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ahh your kang daniel au was so cute, i absolutely adore all of your university au's anxiwmxomw 😭 if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe do one for ong seongwoo as well? thank you so much, angel, have a great day!! 💖

like ten people asked for ong,,,so here’s his mini college au~~ 
find kang daniel (here) ^^ 

  • major: interior design 
  • sports: did football team with daniel for like a week,,,,dropped it and picked up swimming instead LOL
  • when people first meet him they all think he’s a serious like physics major who wants to be an engineer or a doctor,,,,,like he’s handsome and smart,,,,straight from a webcomic kinda boy
  • bUT jokes on them he’s into interior design and likes looking at textiles and getting excited over his new ikea catalogue coming in the mail
  • actually despises the fact that you need to take college algebra for the major because like ugh maTH 
  • tried to bribe daehwi into doing his homework for him but daehwi was like 50 bucks or i suddenly cant do simple addition and seongwoo was like im bROKE
  • and daehwi was like hmmm too bad ask daniel or something
  • is bestfriends and roommates with daniel which is really funny because one side of the room is covered in drawings and designs with messy canvas bags full of fabric samples and sketchbooks ,,,,,, while the other side is strung up with posters on medical safety procedures and daniels leaning tower of paramedic course books 
  • but their friendship is super cute seongwoo keeps going like “bro if we’re both sad and alone at 40 lets just adopt a dog together or something-” and daniel is like “that sounds good but no dog. 12 cats.”
  • but again they’re both like heartthrobs on campus,,,,there’s a fanclub dedicated to gushing over seongwoo when he’s in the library studying just because everyone wants to see that handsome side profile tbh
  • little do they know that virtually every close friend of his has like 3943 photos of seongwoo doing the ugLIEST faces on snapchat and shit for the Memes
  • jisung and him are in an ongoing rivalry for who has the superior shocked face they have contests like every time they meet up LOL
  • you’re actually friends with seongwoo through a class you take together,,,that dreaded college algebra,,,, and one day seongwoo tells you that he likes to drum
  • which is ,,,,,,like a dream of yours,,,,,you’ve always wanted to learn how to play and you practically beG him to teach you
  • and seongwoo being seongwoo is like ,,,,,,,, give me the answers to this weeks homework and i will
  • and ur like FINE but ,,,,idk if the answers will be write and seongwoo shrugs like it doesn’t matter as long as i don’t need to look @ numbers,,,,im good
  • so you agree to meet up in the music department later like at 8 and when you get there thankfully the drum set for the college band is free
  • and you sit down eagerly,,,,trying to do a flip of the sticks before seongwoo takes them away and you’re like HEY and he’s like “first things first - cool drummers dont flip their sticks in the air like fools”
  • and ur like -____- fine whatever where do we start then
  • and for a couple of weeks you and seongwoo meet up in the evenings so he can teach you
  • and at first it’s super casual and fun,,,you guys talk about how much you hate college algebra,,,how you keep seeing minki’s face on flyers for student government elections,,,,,how the lights in all the dorms flicker for like a good three minutes before actually turning off
  • like the usual,,,and then one day you’re sitting,,,,trying out a technique seongwoo showed you but you keep skipping a part
  • so he comes over,,,,,putting his arms around you from behind and settling them on your wrists so e can guide your hands
  • and for the first time,,,,,you’re hyper aware of how,,,,,close seongwoo is
  • how he smells like fresh laundry,,,,how the vein running up his arm looks,,,,and when you make the mistake of turning your face to see him 
  • ,,,,,,you highlight the sharp curve of his jaw,,,his dark and alluring eyes,,,,the perfect slope of his nose,,,,and his neck,,,,,
  • the warmth of his body makes you suddenly freeze up and when seongwoo notices how tense your arm has gotten he lets go,,,,
  • and for a second neither of you say anything 
  • seongwoo opens his mouth but you just shake your head before he can speak 
  • and you’re like “no, i know. don’t say it,,,i know you,,,,aren’t interested,,,,and i made it awkward,,,,,im sorry- im going to go-”
  • and seongwoo seems like he wants to grab you before you can go but you escape his outstretched arm just in time to run out
  • seongwoo left standing in the room,,,,,,confused and hurt as you make your way toward the dorms telling yourself over and over
  • that you ruined it,,,,a good friendship,,,,,with the sudden realization that you didn’t want just friendship at all did you,,,,
  • and it’s not like you skip college algebra because of seongwoo noooo haha you totally got sick and had to not come
  • but,,,,,,you know sooner or later you’re going to have to see him but you really r e a l l y dont want too
  • unfortunately,,,, it comes even sooner because someone knocks on your dorm and you think it’s your roommate,,,but when you open it 
  • seongwoo is there,,,,
  • and you’re like “w-what is it?” and he’s like looking down but when he meets your eyes he gives you that smile,,,,the one with the dimple and it makes your heart hurt but he waves the textbook he brought with him and he’s like “since you were sick,,,,i thought i should come and help you catch up?”
  • and you know seongwoo hates that class,,,that he’d never tutor someone else in it,,,,,let alone you so you want to shut the door and tell him you’re still sick
  • but seongwoo pulls a mask out of his pocket and is like ‘i can wear this so you don’t cough on me!!’ and you cant tell if he’s being silly or if he really just wants to talk to you
  • so you end up sitting beside each other on your bed and it’s,,,,,awkward until seongwoo finally takes a deep breath and turns to you
  • “you said you knew i wasn’t interested,,,,,but how could you say that?”
  • you kind of frown and you’re like,,,because we ,,,,,are just friends? you’ve never made any moves and you’re swarmed by people liking you all the time what is there-”
  • but seongwoo puts up his hand and is like “ok, but do i devote my time to those people? to teach them to play drums? to laugh with them in class? outside of class? do you know i blew of daniel for you,,,,,that’s a lot coming from me that dudes my soulmate”
  • and ur like ?????? wait so is it daniel or - and seongwoo is like nO like my bro soulmate but you,,,,,,it’s different i,,,,
  • he seems to suddenly get shy,,,,scratching at his cheek and you’re like ??? and he’s like “when i was,,,,,teaching you,,,with my hands on yours,,,,,,,i wanted to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard to say this but i wanted to pull you closer,,,,,,,,god this is embarrassing,,,,,”
  • and you’ve never seen seongwoo blush until now and like,,,,,it’s so fREAKING cute that you just need to scoot closer
  • and seongwoo is like ! 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,wanted you to hold me closer too.” 
  • with a small smile he turns his body toward you,,,opening his arms and he’s like “well,,,,i can still do that. come here.”
  • and you can’t believe it but you and seongwoo fall back onto your bed,,,,you in his arms laughing at how silly this is
  • and seongwoo leans down,,,,brushing your hair from your face and he’s about to kiss you when the doorknob turns and you’re like mY ROOMMATE
  • and you throw him a bit and soengwoo ends up on the floor,,,hair a mess and eyes wide and you’re like sitting on the bed and ur roommate is just like oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill come back in twenty bye
  • and with that you and seongwoo let out a sigh but he climbs back up on the bed and starts tickling you because oW thrOWING HIM OFF WAS thaT NECESSARY 
  • dating college!seongwoo: he totally misplaces everything like he cant even find his own notebook so you’d probably have to be the one to be like seongwoo no no your laptop is under the desk drawer and your sketch book is on the shelf no no not the bottom shelf babe listen to me-, he looks extra fluffy in the mornings when he’s still got his hair uncombed and his eyes are sleepy but he’s also super soft because his voice gets lower and he just wants to cuddle, like seriously seongwoo just always wants to cuddle and hold hands, you could both be sweltering out in the sun on the quad and no matter how sweaty your palms get he’ll be like no we need to hold onto each other i need everyone to know you’re with me, pretends to not know that he’s being sexy when he’s laying down and his shirt is pulled up a little and he keeps pocking his tongue out to run across his lips and ur like seongwoo dont do that i need to study and he’s like do what~ and ur like oh my god,,,,,sends you random close ups of parts of his face and is like am i handsome~ do u still love me~, is a lil jealous that you and daniel get along so well but also is really happy because whenever you guys hangout together it’s a blast, does the occasional corny thing like buys you a big teddy bear that he names after himself or does a dance to try get you to give him extra kisses but it’s all worth it because he’s adorable, wants matching sweaters soooo bad and keeps dropping hints, likes when you sit in his lap and he plays with your hair while you read outloud to him, whenever you’re a little upset or scared he sings gently against your ear and it calms you down, when you can you take baths together and he keeps trying to get you to make him a bubble beard LOL 
fake dating! junhui

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  • by the way this is a non idol! college! jun au
  • so, you and junners, have been friends since high school, and you two were never really close, until college/uni came along, and now, when you haven’t started an assignment due the next day, you go to his dorm and cry about it
  • at this point you’re well acquainted with his chinese friend minghao who’s like your child but anyways,,
  • jun gets all the girls in college
  • and like it’s not a few, it’s like 230572 girls who want his number and so many of them have asked you for his number and you kinda just, lol bye
  • so you’re good friends with chick-magnet jun do people still use that phrase???
  • and jun’s pretty greasy, so he’ll probably flirt back and you’ll be like
  • ‘do you think if i got a tattoo of a dog, i can get more girls??’
  • ‘nO STOP IT’
  • and he goes on so many dates, but he never sees the same girl twice
  • and basically most girls are just now part of his fanclub hoping he’ll text them back, if he even has their number, which he probably gives to like hoshi and dokyeom to prank call
  • and you never really wanted to get involved with jun’s love life, but thAT BoY DRaGGED yOU IN
  • so one do you were chilling in the library studying and jun runs in and sits beside you
  • and you’re like ‘are you okay??’ because he’s panting and sweating and he’s like, ‘FAKE DATE ME …PLS’
  • and you said something along the lines of ‘wtf why?’
  • and he’s almost yelling and he’s like, ‘ so you know that girl i’ve been avoiding since what feels like forever??  yea??  so i went to the movies with her to watch guardians of the galaxy volume 2, and now she thinks we’re like exclusive, and she’s trying to make this serious, bUT I ONLY WENT BC I WANTED TO WATCH GOTG AND SHE WAS PAYING’
  • and you kind of laugh it off because he looks like a stressed mother of five, but agree, and that’s how you end up fake dating junhui
  • and minghao’s kind of aware it’s fake, because junhui tells him like everything, but little baby myungho ships you and junnie boy
  • and at first you’re like wow! this is easy! until his friends and the girl he’s avoiding walk by and you could be like tying your shoe lace and he’ll crouch down and start giving you really bad pet names and being all
  • ‘are you okay?? do you want me to tie your shoe laces??’
  • and you’re kind of like ew, but also, okay this has to look legit !!
  • and this goes on for a few weeks, and you’ve grown use to junhui’s arm lingering around your waist, constant back hugs from him, his really gross but endearing ?? nicknames, him teasing you about your height, unless you’re tall of course
  • and you’re sitting in the library sitting about it, and jun walks in and kisses your cheek and says ‘hey babe/jagi/your preferred term of endearment’ and you realise oh fuCK I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE CAUGHT FEELINGS
  • and you kind of hesitate to say hi back, and jun looks at you weirdly and you’re like oh,,, i’m sick :DDDDD
  • and he replies with, ‘oh, you shouldn’t be, let’s go back to one of our dorms and i can take care of you’
  • and mentally you’re like fuckfuckfuck, but you just reply with no it’s fine
  • and now you’re stuck in the worst situation because you’ll never know his true feelings because you’re faking feelings, but you don’t know if he’s really faking it
  • and part of you wants him to actually like you back, but you’re like no that won’t work
  • and baby dino is always saying how cute you two are and you’re like dINO NO
  • and jun’s like dINO YES
  • and you’re hanging out with jun’s friend jisoo, an exchange student from america, and his other friend jeonghan, a science student
  • and you kind of know jeonghan from high school, and joshua/jisoo is pretty laid-back and you guys end up talking about how you and jun got together
  • and you’re like wELL uM,
  • and they’re kind of like, we know it’s fake, but his feelings aren’t 
  • and you kind of wanna run out of the room, because yAY but what am i going to do with this information??
  • and you realise jun’s going to pick you up because you guys are going on another fake date to look legitimate, but BOY HE’S AT THE DOOR AND HE’S HEARD EVERYTHING
  • and he’s like to jeong and jisoo yOU JUST EXPOSED ME 
  • and jeong’s like SHE LIKES YOU TOO 
  • and you’re like WELL I DO, BUT I NEVER SAID THAT!!
  • and ohohoho jihan just exposed the next power couple
  • and everyone knew you were dating, but when you’re actually dating, everyone can tell and they’re like,
  • ‘jun’s gone on so many dates, and he finally asks out y/n, took him long enough’
  • ‘they should’ve been together ages ago’
  • and jun’s really cute and such a cute boyfriend, bUT THATS ANOTHER AU
  • and you guys are just the cutest college couple, and you do all the cheesy things and the girl chasing after jun has nothing on you bc dAMN THATS A CUTE COUPLE THEY DESERVE IT
  • and jun’s friends, seventeen teen teen, all knew it was fake, and tell you about how much he talked about you before you were dating and how infatuated he was
  • fake dating jun was a good time, but dating jun is even better

hey everyone, i’ve finally written something for my boy junners and i hope y’all like it and we’re almost at 500 followers wowowowow, but anyways, hope you have a nice day/evening

- admin jola

but imagine if Jared was the one who ended up teaching Evan to drive

  • Evan just keeps putting off getting his license because he’s already anxious enough thank you very much he doesn’t need to be operating a metal death machine, but Heidi keeps telling him that it would be a good idea to get his license and his therapist agrees so he eventually concedes
  • He decides to try to take the driving test the summer before his senior year of college and Heidi has finished her courses to become a paralegal so she’s busy working at the law firm and Evan doesn’t want to bother her because she’s finally getting to do what she’s wanted to for such a long time and he doesn’t want to mess that up, so he turns to Jared because a) he doesn’t mind being a bother to Jared, Jared owes him for all those years when he was an insensitive asshole and b) Jared is a horrific driver so as long as Evan doesn’t drive headfirst into a tree, Jared can’t say shit about his driving skills
  • Jared, being Jared, forces Evan out onto the interstate during their first lesson and Evan is freaking out because he doesn’t feel comfortable going about 30 mph, let alone 70 mph, and cars keep honking and whipping around him but he can’t pull off because the emergency lane is narrow and is on the edge of a ditch and Evan doesn’t want to drive into a ditch, that just doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience
  • Jared eventually directs him back onto a road in town where Evan happily returns to chugging along at 45 mph while he tells Jared off for being an asshole in a shrieky voice while insisting he’s totally fine every time Jared asks “uh, you good, man”
  • Evan’s bitter as fuck about it so it takes Jared a good few weeks of wheedling and promising to not make Evan do things that he’s not ready for before he can convince Evan to let him give him another driving lesson. He keeps his promises and just has Evan cruise through the neighborhood, although he does yell “watch out” at random intervals because it pisses Evan off
  • Jared starts making Evan drive him everywhere, claiming that it’s “good practice,” but really he doesn’t feel like driving himself and it’s easier to convince Evan to go places under the guise of it being a learning experience. He makes Evan drive him to the movies and to the mall and to GameStop and to the national park a few times, not because Jared likes the national park–I mean, who would, it’s just trees and bugs and dead bodies probably–but because Evan seems happy and relaxed there and while Evan’s gotten better at managing his anxiety since high school, he still doesn’t get out much and he doesn’t have many friends. But, Jared doesn’t exactly have many friends either, so he guesses it’s a moot point
  • Jared lets Evan use his car for the driving test and he goes with Evan, saying it’s so he can make sure Evan doesn’t fuck up his “baby,” but it’s really because Evan looks like he’s about to have a melt down and Jared’s not a shitty enough friend to abandon him at the DMV when he’s already distressed
  • Jared high fives Evan when he comes back inside, looking shaky but proud. He makes weird faces at Evan while he’s getting his picture taken for his license, which pisses off the lady taking the picture because Evan has trouble keeping still when he’s laughing
  • Evan drives them to A La Mode to celebrate and Jared makes Evan pay for his ice cream because “gas is expensive, Hansen, and I haven’t been charging you for draining my tank dry all summer” and it’s nice. It’s like a better version of what they had before the Connor Project and all that nonsense. While they had made up during Evan’s gap year when he was working at Pottery Barn, things had been kind of…strained since. Like things weren’t quite okay and Jared had no idea how to fix it
  • At the end of the summer, when they’re packing up to head off to their separate colleges, Jared tells Evan that he expects him to make the drive over to his school at least once this semester. It’s the least he could do after all of the free lessons Jared provided him, and Evan looks at him like he’s being ridiculous–which he probably is, but, hey, that’s his brand–but agrees and Jared thinks he really will
  • And Evan does. He shows up during a long weekend and sleeps on the floor of Jared’s dorm room, talking about how worried he was that the beater he got for cheap was going to break down on the interstate on the way there and how many cars he saw on the side of the road and how he almost started crying when he was singing along to musicals because he was feeling Emotional, and Jared tells him he’s a fucking dork and shows him some of the weird projects he’s done for his compsci classes and shows Evan pictures of some of the “dope ass trees” he’s seen around campus that he took because he knew Evan would pop a boner over some of those prime examples of nature and Evan laughs and it’s the best weekend Jared’s had up at college ever, and that’s including the time his robotics club did a robo fight club thing that ended in a lot of wasted metal and fires
  • Things are never perfect between Evan and Jared–Jared is still an asshole and Evan is still an asshole in his own right, so they upset each other and Jared vagues about Evan on tumblr and Evan doesn’t respond to his Skype messages for a few weeks, but they always end up making up and hanging out again, shooting the shit while Jared demolishes Evan in whatever video game he currently fancies. But things are better and, for the first time since the Connor Project, Jared trusts Evan, and that’s enough for him.

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  • wee woo wee woo weE WOO WE OE EW
  • for this request, the rest will come when they do
  • i really love jackson and i really love the idea of boyfriend jackson so this… this was honestly coming sooner or later
  • i think if anyone in got7 were to get/have a girlfriend while in the group i think it’d be jackson
  • i mean he’s a social dude so he comes across a lot of different people all the time, is constantly making friends and i mean come on, look at him
  • he’s gawjus
  • but back to the point at hand!!

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can i request a jaehyun or johnny au if you don't mind? i love your writings a lot and i hope you're doing well in school! ☺️💞

  • vampire!johnny
  • is such a show-off that fellow vampires from his coven, jaehyun and taeyong, have to make sure he doesn’t secretly give away their secret to idk literally everyone 
  • only drinks blood at a specific temperature. literally most vampires just drink right from the animal but johnny will save up blood, take it home, and microwave it
  • someone: “you’re so handsome, it’s almost godly????”
  • johnny: “i mean you could say im godly, im also immorta-”
  • taeyong: “IMMORAL,,,,,,LIKE,,,,,HE HAS NO MORAls,,,,,,,,,,,we have to be going now bye”
  • you’re just walking through the forest, going back down the path because you spent most of the day taking photos of animals
  • when you somehow lose track of the path so you decide to take another way around,,,,,and you stumble upon this group???? of ????? people????
  • standing around a fire and you’re like oh !!! campers?
  • but then one of them turns around and uh,,,,,his mouth? is red???? is that BLOOD
  • and you want to scream but it gets stuck in your throat and in that flash of a moment, the boy disappears and appears behind you, hand over your mouth and drags you back into the bushes
  • and you’re like don’t kill me don’t kill me,,,,,don’t please,,,,,
  • and he whispers against your ear that you shouldn’t make noise, he won’t hurt you but if you do the others will
  • and you’re like ?????? others????? 
  • but you shake and you feel his arms pull you a bit close and finally when you’ve calmed down he lets you go and you turn to see this,,,,,amazingly gorgeous person and his lips are shining red
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,a,,,,,are you a -” and he’s like “yes, a vampire. i mean what other magical creature looks this good?” and you’re like “don’t like merpeople also-” and johnny is like shh
  • and you’re like,,,,why’d you pull me away?? and he’s like if the coven members see you,,,,,,they could vote to hurt you so you lose your memory of seeing us
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,so you saved me?? and johnny shrugs but you can see the smug look on his face
  • and he’s like “let me walk you back to the path” and you’re like “wait,,,,can vampires like teleport because back there,,,,,that’s what you did” and johnny laughs and is like “no, i can just move super fast. here let me show you.”
  • and suddenly you’re back in his arms and in the blink of a minute he’s climbed up a tree and moved you guys up on a high branch
  • and you’re like WOAH, clutching onto him and he’s like,,,,,oh,,,,,,looking down and feeling your warm body pressed against his,,,,
  • and you’re like “im so high up,,,,this is so scary,,,,but it’s so pretty??? the sky looks so close,,,,”
  • and as you’re talking johnny notices how sweet your voice sounds and how he doesn’t want your warm hands around him to let go
  • and johnny is like “i can take us hi-” and you’re like “nonono this is ok also,,,,,”
  • you look up at him, his shining eyes in the night sky’s backdrop and you’re like “don’t let go.”
  • and johnny,,,,feels a spark go through him. something he doesn’t ever feel around other vampires, let alone humans
  • and he tries to make a joke like “telling a vampire not to let go, how confident are you human?” but in reality he’s like how is this human so freaking CUTE,,,,good thing i saved them 
Blog Entry Translation: [21.03.2017] Sakiyama Tsubasa

Blog Entry: http://ameblo.jp/sakiyama-tsubasa/entry-12258488977.html


Good evening!

Even as I realised it, in this one week
the Tokyo performance of Toumyu [1]
will come to an end.

This time too, it passed by in a flash.

One by one
I must move forward
while properly engraving it in my eyes, memory and achievements.

Like this, I will also record the things I remember here.

Speaking of record,
it was said that there was a day when
the number lining up for a particular day’s tickets for Toumyu
surpassed 400 people.

This is a truly happy thing.

There exists that many people who want to watch [Toumyu].

Thank you very much.

‘the sake of those who watch us and’
'also the sake of those who cannot watch us’
we zealously pour in all our energy.

That energy
might one day become something for someone.

If I can pray for you to be able to watch Toumyu
it’s a good thing but
everything is best in moderation [2]

I will say a prayer for my master.

as I was listening to songs on the train
while dozing off
I heard
'Come along together with me’
and was wide awake.

'Tokenai Mahou’ [3]

Kiyomitsu, I will carry the torch of your will
and strive on from tomorrow onward as well.

Well then, later (^^)

Today is Sakiyama Mama’s birthday.
Happy birthday^^


[1] “Toumyu” - An abbreviation used to refer to the “Musical Touken Ranbu”.

[2] “Setsudo ga ichiban” - Loosely translated to “everything is best in moderation”. This is a quote of Ishikirimaru’s used in Touken Ranbu.

[3] “Tokenai Mahou” is the title of Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s solo song sung by Sato Ryuji in the Musical Touken Ranbu.

i did not expect people to react the way they did to my post about my friend “disappointing” billie because she had her phone in her hands
billie wasn’t being a dick about it or rude at all and my friend wasn’t offended whatsoever
i understand if people want to take photos and videos when they go to concerts because i do that as well, but when people have their phones infront of their faces the entire time it gets a little annoying. 
this man tries so hard to include everyone in the crowd, to make people feel special and just communicate and get a message across and imagine trying to do that when people look at their screens? 
as i said, i understand if people want to record some parts of the concert but please just be a little understanding because this man is singing his heart out for us. just don’t shove your phones in his face when he sings more emotional songs. if you’re at the barrier just put it away and make eye contact with him and sing with him, because i promise you when he sits down infront of you and looks you straight in the eyes you’re gonna be glad you didn’t look at him through your screen. that memory feels 10x better than a video ever will

and as i said, this is more about the emotional songs because i recorded pretty much the entire medley and king for a day when they were just goofing around on stage and then he didn’t really mind that pretty much everyone had their phone out

Ash Wednesday

This is the time of tension between dying and birth
The place of solitude where three dreams cross
Between blue rocks
But when the voices shaken from the yew-tree drift away
Let the other yew be shaken and reply.

Blessèd sister, holy mother, spirit of the fountain, spirit of the garden,
Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood
Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still
Even among these rocks,
Our peace in His will
And even among these rocks
Sister, mother
And spirit of the river, spirit of the sea,
Suffer me not to be separated

And let my cry come unto Thee.

– T.S. Eliot, “Ash Wednesday


So I have a theory/headcanon, also in bullet point form. (footnote, please don’t reblog without giving credit)

  • When Will and Mike get together, they keep it a secret.
  • Because it’s the 80’s.
  • People aren’t that accepting.
  • Well, Lucas, Dustin, Nancy, Eleven and Jonathan all suspect.
  • Like, Eleven is the first to ask her friends,
  • Are Will and Mike dating?
  • Because she’s only ever seen Mike look at her like that.
  • And she doesn’t know how cruel this side of the world is.
  • So they all explain,
  • That they probably are, but she can’t tell.
  • Because, after all, people aren’t that accepting.
  • But one day they all go to Mike’s house to surprise him on his birthday or something.
  • And they catch Will and Mike making out in the basement of Mike’s house or something.
  • And Will and Mike just freeze because they have no idea how their friends are going to react.
  • They wait for the insults, the shocked and disgusted faces.
  • But they never come
  • Instead, they all start handing money to each other.
  • Will and Mike stare at their friends and siblings, confused.
  • Lucas explains that they all suspected.
  • And they all bet on who would give it away, whether it was true etc etc.
  • And they all live happily ever after.
  • And Will and Mike have people to talk to.
  • But there are still problems. 
  • Because they’re still keeping it from the parents.
  • Karen probably would ignore it, because she loves her son and his friends, and even though she doesn’t completely agree with it she won’t let that change her relationship with her son.
  • Because she’s a great mom.
  • But Ted…
  • Ted would completely blame Will
  • And forbid Mike from seeing Will ever again.
  • Or he might kick out Mike.
  • Who knows?
  • But they all know it would be bad.
  • But at least Mike and Will have each other, and their friends and siblings.
  • Because right now, that’s all that matters.

anonymous asked:

In your zeal to post hate, (lets be honest you post a lot of hate), You should first check your facts, visit a few comic centric plus some more mainstream media sites. Susan has gotten slammed by nieche as well as mainstream media. Your blurb 'about' yourself mentions that your a feminist? I think you need to brush up on what that means, because your doing it wrong. Take a class on critical thinking and female studies, then perhaps you might start getting it. Untill then keep reaching.

(tis a custom to post this from now on when someone complains that I post up too much hate)

I’m sorry you are incapable of realizing a good character when you see them. I’m also sorry that you don’t understand what feminism is - when you don’t trash a woman for the sake of a ship, man, or another woman simply because of “reasons not found”. Of course, I’m sure that’s hard for you to understand… 

…since you see Felicity as a feminist icon when she has:

  1. destroyed another woman’s career on a whim, 
  2. nuked a city of men, women, and children unapologetically, 
  3. and spoke terribly of about seven women on the show, 
  4. five of which are dead - 
  5. called her own mother a slut, 
  6. Oliver’s mother a bitch
  7. and said on two occasions that Thea’s life is worthless compared to his
  8. was completely upset that Oliver was marrying another woman, not caring about the fact that this woman was lesbian and was being forced to marry him against her will
  9. and demanded to be “Oliver’s girl” and “heart of the team” to outshine another woman, who Oliver was dating and literally just came back from the dead
  10. Has no close female friends because literally any female she spends an excessive amount of time with doesn’t like her

And to top it off:

Susan Williams is a fucking cutie pie.

The Waffle Cottage Chronicles

IN WHICH, in a Modern AU, Sasuke successfully convinces Shingen (and by extension, Saizo and Yukimura) to take a cross-country roadtrip to the Mouse World amusement park, because he has never been and has always wanted to, and they stop at a 24 hour diner for waffles, whereupon they acquire a short order cook/waitress, you. SHENANIGANS ENSUE, with additional cameos by ALL the other Samurai as appropriate. 

 This is the fic that Refused To Be Written. I started on it like a legitimate year ago, and the device I was writing on got stolen while I was at the doc’s, and so it just stalled out, but the idea wouldn’t leave, so at some point I tried to do an outline…and it grew, and grew, and grew. And here we are. This is not a fic, this is a 5000+ word headcanon in bullet point form.  Someday I may actually write it out. That day is not today.

Keep reading

“To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there’s the respect
That makes calamity of so long life;
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,
The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,
The insolence of office and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscover’d country from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.–Soft you now!
The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons
Be all my sins remember’d!”


William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Graphic - Takato Yamamoto