Taken myself off the tablet due to extreme laziness in lineart and colouring haha; back to traditional! This is Willar again, the little mouseling guy I posted once before..

Anyway, it’s going to be hard to re-learn my markers and what goes well together, which colour to use first etc- i’m pretty pleased with this outcome though, overall. Skin’s a bit to yellow but that can slide this time VwV


‘Why There Are So Few Women on Festival Bills and Why That Needs to Change--Now’

by Zack Zarrillo

Jen Calleja, Liv Willars, and Heather Perkins wrote an op-ed for Pitchfork last week to further highlight and discuss the unevenness of genders at music festivals across the world. 

The fact is, there are so many amazing and successful bands with women/non-binary/trans performers across all scenes—more than ever—that there’s no excuse for male dominated festival bills. In the small venues in which we play and perform, it feels odd to see bands that don’t feature at least one non-male performer—and it gets remarked upon, too. Why doesn’t this translate to bigger shows? Because of the gatekeepers of large shows and certain festivals see this as an acceptable norm. Melvin Benn, who runs Reading & Leeds, and Latitude, some the UK’s biggest festivals: “We don’t have a problem. We put on bands that people want to buy tickets to watch—so it’s the public that makes the decision about what bands play at festivals.” (He conveniently ignores the fact that tickets for Reading & Leeds go on sale before much, if any, of the lineup has been announced.)

Keep pushing.

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teen punk centaurs cries {{p´Д`q}} lovely artists like you make me wish i could draw so i could gift you tons and tons of art for that super cute drawing

I have a few more that need drawing out, and i’ve push/nudged a few buddies into growing their little herd of hooligans! There’s more of them coming up sooner or later <3
Thankyou thouuugh, even the sentiment means a lot to me! And all the love Vico has gotten- everyone has been so excited and it’s incredible for me to have one of my ocs/designs so widely loved!

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