The Cotylorhiza Tuberculata, also known as the Fried Egg Jellyfish* (or the Mediterranean Jelly) is commonly found in warmer waters, such as the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Adriatic Sea.  They are normally 17cm (~6.7in) in diameter, but can sometimes reach 50cm.  Fried Egg Jellies feed on zooplankton and reproduce asexually.  Unlike most jellies, Fried Egg Jellies can swim on their own, without relying on the current for movement.  Also, these jellies have such a mild sting that it causes very little, if any, pain to humans, which is a good thing for me!  If I ever saw one of these jellies, I’d definitely try and pet one!

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Info: [1] [2]

*Not to be confused with the Phacellphora Camtschatica, which is also sometimes called the Fried Egg Jellyfish, but is more commonly known as the Egg Yolk Jellyfish.


A blurryface ain’t nothin but a hurried phase
Cut loose, obtuse like 1+2
A foggy mirror isn’t the only thing between me and you.
You build bridges like you’re pulling up britches
Heck, maybe I am too.

Missed kisses and wishes are so hard to see
It always fog up like we’re doing the dishes
So then, maybe I’m wrong but
I care what you think when the looking glass is bleak.

So please,
let’s care what we think
I think–
and maybe wipe the blurryfaces
our face makes
with hurried glances and awkward chances
A blurryface ain’t nothing but a hurried phase.

- @camburguesa

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Given that Alex is not much older than me and possibly grew up on several Craig cartoons like I did, I can’t help but wonder how he felt being asked by Craig to have his show parodied, or just having such a legendary animator as a studio neighbor in general. Internal screaming HAD to be involved at some point. 

Loveless flower petals
scattering between
our fingertips.
I always knew
you loved roses,
but I never gave enough.
Distracted by your lips,
you’re running through
my mind with colors
I’ll always try to understand.
The way you viewed the world,
an undressed body
with a lotus tattoo
on your back, I’d hold onto
a string of our yesterday’s,
but tomorrow isn’t ours.
The way you sped through
books because your life
was a cage and I was
a prisoner next door.
Funny how it seems.
Funny how it feels.
The universe messed up
when it shoved us together.
The rain doesn’t end with us,
the crust on the moon falls
and pulls us away.
Walking the same earth,
but stuck in the same chest.
A heartbeat away,
a text that never said-
—  I love you