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So...if gao!Felix would meet headcanon!Felix... Would they compliment each other how beautiful they are or would they fight over this? x3

110% certain they would fight.

but then…

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Sometimes when I listen to Twenty One Pilots I think of your tumblr.

sometimes when i think of my tumblr i think of twenty one pilots

but also i think that this is probably my favorite message in the history of ever(and you know what yes i am aware that i say this a lot but this message wins okay? it just won…what did it win? everything. the entirety of everything.)


Not pictured throughout this is Usagi making little vague affirmative noises, including to “Are you listening?” which is, of course, entirely unconvincing.

Ami looks so crestfallen. CAKE HYPOTHESIS FAILED

But then that look Ami and Mako exchange, and oh that’s fine, you guys just do that, just be all obviously worried and running out of ideas IT’S FINE.


Everyone please take time to read this I beg you. The best friend I’ve ever had plans on taking her life. I am not sure if she did yet, I seriously hope she didn’t. She stopped responding to my other friend over an hour ago and she won’t respond to me at all. Please help me. There is not much I can do because I live in New Jersey and she won’t respond to my texts. I don’t know what to do, but her user is kanekis-butt. Send her asks, let her know how worthy she is!!! Zaia is the most beautiful person on this planet and I know for a fact that she deserves to live. Please spread this and if you live in the Tucson area please do this something. Contact police, anything. My best friend isn’t ready to leave the world yet. Please help me save her.

You guys are literally the best thing in the world to come home to after a late night shift. I was so worried that nobody would like Advice because I struggled so much with it. 

#THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THIS POST I DON’T LIKE  #THIS IS ACTUALLY PERFECT #I REALLY ENJOY THE CHARACTERIZATION #VARRIC’S IS SPOT ON #if this isn’t the most perfect thing i don’t know what is #and all the characters are on point #PERFECTION  #fatally is a genius #can’t stop laughing #i’m commander shepard and this is one of my favorite bits of writing on the citadel  #these are PERFECT #fatally does it again #THIS #IS #PERFECTION #PER #FEC #TION #YES MORE #*FLAILS#can i just…#*claps like crazy*#brings audience for standing ovation#because this fic is gold again#so much gold

And that’s in addition to some very lovely messages <3


Sadly, I don’t have time to open up to drabbles right now. (But I will some time this week ;D) But I would like to give you all a little something. Here’s my current to-do list (not including collaborations): 

  • Follow up to Welcome Home: King Alistair and his wife get caught in an awkward situation (fluff… and maybe smut)
  • Follow up to Remorse: Warden Alistair returns to what little remains of the Inquisition. (a bit angsty - I’ll make a summary for Remorse for those who want to read the follow-up but not the original)
  • Follow up to To Live Without Regret: Cullen decides to take King Alistair’s advice on having a proper date with the Inquisitor but the royal couple keeps getting in the way. (fluff)
  • Cassandra advises the Inquisitor about Cullen - the kind of advice where she’ll break the Inquisitor’s jaw if Cullen gets hurt.
  • Alistair tries to be dominant for the first time. (NSFW)
  • Cullen gets caught up in his thoughts of the Inquisitor while taking a bath. (NSFW) 

I leave it up to you, beloved followers: which would you like to read next? 

i don’t know how many of you guys know that deer isn’t my real name ( *shocked gasps from the crowd* i know i know! but it’s true! ) but i was talking with adeloes about my name and how my mom had originally planned for me to have four middle names but she could only fit one on the papers the nurses handed to her. my initials would have been bxlreo. does that not look like some weird ass url tho. mom. this is not a cruzan thing. why would u.