((  I c ant. y our a ll so s wet. im c rying s o mcuch. than k you s o mcuh fo r the nice messages. i’ll tr y and answer t hem all. your all so nice. this f andom is s o nice and caring . and im s o happy t o be a part of it., g osh th hank you. sorry im b ad woth words. jsut know im so thankful its h ard for me t o put it into w orssds. i love ylou guys s o mcuh. ))

An important message to my followers.

There is something that have bothering me for awhile, that’s why i didn’t post anything for almost three days. As everyone may know I love to post stuff about Aidan Turner, edits and gifs and etc. It was my source of happiness here.

But for sometime now tumblr went from a fun thing to my main source of stress…I feel like everyone expects so much from me; to post a new edit, a new text, a new gif, and recently I don’t have any inspiration, but i really want to post things. This conflict has put a lot of pressure on me.

I just don’t want to disappoint anybody, you know? Also I’ve noticed that there is alot of new aidan stuff but I feel bad because I didn’t make a new edit or gif, I feel like i’m disappointing my followers, thats how much I love each one of you.

And all this anxiety is killing me and I don’t think I can handle anymore. And no, i’m not gonna stop posting Aidan stuff. I just don’t think i’ll be posting a new edit everyday…i’m sorry.


Today is the Trans Day of Visability and I wanted to punctuate this day with another bump for the Love in All Forms Kickstarter!!

My comic for this anthology is now all finished so y’all get a two page preview of it! It’s about two queer kid witches who are trying to decide if buying a love potion is really a good idea.

This anthology is full of comics by and about trans and queer people, and it’s made for kids so they can feel safe and supported while learning about gender and sexuality!

Help support queer comics, about queer people, by queer people, for queer people!!

DAMN 650 Followers?

It still doesn’t cease to amaze me how many of you follow me, and how it doesn’t stop. You people are all so wonderful and it means the world to me that you think I’m worth following!

I figured this is as good a time as any to announce the fact that my plans going forward are to raffle off a prize fic every time I hit the next 100 followers. Details on that will come if I get close to 700 followers. If i’m lucky enough to hit 800, I’ll do another Follow Forever in addition to the prize fic raffle. And if I get 1000 wonderful followers, I’ll do another bigger giveaway like my first one for 100 followers in lieu of doing a raffle!

Long story short, thank you all for being such wonderful people who think I’m worth following. I love my Tumblr friends and I love you! <3

fangirlofdoom21 asked:

That Anon was wrong. You are wonderful and you are perfect. Hate mail happens to everyone and the best thing to do is to ignore it and just not give them any attention. They're just bitter and hate themselves. You are wonderful.

(( ahh than k you. I’ll try and j ust delete i t next time. But thank y ou so much ))