Professor (OC) Willamena Lyall information!

Name: Professor Willamena Lyall (loosely means “Protector of Wolves” because of her advocacy for werewolf rights)

Age: Mid-late 20s

Any special positions: Groundskeeper and takes care of retrieving certain potions ingredients for the castle

Previous house while at Hogwarts: Slytherin (she’s a slytherin roll)

What they teach: Care of Magical Creatures

Sexuality: Bisexual

Interests: Magical creatures, sweets, understanding the misunderstood

Favourite animal: ??? She literally cannot choose?

Something you couldn’t live without: Charmed ribbon in hair and her pet cat

Favourite time of day: Night time, she loves late night walks into the forest

Pet peeve: Assuming creatures are dangerous, prejudice/bias against anything/anyone, cheating

(thanks PJ @justanothernerdyroleplayer for tagging me <3)

CoMC Professor is online!

((jumping on the bandwagon so here is my Care of Magical Creatures Professor! Her name is Professor Willamena Lyall btw (first time rping an OC!) Come ask me stuff!! I was getting my makeup on and saw @notjustaterran on as a CoMC professor too so go ask them questions as well! They look amazing!))

CoMC Professor is online!

Head of Gryffindor: You can’t just accuse one of my Gryffindors of sneaking into the flobberwork enclosure and overfeeding them!

Professor Lyall: And tell that to my dead Flobberworms!

Head of Gryffindor: Are you sure you’re not just prejudiced because you were a Slytherin?

Professor Lyall: Still think I’m assuming?

((OOC: Professor Willamena Lyall is online again! I just love ocs and I know I did her a few days ago but I love her??? Come ask me things?))

CoMC Professor is offline!

Professor Lyall: Doesn’t the moon look beautiful tonight?

((OOC: thank you for all the asks! I had a lot of fun doing this OC and I’m so happy that you guys like her! I’ll try to come on as her again soon if you’d like because I am loving the Professor OCs right now!))