*waves* Have an old picture of Coco. He’s hiding at the moment because of the early firecracker celebrations for July 4th. It’s midnight and we both can’t sleep. So I’m working on my list of to do things for the Sims. 

AND yes, I saw it on the page that won’t be named. I do appreciate the kindness. Really I do. It feels weird being on there with all that negative stuff though. At first wasn’t going to mention it then I saw something that sorta pissed me off. Just totally crushed that anyone would post anything about Sandy. She’s an absolute angel for all she does for our game. She’s been making my game beautiful since the original Sims. And has a generous TOU, is soooo nice and helpful. I want to say more but I think I’ll just leave it here. *steps down from the soap box*

real talk tho; I love Milly so much. If you know you want a bird, and you know you have the right environment/situation for one, and based on your lifestyle/research you’re pretty keen on a parrotlet, let me tell you. If you can light up their life, they will most definitely light up yours.

Master list for reptiblr ‘go-to’ resources

I’m starting a master list of the ‘go-to’ users for any reptile and herp related questions. This will be used to help those new to reptiblr find a source that is reputable in the reptiblr community and has the proper knowledge to ensure their creatures are getting the proper advice. Please nominate anyone you think is worthy of being included on this list. You can also nominate yourself if you provide your specialties/ areas of expertise.

I’m also including care sheets, good resources for things like hides, terrariums, food, etc, and recommended breeders.

General Reptiles:


General snakes:


Ball Pythons:

Carpet Python:

Burmese Pythons:

Reticulated Pythons:

Short tailed pythons:

Blood Pythons:

Green Tree Pythons:


General Colubrids:

Corn Snakes:

King Snakes:

Hognose Snakes:


Boa Constrictors:

Sand Boas:

Rosy Boas:

Rubber Boas:

Rainbow Boas:

Amazon Tree Boas:

Emerald Tree Boas:


Gopher Snake:

North American Rat Snakes:

Rat Snakes:

Beauty Snakes:

Asian Ratsnakes:

Pine Snakes:

Indigo Snakes:

File Snakes:


General Geckos:

Leopard Geckos:

Crested Geckos:

Gargoyle Geckos:

Leachianus (leachie) Geckos:

Panther (paradeura pictus) Geckos:

Chinese Cave Geckos:ū

African Fat Tailed Geckos:












Links to Care sheets:

Good places to get supplies:

Useful tools:

  • Online serpent measuring tool by Serpwidgets. All you have to do is take a top down picture of your reptile with a size reference (like a ruler) in the same picture. Works great! I’ve used it on snakes and bearded dragons so far

Here is another master list done by the awesome chondropythons

 See something not on this list (person/herp/guide/etc)? Let me know! More detailed breeds/species/sub-species will be added as I receive nominations. 

If one of the nominees on the list fits for another reptile/herp let me know and I will add them :D If you think someone on the list should not be there, send me a message telling me why and I will review what was added.

This list will be updated every other month or so to ensure that the blogs provided are still in use.


                             God’s plan?

                                          Y E S

l: One phrase, “The Hound of God.” Like a musical refrain sounding over and over in our otherwise chronological narrative. Why? Think how your mind works, Doctor. When you can’t settle something in peace you return to it again and again. It obsesses you. And it’s repeated neurotically here. Like the Demon chewing on a bone it couldn’t swallow. It can’t make peace with it.
v: It’s a danger to him.
l: Yes! The Demon, the Hound, the Scorpion. Endlessly circling one another.


every westallen scene ever (55/?)

Why yes, Marvel Studios, I do have a question I’d like to ask about Ant-Man...

Will Hank Pym’s abusive behavior be addressed in the movie, and does that have anything to do with the absence of Janet van Dyne? If so, was it intimidating to tackle such a mature topic in a genre that most people still think is “just for kids” or were you excited by the challenge and the opportunity to address something so important?


What is it?

It’s like Tumblr Awards but for edits bc i hit 700 (thank you so much guys, srsly TvT) im gonna do this thing i kinda invented . So, basically, there will be a theme everyday for a week and you will have to make an edit revolving around the theme. I will pick 1 winner and 2 runner ups per day. All winners/runner-ups will be announced on July 8.


  • July 1: Reyna Ramirez Arellano.
  • July 2: Jercy
  • July 3: Any Greek God
  • July 4: PJO Icons
  • July 5: Frank Zhang
  • July 6: Percabeth
  • July 7: Any deceased pjo/hoo character

Prizes (yay!):

  • Follow from me (if not already)
  • URL edit (if wanted)
  • A shout out
  • Unlimited edit requests for the month of July (will be posted on weekends)
  • Anons


  • Reblog this post if you want to join :)
  • Tag your edits as #adgeditfest 
  • Follow me but it’s not required.
  • Once you’ve entered, you cannot edit for another day.
  • This must, at least, get 15 notes or else it never happened.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Happy editing!!

anonymous asked:

Hi :D I love your art. I was curious, what tablet are you using? *i searched in the faq but it wasn't there* I'm planning to buy one to practice, but I don't really know much about tablets.

Oh it’s not in the FAQ? My bad! I’m currently using the cheapest and smallest Wacom Intuos drawing tablet there is on the market (which is the Wacom Intuos Pen Small, the same JackSepticEye uses for his “Drawing your Tweets” videos). I bought the cheapest since I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to draw digital art or not, but I got hooked pretty fast, haha c; The tablet is REALLY good, but it’s the only tablet I’ve tried so I don’t know if the others are any better c:

Thank you so much for asking dear, and thank you so much for your kind words!!


“ and i know this much is true
     baby, you have become my addiction
                                                                                 i’m so strung out on you
                                                                                       i can barely move, but i like it

“What?” Matt stared at the letter in his hands. “How the hell did this happen?” He had passed. He had no idea how. He had barely studied. He had other stuff on his mind. But it seemed he had passed. “Seriously?” He raised his eyebrows, wondering if he had been doing it himself or if someone had helped him without him asking for it.

Movie Night || Lacy & Daniel

Lacy was exited to be hanging out with Daniel again. She really like him, but she wanted to know him better before even considering being with him. He was a great guy but so were the others. She shook all negative thoughts out of her head and changed in to a white shirt, red shorts and white Keds. She finishing up her makeup when there was a knock at the door. she walked over to the door opening it. “Hey Daniel! Come on in. I just have to grab my purse my make sure Hatchi has food and then we can go.” she smiled opening the door wider letting him in.