So, sadly enough, my Grandfather is fighting cancer in his trachea. On the brighter side, he is recovering at a very steady rate. Today I decided to visit him in hopes he was doing better. I stepped through his house in search of him, expecting him to be lying down relaxing. Oddly enough I found him in his shop restoring a motor he had blown out earlier this week.
     After a few words of “Hello.” and “How’s the treatments?” I stepped over to help him. I could tell he was struggling with some of the pieces so I did my best to reduce any strain on him. At one point I leaned over and caught a scent of the chemo off his body. He was sadly weak, but strong in his determination to be as strong as he was before it struck him a year ago.
    I helped him to replace a section of the block motor he had ordered and we were finished with the restoration. On the way out, I looked over and noticed some audio input ports on a grayed out box about the size of a small shoe box. I asked my Granddad what exactly it was.
     “That, is a Grundig radio I brought back when I visited Germany years ago. Probably the best radio I have ever used. Payed 200 for it, and I’ve kept it in the best condition I could.”, I perked up with excitement.
     “Do you still use it regularly?” I asked with excitement.
     “Yes, but I haven’t been able to buy some batteries for it recently, so it sits and collects dust.”, He paused for a brief moment. “Take it William. I trust you with it. I know you’ll take good care of it.”
     I thanked him ever so eagerly as we walked back to his house. I then sat down for a moment to have coffee with him before I departed back home. Soon after I stopped in a Wal-Mart to pick up some cheap D batteries, totaling at about 2 Dollars. Not able to contain myself, I opened them up in the parking lot and inserted them into the Radio. An insane smile covered my face when I tuned the radio to a familiar station. I soon called my Granddad to thank him for the gift I had received.

That was my day.
How was yours?

The Maze Runner

Okay, my mom gave me her nook today because she upgraded to an ipad. I started reading The !aze Runner because my mom has the whole series on here. And words cannot describe how much I love this book. It is positively amazing. I would recommend to everyone who is a fan of dystopian books and even those who have not ever read one.
For Will- On the nook, I can not seem to reply to my messages. So, here is my view of the Hunger Games . It is a dystopian set in the future, when we have devolved to living in 12 Districts under the rule of the Capitol. Every year, due to a past rebellion, two teens from each District are sent to an enclosed area to fight to the death. It soumds very grim and at times, it can be but it is a book that I recommend to everyone. The book gives insight to true reality of the human nature. I think you would like it. As well as Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Maze Runner series by James Dashner, which I am reading now. May the odds be ever in your favor. And please read the book before you see the movie.