping me once I start, and Ressler grabbing the bench and then the splash of what I assume is rubbing alcohol over the wound, and then fucking Ressler fucking taking one fucking hand off the bench to fucking put another man’s silk fucking tie in his own fucking mouth and then screaming and arching and;lkgjdfweradgadf

like the fucking picture on the hulu window I have it paused on right now

jesus fucking christ id on’t think iwas meant to watch it so many times

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i'm a little worried where the conflict between cary and alicia is leading to, although i do think it's healthy growth in their partnership. how would you like to see (or predict seeing) that relationship grow this/next couple of seasons?

This is one of those questions that really depends on how the other plots fall into place, so I’m going to answer it under the assumption that nothing changes— no merger, no loss of major client(s), just the day-to-day tasks of running a law firm. 

Mostly, I’d like to see more of the relationship, in the form of teamwork on a case, small disagreements over leadership decisions or future goals, or big disagreements stemming from underlying tensions that gradually rise to the surface. One source of tension I see is that Alicia goes back and forth between acting like F/A is her firm and treating Cary as an equal— and more than that, because there have only been a few moments under very specific circumstances where Alicia takes on that attitude, it seems like the “Agos” half of the partnership doesn’t get much credit when outsiders look at the firm. Cary does a lot of the management and laid most of the groundwork (since Alicia jumped on board at the last minute), but Alicia’s the star and we’ve seen many people give her credit for accomplishments that are really Cary’s. I think Cary understands why that happens and isn’t always bothered by it, but it could lead to a conflict.

I’d rather see a conflict, though, over their long-term goals (it’s been mentioned that F/A has a 5-year-plan, but we still haven’t gotten any indication beyond “we can change the world” about what F/A’s main goal is) or their leadership decisions. What if a situation arises where there’s a clear “right thing to do” but the right thing isn’t the practical thing? What if Cary loses his temper about a particular case (we’ve seen Cary get angry and blurt things out at least four times this season— 5x05 with Diane, 5x06 with Marilyn (though he’s not angry), 5x08 with the 1984 reference, and 5x16, which is a bit different) and Alicia has to call him out on it? What if an employee or equity partner they can’t afford to lose starts gathering support like David Lee at L/G and challenges Alicia and Cary’s decisions and they have differing ideas on how to handle the situation? What if there are financial troubles and one of the two is more reluctant to take risks? What if they realize that they’re not always communicating effectively? There’s so much to explore.

I think they’re a great team now and could easily become an even better one in the future. My main concern going forward is that the writers will fail to put their partnership in the spotlight when there’s so, so much material to work with. So, all I really want to see is a commitment from the writers to spend more time on the A/C partnership, and I’d rather the writers take them in a direction that’s ultimately more positive than negative. 

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re: alicia’s versions of the call/what it meant. when she and grace were having the conversation about god, alicia basically derided the concept of heaven as “wishful thinking” but in the end she takes comfort in a form of that too. ugh alicia. <3

I JUST WROTE BASICALLY THIS SAME THING TO A FRIEND ON GCHAT!!!! I’m so fascinated by this episode. Alicia imagined Will saying what she needed to hear to begin to heal, I think– she needed to believe he didn’t die hating her. And I also think the voicemail came to represent the more general question of how Will felt about her rather than the specifics of what he was going to say at that exact moment. And it’s really easy to start believing it could have worked/easy to be swayed by romance (even if Will wouldn’t have said the contents of the imaginary voicemail in season 5, they’re pretty close to the deleted voicemail from season ½!) when all practical considerations are out the window because it’s all a matter of “what if I made different choices?” (since there are no choices left to make re: being with Will or not). If the practical considerations were what stood in the way of Alicia giving things a try with Will, then suddenly removing them from the picture while building up What Could Have Been as some sort of romanticized form of “wishful thinking” means Alicia puts a new spin on everything that happened in the past and uses that new interpretation to make future choices.