Taken myself off the tablet due to extreme laziness in lineart and colouring haha; back to traditional! This is Willar again, the little mouseling guy I posted once before..

Anyway, it’s going to be hard to re-learn my markers and what goes well together, which colour to use first etc- i’m pretty pleased with this outcome though, overall. Skin’s a bit to yellow but that can slide this time VwV


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teen punk centaurs cries {{p´Д`q}} lovely artists like you make me wish i could draw so i could gift you tons and tons of art for that super cute drawing

I have a few more that need drawing out, and i’ve push/nudged a few buddies into growing their little herd of hooligans! There’s more of them coming up sooner or later <3
Thankyou thouuugh, even the sentiment means a lot to me! And all the love Vico has gotten- everyone has been so excited and it’s incredible for me to have one of my ocs/designs so widely loved!

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