so as you all know i took a little bit of a break last year changed my entire blog content BUT this year i decided to come back and here we are. I want to thank you all for welcoming me back so warmly, for sticking around and for just being overall amazing people. 

*special shoutout to the pinkeragc because you guys were the first ones i really shared my love for the boys with again and for being such nice and lovely friends 💝

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Yes, because bringing your dead wife into a conversation that had nothing to do with your wife - when you were receiving mild critique on where you were sexist - is apparently the height of tastefulness. Like proclaiming oneself “not racist” because they have “one black friend.”

Knowing one person who does not share your lived experience does not make you immune from criticism, my dude, nor does it save you from acting like a fool. You were held to account for a grand total of 39 minutes before you took down your post, and now you’re throwing a tantrum. Yours is the quickest, most unprofessional, full-on meltdown from a “semi-professional” that I’ve seen in many, many moons. Congrats.

    Hey, everyone! Orion here. I just hit 500+ followers, and I can’t thank you all enough! I’ve been sort of on and off this blog for various reasons, mostly life-related ones, but a big one for me was definitely confidence. I suppose I’ve always wanted to get better at writing, but I struggled a lot with confidence which made for shaky writing habits that were kind of all over the place. Inigo being one of my favorite characters from the Fire Emblem series definitely kept me coming back to his blog every now and then, but another big part of it was also all of you. Threads, little conversations, compliments– all of it really went a long way with me. Even the blogs I don’t really interact with (because I’m waaaayyyy too shy) have motivated me as well because I always just sort of admired them from afar and they inspired me to have fun while roleplaying and writing too! Getting straight to the point here… Thank all of you so much. You’re all amazing!

Below are some old friends, new friends, partners I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, and people I’ve admired from afar whenever I see them! Even if I didn’t include your name on this, I still enjoy seeing you– I just have the worst memory and this list would go on for quite a while otherwise.

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