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Deirdre had eaten a small dinner and then rushed out of the apartment without much of an explanation as to where she was going. She’d closed the door behind her before Artie had finished speaking and then rushed down the hall and down the stairs, her bag over her shoulder as usual. She had worn yoga pants and a tank top to the gym rather than taking extra clothes to change in and out of, figuring that that was more trouble than it was worth.

She’d felt herself growing more and more frustrated with her current situation – lacking a good friend to tell her thoughts to – and was doing her best not to blame Artie’s state on him. He couldn’t help it, and she tried to remind herself that whenever she felt resentment for him begin to build up.

She’d spent a good while on a treadmill and had moved to a punching bag, throwing vicious jabs at it and occasionally swinging her leg to land a good kick on the side, when she heard someone clear their throat next to her. Deirdre hadn’t expected anyone to want to talk to her much, and despite the fact that she wasn’t much of a sweater, she couldn’t help but immediately realize how she looked as she turned to face the man watching her. She pushed the strands of blonde hair that had fallen out of her bun back frantically. “Lookin’ for a chinwag, are ye?” she asked, biting her lip after. “Sorry, ahm… D'you need somethin’?”

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The night have finally come, and the moon was now showing. The dark corridors in Hogwarts were all but empty except for Aurors patrolling. On this paticular night it happened to be Anya. She patrolled most nights actually, volunteering whenever possible. She was always very serious about her work, always wanting to improve more, and always wanting to get a better reputation with her superiors. She was far from a suck up, but also far from a slacker as well. Even so she couldn’t help but feel a weight lifted from her shoulders as she patrolled the castle, knowing the murderer had been caught, and hoping, for once, that things might settle down. However, that thought quickly escaped her as she her the distinct sound of footsteps, walking, rather slowly, through the corridor. She had caught a couple couples snogging, and had quickly sent them off to their respective towers, however, she had not come face to face with someone who seemed to not entirely care about getting caught. The footsteps neared, and she walked confidently towards them, not worried about who it might be, already having her wand drawn and at the ready.

The figure appeared in front of her, and she raised her wand, waiting to see the face of the rule breaker. His face appeared and it was none other than William Fudge. She kept her wand pointed towards his face, not quite believing the fact that it was him who she ran into. Their conversation earlier still very fresh in her mind. “Vat are you doing out of bed, Mister Fudge. I am sure you are avare of zee curfew, are you not?” She held a steady gaze as she spoke to him. Waiting for some sort of realization that what he was currently doing would not be tolerated, most especially by her. Anya might have been slightly attracted to the young man, but she always put her work ahead of her play, and in this situation she was determined to continue the same philosophy. “Vell? Vat do you have to say for yourself?” She waited for the answer as patiently as a Russian could wait, and in the meantime gave him a quick once over. He wasn’t bad, for a school boy.

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Will1, your immaculate knowledge of jazz is impressive, and I don't say that often. What's even better is that you aren't too much of a music snob (from what I can tell anyway). Add to this the fact that you also enjoy video games, fashion, and trivia and it becomes clear what a well rounded individual you are. Keep on doing what you're doing and don't lose hope for the future.

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Will(1), your passion for the things you love (music, stylish clothing, etc.) is enviable. You have a very clear-eyed view of things that will get you far in life. Things will turn around for you soon (the odds are they've already started to turn around) and when they do I hope you reach a new level of self-fulfillment and contentment. I don't doubt that you have the inner strength to do so.

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Will1. You are such a great guy and you are so sweet. Your taste in music is awesome and it's always interesting to hear you talk about artists you love or are interested in. It's also adorable to see how excited you get when you talk about it. I've learned a lot about Jazz from you.