Liberal organizer: *schedules event for noon on a goddamn Wednesday*

Liberal organizer: “Golly gee willakers, why aren’t people from *the working class* showing up to our events?”

honestly i was probably wrong about old man/bruce willakers being an istj (and also the bulk of my attempts at mindcrack mbti, considering I wasn’t very well read on the theory at the time)

willakers is not an istj bc he literally never uses si healthily, and ne is his instinct rather than his weak spot. willakers is an enfp, the same as rob. the difference is that willakers is deep in grip: his si use is a total disaster. he latches onto strange details (scared of glass?? stuff about beans?? unexplainable elf hatred??) without actually using his keen perception to sort out the keep. his attachment to the past is absolutely ridiculously unhealthy and he refuses to confront his trauma. this is the entire cause of the DvZ storyline! he is cursed to forever relive the end of civilization because he couldn’t let lance go and acted really stupidly in response! yet we know that his si wasn’t always a disaster, either: he cares about traditions and obviously the runeblade tradition is intact at the point when DvZ takes place. not that his si was that developed before, since we know he liked to cling on to the past without much thought (like by repeatedly reforging excaliju)

we also see evidence of a ne-te loop: his strength and first instinct is always to challenge the norms with his outlandish ideas, but in DvZ we see that he is implementing these ideas forcefully and struggles to pay attention to almost anyone’s needs (with perhaps an exception for few friends when he can, like roamin). he loses touch with his empathy as he represses trauma further and further: he talks about eating babies and fucking every pretty girl in sight without any sign of remorse. his jolly exclamations about his trauma, like the infamous dead wife line, are also a sign of repressing fi. I’d guess that the loop is a coping mechanism to deal with the horror of watching his world end over and over: by suppressing his internal moral self he can simply charge forward loudly without much reflection beyond how to make things just work. less reflection is less pain.

of course, we also know that willakers is very much inspired by Rob himself (and many of the flaws and loopholes in the character and story are from rob’s own loops and grips and function errors, since they mirror each other) and Rob has long tried to distance himself from the character of bruce willakers. I’ll refrain from psychoanalysing Rob in public but same type = similar range of cognitive struggle. considering that they’re both enfps this makes a lot of sense since willakers is pretty much like a messed up alternate Rob and I wouldn’t be surprised if rob feels like he’s progressed past that stage of his life.


Oh my god Rob.