One of my favourite things is still David’s reaction to Henry just after the curse breaks. Snow was his teacher and already had a bond with him, but to David, he was just the mayor’s kid. They barely knew each other.

Then David gets his memories back, and realises that his daughter is a grown woman who has a ten-year-old child of her own. He goes from being the father of a newborn, to a childless guy torn between love and duty, to a grandfather, in a matter of days or weeks (or moments, even).

And his reaction? “I guess so!” and laughter and happiness.

He just immediately embraces his new family and his new role and he’s immediately “grandpa” without a hint of embarrassment or anything.

I just love that.

I think the empty black space between the stars is most important. Without it, stars would seise to exist. The empty forgotten space is the tension that keeps all life and everything else possible.

So the space between you and me?
It’s the tension that is needed.
It’s the longing that is necessary.
It’s the heartbreak that is inevitable.

We are the stars, my love. And to survive, to exist, we need the emptiness.

So do me a favor, dear?
Do not try to fill the space. Let your self feel. You owe me this.
Feel the loss of me, of us. Understand it. Accept it. And move on to brighter stars.

Never dimmer.

Halo 5′s Cortana References Released!

After five months of having to painstakingly re-watch Halo 5’s cinematics over and over again just to get the perfect screenshots of her, Canon Fodder has finally released full-body references for H5′s Cortana!

Artists and cosplayers rejoice!

Links to each image:

[Upper body, close-up]
[Full body, front]
[Full body, 3/4s]
[Full body, side]
[Full body, back]

@haru-no-hikaru submitted: Idk how into Miraculous Ladybug you are, but I was making a Kwami for myself, and got sudden inspiration for an Owl Kwami for you.  His Name is Keeta, and his Miraculous is held in a brooch that, when transformed, is holding your feather cape on.

anonymous asked:

I love your head canons. They give me life in this desperate time between books. I've seen lots of yr Lynch family hcs and it made me wonder: did Niall ever sit the boys down for "the talk"?? Did he ever suspect that Ronan was gay?? Or did Declan ever try to assert himself as big bro and buy Ronan condoms or something?? I need to know!

mmmmmmmmthank you omgggggg 

  • OKAY i feel like niall MOST LIKELY was not around enough to give the boys the talk (or to know that ronan was gay)
  • and he’s an irish catholic male so the likely-hood that he would willingly go into the subject with his  sons is unlikely, i picture more of a slap on the back, gruff ‘haha dont get her pregnant’ kind of thing 
  • aurora however
  • she sat them down and was like, ‘listen here, you will respect whomever the lovely girl is that you decide to give your gift to and-’ ‘OH MY GOD MOM’ ‘declan lynch you will sit down and listen or i will show every girl you ever bring to this house your naked baby photos’
  • and i bet she left condoms under their pillows with little notes that said shit like ‘dont be silly, protect your willie’ and ‘cover your stump before you hump’
  • aurora eventually realizes that ronan is gay, maybe from the way he doesnt join in when declan oggles at girls on television, or the magazines she finds with pages dog eared over men under his bed
  • she doesnt try and force him to talk about it, mostly because i think she realizes he’s not even sure he knows fully yet, has accepted it fully yet
  • but she hugs him real tight and says whenever she can ‘i’ll always love you, no matter what, you know that right? there is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you.’ and he’s like ‘sheesh mom chill’
  • but she just smiles 
  • declan probably does try and talk about girls with ronan and he buys ronan condoms as a kind of joke birthday gift at one point
  • but ronan just shrugs him off and makes it clear he isnt interested in talking to him about that kind of stuff
  • because first off, ronan hates declans casual promiscuity and the way he treats most girls, and second, it scares him that he doesn’t see girls the same way that declan does
  • when ronan and adam are in cabeswater together one day visting her she is just beaming because she worried so much about ronan not accepting himself or that he would never find someone but adam is just so perfect and the way ronan looks at him makes her so. incredibly. happy.

the lynch’s will be the death of me i stg