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Something Borrowed 4/? (Witney) - Miss Bianca & jazz

Summary: This was going to be Courtney’s first visit to her childhood home in five years, and she’d made a lot of plans. Obviously, none of them had included falling into a whirlwind, summer love affair with her father’s 28-year-old fiancée, three months before the planned wedding. But sometimes, things just happened.

Miss Bianca’s A/N: A day late this week, but we’re back back back again! In this installment, we have a guest appearance by one Miss Alaska Thunderfuck, as well as more sexual tension. What more could you want, right? As always, please let us know what you think - here, on ao3, or through our blogs, @willamdelrio and @artificial-jazz.

jazz’s A/N: I’m having so much fun. Like, too much fun. Things are starting to really heat up, y’all ;))) Read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, & Chapter 3 here!

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