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The Stark family

Ned Stark: Veteran, honorable, 95% sure his kids are part wolf. Fought in a war, cranky and wants his coffee. Honorable fool. Just wants to hunt with Robert. Owns Stark industry. Moral compass of the family. Thinks Lannisters are weird. Silently (not really) wonders if he’s running a farm. Flipped off Cersei Lannister and said she had no honor. Kids laughed for days and called him legendary. Nickname is the Old Wolf. Married to Catelyn Stark.

Catelyn Stark: Professor, stressed out, making sure kids don’t burn down house. Voice of reason in the family. Will kill you if you harm her babies or husband. Handles the finances at Stark Industries. Likes long walks by the river and hates Lannisters. Queen of I told you so. Vocally is against many of my children’s life decisions. Once hit Jaime Lannister with a rock. Nickname Mama Wolf. Married to Ned Stark.

Robb Stark: Eldest Stark son, overprotective, lives off coffee, skipped College for the military. Makes family worry. Honorable fool. He got it from his daddy. Has pet dog named Grey Wind. Likes to stare stoically at people for no reason. Loves bad puns. Tells corny jokes but in an endearing way. Will kill for family. Forgets which apartment he lives in. Needs a nap. Nickname is the Young Wolf. Dating Margaery Tyrell.

Jon Snow: Proper lad. Half-brother and 2nd oldest. Needs coffee. Needs a nap. Likes to brood. Forgets what day it is. Just joined the police police force. Can’t tell a lie…or a joke. Usually confused. Seriously needs a nap. Knows nothing. Misses bed. Has a dog named Ghost. Nickname is the white Wolf. Ygritte claims they’re dating.

Sansa Stark: Oldest daughter, has terrible luck. Seriously horrible luck. Survives off cappuccino much to father’s horror. Wants to be politician. Loves lemon cakes. Can sleep for 14 hours straight. 125 % done with life. Senior in high school. Uses words ironically. Once punched Joffrey Lannister in the face and kicked Ramsay Bolton in the balls. Has a dog named Lady. Nickname is the Red Wolf. Boyfriends all turned out to be crazy or gay but currently is close to Willas Tyrell.

Arya Stark: Youngest daughter, will challenge you to a fight. Survives off energy drinks and hatred. Likes to skip school. Don’t tell Mom… Mom found out. Wants to join military like Robb or police force like Jon. Mom says hell no. Sophomore in high school. Likes to dress up for Halloween at Christmas. Swears…a lot. Will text you death threats while she’s in the same room with you. Has a dog named Nymeria. Nickname is the She Wolf. Stalking Gendry Baratheon.

Bran Stark: 2nd youngest son, forgot to drink coffee is now sleeping. Keeps falling off things. Likes to be outside. Can’t play sports to save his life. Will read half a book then give up and start a new book. Forgets where he puts his books. Loves to read. Doesn’t trust birds. Thinks the Lannisters are all inbred. Family doesn’t disagree. Has a dog named Summer. Nickname is the climbing wolf. Has seen every movie ever. Dad is trying to marry him off to Meera Reed.

Rickon Stark: Youngest son, Wild Child. Already challenged three people to fight. Will take his food outside to eat. Got into trouble while writing this. Freshman in high school. He is like ADHD in a meth pipe. Likes to run in straight lines. Has more energy than anyone. Always eating. Sugar addict. Calls Stannis the Mannis. Loves memes. Nickname is the Wild Wolf. Has a dog named Shaggydog. Childhood friends with Shireen Baratheon.

All of the children still technically live with Ned and Catelyn, even though both Jon and Robb have their own apartments that they never go to. The dogs function as security and four-legged garbage disposals.

The Starks run Stark Industries, a corporation founded Finance grandfather passed down down the family line. They are the loudest and most Dysfunctional Family at times but they are widely known as the most loving.

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Asoiaf AU: Sansa Stark and Willas Tyrell live happily together in Highgarden

She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya. 

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The Tyrell Family

Olenna Tyrell: Matriarch of the family, queen of shade. Will call you stupid. Will call you on your bullshit. Will call her grandchildren at 3 a.m. and tell them they are lazy if they don’t visit. The brains behind the Tyrell company. Thinks her son is an dope. Thinks her family can be a dope. Loves them anyway. Will poison you if you piss her off.

Mace Tyrell: president and CEO of the Tyrell company. Kind of a dope. Loves his children. Likes to go to karaoke with Tyrion Lannister. Mama’s boy. Likes to tell the same story. Doesn’t understand computers. Loses his glasses on top of his forehead. Believes in aliens. Frustrated that none of his kids take the company seriously. Married to Alerie Tyrell

Alerie Tyrell: loving mother, exhausted wife. Owens flower company. Supply city with flowers. Knows everyone’s secrets. Hates the spotlight. Wishes youngest son would stop getting into bar fights…. Or any fights at all. Married to Mace Tyrell.

Garlan Tyrell: Golden Son. Good at everything. Very lazy. At least his father’s concerns say. Quit families company to open up a coffee shop. The Starks live there. Seriously they never leave. Thinking about charging them rent. Married to Leonette Tyrell.

Willas Tyrell: Second Son of the Tyrell. Got into a motorcycle accident. Messed up his leg for life. Walks around with a cane. Once hit Joffrey Baratheon in the face with it for being a bitch. All around nice guy. Loves animals. Volunteers at shelter. Keeps trying to adopt them all. Keeps skipping business meetings his father schedules for him. Trying to date Sansa Stark.

Loras Tyrell: Hella gay. Will fight you on sight. Might even text you that he wants to fight you. Loves to fight. His family off when he comes home covered in bruises and bleeding. Had a fling with Sansa Stark, By Flame she crushed on him and he was dating a dude. Still dating said dude. Got banned from church for punching a priest who called him a sinner. Likes to fight Jaime Lannister in the park. Jon Snow usually has to break it up. Dating Renly Baratheon.

Margaery Tyrell: youngest child in the Tyrell family. Cool chick. Would get into any party for free. Likes to hang around oldest brother’s. Coffee Shop best friend with Starks. Low-key Throwing Shade. Watches romantic comedies ironically then cries like a baby. Has Disney tattoo. Wants to be mayor of the city. Dating Robb Stark.

The Tyrell family is the wealthiest family in the city of Westeros and the second powerfulest. History with the Baratheons and best friends with the Starks. Mostly because the Starks are addicted to Garlan’s coffee. Olena believes he puts drugs in it

Willas Tyrell

The biggest most lovable nerd in Westeros. Literally no one has anything bad to say about him. Petyr looks for an insult and all he can come up with is boring. Oberyn is his penpal. Independent Arianne ran away to marry him. This nerd knows astronomy, history, and a breeding. He’s basically half a maester. He’s holding one of the hawkes he’s bred to give as a gift. You can decide if the gift is for Margaery, his mother or Sansa. He’s usually got a bit of scruff going on, he shaves every other week because the dogs he breeds seem to nip at his beard every time he grows one. 

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Sansa/Willas Rec List

I only rec completed stories, but there are TONS of great WIPs in the Sansa/Willas fandom (here is a great compilation of all works with the sansa/willas tag. not a rec, just a list!). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this because it’s such a small body of work (comparatively) and it feels like everyone has read the great ones, but there are a couple that maybe have slipped through the cracks! 

I spent all night/day reading and this is such a great ship and I’m looking forward to reading and writing more for them!

There are 25 fics in this rec list.

the undone and the divine: When the dragons come, as they must, Sansa is ready for them. She has lived what feels like a thousand lifetimes as Alayne Stone, and she is ready to shed her skin as easily as a snake (the sigil of her new house, because there is no honor in some of the things she has done).  She does not, however, rush to King’s Landing to claim her birthright from the new Targaryen queen.  Nor does she leave the Vale and head north.  She stays where she is, because the bastard daughter of a disgraced court advisor is slightly safer than the trueborn daughter of a dead Northern lord. (If that’s not the best fucking opening line of a fic, idk what is)

behind closed doors: one of my favorites (side of arya/gendry) where sansa/willas is all sweet in public and totally filthy behind closed doors

kissing to save the day:Sansa Stark has been lost inside her own body since the Battle of the Dawn - people whisper warg, skinchanger, witch, talk of her being a part of the magic that brought down the Wall and the Walkers with it but not guarded by a direwolf or dragon as her siblings and the Targaryens were. 

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Modern Social Media AU:

Sansa Stark & Willas Tyrell - marriage & babies

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage!

“Willas,” Sansa says, ducking around his arms on unsteady feet and taking his face in her hands. Her skin is clammy, her eyes glassy but determined. “Willas, enough.”

“What he said-”

“Enough,” she says again, and Garlan barely lets go of him before he has to catch Sansa. Her knees buckle as he catches her up against his chest, her whole body trembling and shivering madly, but her eyes are still determined. His heart swells with love for her in that moment, and he almost forgets that his family are in the room with them. “I have been called worse.”

Rough Winds Do Shake, chapter nine

So I commissioned this from the FAB pembroke and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much, Alexa!


[Willas] is back on his feet the next day, the ache in his leg eased to a manageable (bearable) level, and it is with his mobility restored that he encourages Sansa to break her fast in the gardens with him.

She curls her arm through his and insists on carrying the basket out behind Aldwin, folding chairs balanced on his shoulder and matching table under his other arm. She still watches everything as they pass with those wide, astonished eyes, and he loves her innocence.

“I still don’t understand how we can make it more beautiful,” she confides once they’re settled in the arboretum, sunshine splintering through the thick veil of leaves above their heads. “Everything here is just so… I can’t see how we could improve it.”

Boys with your eyes and girls with your hair, he thinks idly before catching himself. He can only hope that he didn’t say that aloud. It strikes him though, after that, how very beautiful their children will be.

From Rough Winds Do Shake, a Sansa/Willas fanfiction by fullofstoryshapes

AO3 mirror


They wed in King’s Landing, where no Lannister knows him for who he is - they are gone from the city before Joffrey can call her back, and Sansa rides all the way to Highgarden on a horse the same colour as her mother’s hair. 

She speaks very little to her husband. He is kind, and gentle in nature, but he does not have his siblings’ gregariousness, or his father’s tendency to chatter, or even any evidence of his grandmother’s sharp, biting, wit.

She wonders if he is like his mother, who she saw so little in King’s Landing, and hopes that that was the case. Otherwise, it must be that he does not like her.

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