I’m gonna keep posting about this in case anyone hasn’t heard. When We Rise is a 4 part miniseries airing on the 27th chronicling the fight for LGBT rights in the U.S. Here’s a link to the trailer! From what I’ve seen and read they actually are including important moments from our collective history that are overlooked, like the Lavender Menace protest, the fact that some members of Act Up were opposed to the AIDS quilt, etc. Also it was created & written by Dustin Lance Black and two of the directors who worked on this project are Gus van Sant & Dee Rees (the black lesbian director of Pariah). Part 1 airs on abc, February 27th at 8pm EST.

Episode 5. The Letter Zero (MPGiS AU) ~ Mistress

A/N: modeled after episode 6 of the same name. I’ve come to find out that Willam is my favorite character to write for. Thanks for the lovely feedback! Keep it coming! I’m an insecure piece of shit!

Summary: The Cheer Squad meets up for the first time in the fic. In a surprising turn of events, Adore The New Girl is also approached to form an alliance with the Cheer Squad. Does this mean the new girl will become a double-agent?

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