I have had the privilege of sharing the past few months of my life with @hellotes.
I never in a million years imagine he’d end up meaning so much to me.
I want to say I’m lucky to have found someone like him but I feel like my heart deserved this win for a long time now.
Through thick and thin he’s had my back. The true definition of a ride or die.
I’m so blessed to have found someone so caring, patient, handsome, and just hands down so wonderful.
Our story has been short but it’s been full of love.
Mis ojitos, i love you endlessly 💕
(I know I tell you how much I love you 24/7 but I figured everyone else should know too!)

so-i-grudgingly-joined-this-site  asked:

Man, I understand that feeling of having fics build up. I have THREE in progress fics that I have various people waiting for and have been making very little progress for various reasons. It's so FRUSTRATING

(Btw what are these fics, are they NSFW and dealing with FFXV or KH? Asking for a friend. I am the friend.)

Honestly, there is nothing I want to do more than to sit down for weeks and just churn out trash. I mean, I call it trash because of the overt and explicit sexual content that’s in 99% of what I do, but I treat them like masterpieces. And nothing makes me happier rn than crafting stories like tapestries in general.

However… the way my life is set up:

• I work 40 hours a week.
• my commute is anywhere between a half hour to an hour drive, one way.
• my job is very stressful because I deal with the general public in a casino where the first person a broke guest sees is me to blame for their misfortune.
• I work an early shift, so I must be up at 5:30am daily. This means I should be in bed by 10pm to function.
• type everything on my phone because it’s easily accessible and currently the most powerful computer I own.
• come home from work and clean, feed my cat, maybe eat for myself, spend time with my boo.
• often babysit my bf’s 8 year old son from his previous marriage when it’s our turn to have him. He is a HYPERACTIVE LIL SHIT but I love him so okay.
• on the weekends, do laundry. I don’t have a machine at my apartment so I have to drive across town to do it.
• manage household finances.
• look for new jobs to pay me more because I’m always broke and quite frankly, tired of it.

So it doesn’t give me very much time to sit and write things. If I didn’t do it on my iPhone then I would never write, period. I’m never in one place for too long to justify the faster yet cumbersome method of typing on a real computer. I often have to get up and run off in an emergency for whatever reason, too.

So… one, I feel you. Life always gets in the way. And two, it makes me extremely grateful that my followers put up with me not having much energy or time to do anything outside of shitposting sometimes. Y'all have patience with me, which I often do not have with myself. It helps me to not give up on writing when I’m not in a good mental place.

So no matter how high I pile my smut plate, I’ll get through em. One word at a time.❤️

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Hello! Is there any good taekook with taehyung bottomimg that you can share? Thanks in advance, love your blog!

you’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be by aeterisks [E, 27k]

love gives, love takes by aeterisks [E, 12k]

shape of you by aeterisks [E, 4k]

feel it coming by aeterisks [E, 4k]

feeling like i wanna rock with your body by aeterisks [E, 7k]

close ain’t close enough by aeterisks [E, 4k]

someday, someday by aeterisks [E, 6k]

taste on my tongue by aeterisks [E, 6k]

The Tae Method by Seven_0_Six [E, 4k]

i got your ass (in the scope) by nutaella [E, 8.7k]

Blind me or bind me by AnonymousXJWIFE [E, 51k]

Kill Cams and Knee Highs by NastaeTae [E, 8k]

Blood Money by BloodLikeRoyalty [E, 5.8k]

Embarrassing by SpringdayRain [M, 3k]

Sugar and Spice by kkozumes [Daddy!Tae, E, 23k]

untilted by tkac [E, 2k]

Kiss me on the lips by jeoned [E, 2.8k]

Halloween Fright by MysticMusicBox [E, 7k]

- Admin Ange

gay ask game for gays only

1. describe your idea of a perfect date

2. whats your “type”

3. do you want kids?

4. if you do, will you adopt or use some other form of child birth?

5. describe the cutest date you’ve ever been on

6. describe your experience having sex for the first time (were you nervous? or was it easy peasy?)

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

8. opinion on nap dates?

9. opinion on brown eyes?

10. dog gay or cat gay?

11. would you ever date someone who owned rodents or reptiles?

12. whats a turn off you look for before you start officially dating someone

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?

14. what is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self

15. (if attracted to more than one gender) do you have different “types” for different genders?

16. who is an ex you regret?

17. night club gay or cafe gay?

18. who is one person you would “go straight” for

19. video game gay, book gay, or movie gay?

20. favourite gay ship (canon or not)

21. favourite gay youtuber

22. have you ever unknowingly asked out a straight person?

23. have you ever been in love?

24. have you ever been heartbroken?

25. how do you determine if you want to be them or be with someone

26. favourite lgb musician/band

27. what is a piece of advice you have for young / baby gays

28. are you out? if so how did you come out

29. what is the most uncomfortable / strange coming out experience you have 

30. what is a piece of advice for people who may not be in a safe place to express their sexuality