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Unexpected (Part 3)

Getting married to Willas Tyrell was never in your plans but a princess has to do what the people expect from her. It was also never in your plans that he would be a man so different from what you first imagined, or that would captivate you so easily. 
Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, after all. 
Pairing: Princess!Reader x Willas Tyrell 
Other Characters: Cersei Lannister; Unnamed Handmaiden
Word Counting: 970 words
Chapter: 3/?
Warnings: This is set around season 3. Reader is barely 18 and Willas is on his late 20’s so that may be a bit weird to you guys. I kind of imagine Willas like Jared Padalecki but it’s just me. 

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You were not sure who had funded the wedding party, but it didn’t look cheap at all. The wine circulated in the throne room and a large table was filled with food. There were nobles from every single one of the seven kingdoms and musicians near the table of where you and Willas were sat, along with your families, ready to attend any request from any of you.

You didn’t give them any attention, though, but was looking at your own skirt while twisting your fingers on your ivory dress, until he cleared his throat.

“So, Y/N.” He turned to you. “What’s your favourite colour?”

You arched your eyebrows at him, not understanding what he meant while locked in his honey eyes.

“Your favourite colour.” He repeated. “What’s your favourite colour?”

“Oh.” You felt your cheeks reddening in embarrassment. “It’s Y/F/C, my lord.”

He nodded, acknowledging the fact as someone poured wine on the large cup you two shared, his long hair brushing on his chin.

He cleared his throat for a moment when you didn’t say anything more and tried to continue the conversation.

“What about your favourite fruit?”

“I don’t have one, my lord. I like many of them.”


“Berries.” You finally affirmed, putting your head behind your ear. “Grapes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries…”

“Cherries?’ He suggested with a small smile and your eyes grew wide.

“Oh, no, my lord. Cherries make my face swallow and my body to become itchy for days.” You confessed, embarrassed.

Willas looked at the tables around, and it finally hit him that there was no sign of cherries in the party, possibly to avoid you to come in contact with it.

“Would you excuse me, my lord?” You decided and he nodded softly.

“Take your time.”

Trying to look casual, you stood up and walked into a random direction, finding Margaery and quickly having her wrapped her arm around your and holding your hand.

“You’re cold.” She noticed. “Are you afraid?”

You took a deep breath before confirming. You could barely feel your toes, already absurdly cold inside your shoes. Still, you were smiling it out as a well-educated princess.

“Panicking.” You said finally, looking around.

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The Tyrells were never kings, though royal blood flows in their veins (as in half a hundred of the other great houses in the Reach). Ser Alester Tyrell, the founder of the line, was an Andal adventurer who became the champion and sworn shield to King Gwayne V Gardener, one of the Three Sage Kings. His eldest son became a notable knight as well, only to die in a tourney. His second son, Gareth, was of a more bookish bent and never achieved knighthood, choosing to serve as a royal steward instead. It is from him that today’s Tyrells descend. (insp.)

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By popular demands the family with too many alive members (they didn’t fit into one picture). I hope all this green hurts your eyes as much as it hurts mine :D

Top picture left to right: Willas, Margaery, Olenna, Alerie and Leonette

Bottom picture left to right: Garlan, Mace and Loras

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The Roses of Highgarden. 

Many moons ago I did a portrait of my favorite Tyrell, Willas and in my vanity vowed that I would make similar portraits for all of the Tyrells. Of course that never happened, but over three years later I’ve made this to honor my favorite Westerosi house.



MACE TYRELL, Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, and High Marshal of the Reach
—his wife, LADY ALERIE, of House Hightower of Oldtown,
—their children:

—WILLAS, their eldest son, heir to Highgarden,
—SER GARLAN, called THE GALLANT, their second son, newly raised to Lord of Brightwater,
—SER LORAS, the Knight of Flowers, their youngest son, a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard, wounded on Dragonstone,
—MARGAERY, their daughter, twice wed and twice widowed,

—his widowed mother, LADY OLENNA of House Redwyne, called THE QUEEN OF THORNS


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 5/6 families ~ the tyrells

I tell you, these Tyrells are only Lannisters with flowers.

*nathalie poza as alerie hightower, peter mooney as willas tyrell, ben lamb as garlan tyrell


Willas Tyrell

The biggest most lovable nerd in Westeros. Literally no one has anything bad to say about him. Petyr looks for an insult and all he can come up with is boring. Oberyn is his penpal. Independent Arianne ran away to marry him. This nerd knows astronomy, history, and a breeding. He’s basically half a maester. He’s holding one of the hawkes he’s bred to give as a gift. You can decide if the gift is for Margaery, his mother or Sansa. He’s usually got a bit of scruff going on, he shaves every other week because the dogs he breeds seem to nip at his beard every time he grows one. 

Big thanks to @sabotensan for helping me with the folds and talking technique with me

and to @madaboutasoiaf for helping me decide on the color for the hawk.

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Asoiaf AU: Sansa Stark and Willas Tyrell live happily together in Highgarden

She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya. 

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the tyrell brothers

*peter mooney as willas, ben lamb as garlan, luke treadaway as loras

Stark!Reader x Willas Tyrell

Word Count: 2,266

((Wow, okay, this one got a little wordy and I hope you like the way I wrote it!))

Warning: None

You didn’t want to be betrothed to the Heir of Highgarden.

When you first found out – just shortly before the royal party arrived so King Robert could name your Father the new Hand of the King – that your mother had convinced your father to marry you off to House Tyrell in order to establish a connection to the Reach (for when the Winter came, the North would be able to import cheaper food than buying it from across the Narrow Sea should the storage of the North run out), you had ranted and raved and locked yourself away in your bed chambers for days.

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