He was a grunge boy, i was on wrestling team, can i make it anymore obvious?
R and Bahorel meet behind their schoolgym to smoke, become friends and somehow both get through highschool allright :^)

O Death
  • O Death
  • Lolo Loco

(Listen with headphones for best quality)

Welp! This is the song I recorded this week for an independent project a few of my Uni friends are doing called ‘Time of Monsters’ (Which will be available to see at the end of October~)! I had SO much fun with it and I was super honoured to be asked! All the voices you hear are me :3 Hope you guys like it!!

I love your story SO SO SO MUCH it made me cry a bit (definitely not a bit) and the feels HIT ME SO HARD! Your art is also AMAZING which makes me want to draw too! Wish I could draw it using a tablet tho (sadly i don have one :/). ANYWAY good luck on the next chapter (but don push urself tho)!!!! Stay determined, love. <3

  • Me:Literally does nothing to hide that K2 is my otp, and that I am in love with the concept of them being lovey dovey idiots and will write them every chance I get because they are my absolute favorite and I've made this perfectly clear for the last seven years
  • Readers:Why do you only write K2 you should really write other things