How A Raven Saved Our Asses

Context: We were sent on a mission by bandits to kill a man because they assumed he was trying to purposely kill people, turns out he just sucked at what he did and was actually a really cool guy, so when we got back to camp we had to lie about his death.

DM: “Roll a bluff check to see if the Bandit leaders believe you.”

Yllmir, The Fetchling Warpriest: *rolls 14, kinda unconvincing bluff* “We killed him, he thought back was already hurt from an earlier counter.” *showing off injuries*

DM: “The bandit leaders don’t quite believe you and find something fishy about this, would anyone else like to roll for support this bluff?”

Aceica, The Suli Magus: *rolls a 6 on her bluff, making it seem more unbelievable*

Lucian, My Familar, A Raven who can’t speak common yet: *rolls a 18* “CAW!”

DM: Well, Lucian’s bluff was enough to make the bandit leaders believe you, congrats.

One Direction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - September 1, 2015

I really need to stop having arguments with strange men in bars

I mean, this in itself is not inherently a problem, but APPARENTLY men do not find it attractive when you fight with them and are actually less inclined to make out with you

@god  this is a design flaw I think you should have made some dudes ~25 years ago who took one look at a woman who argued with them and went DAMN let me put a ring on that


Rule Hyperion or Ȑ̞̣̜́e̡͎͓̘͔͔͍͖̣̯ͪͪ̅̓ͬ̐ͫ̓ͪ͜j̛͙̟ͧ͛̊̓̌͟e̦̯̠̲̙͉ͨ̅ͬc̡̛̦̗̀͜ṱ͋̑ͪ͘͜͠ ̰͕͎̺̞̻̤̀̈̑̉͊̕͟Ḣ̫͇͒͊̍ͣ̈́ẏ̤̙̰̜̖̐̋ͣ͆̏̾͌̀p̸̱̩̹̉̏̕e̢͚͙͈̙̯̞͙̦̐̍͠r̥͉̎͢i̴̫̭̰͈ͪ̃̕͟ȏ͕͈ͯ͋̓̊ͨ͜ͅn̉̈́ͧͪͨ͛͐ͫ͏͏̙͍͇̲̟̞ͅ ͚̝̪͆͛ 


part seven: balmain

Eva carried the bags in both of her hands while Harry grabbed the box for the tree out of the boot, waddling to the front door as he tried to find the right key to let them in. His house smelled like cinnamon and spice, a combination of candles that Eva kept burning while they were there. It was the first time that she didn’t smell like the beach to him, but he was comforted all the same. Eva took over two different seasons in Harry’s life, though he was sure that she was all four to him.

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I think my favorite thing about this picture is that I have this poster and this is what got me into Batman, that really pushed me. I seriously love the picture above. Thank you yalestewart for making his picture. (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

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hey, im complaining about the bear-bee hybrids, they dont seem to see me at all, even if i run right in front of them, think you need to fix that

That’s because you are merely a virtual consciousness created to mock a human mind to collect data on the various experiences a human would have.

I’m just joking, they don’t eat fatty foods which is why they are ignoring you.