willard ford

“George called me and told me what i had heard for a long time before–that they were making this film,” Ford says. “I’d assumed they had someone for the part, so I was surprised when George called me and said he would like me to do Steven Spielberg’s next film if Steven and I got along. I had met Steven once, casually. And George told me right away that there would be three of these films, but only if the first film was successful. So I went over to Steven’s house with Melissa [Mathison, Ford’s wife] and Willard [Huyck, a friend],” Ford adds. “Willard played pinball machines and video games, and Steven and I talked. Steven was bubbly and enthusiastic, and seemed like he might be fun to work with. Then I read the script, and I was enthusiastic about both of them: the script and the director. I was convinced enough of the talent of the people involved to believe that the first one was going to be a good film. A good start, right?” - Harrison Ford.