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1 - I realize some movies are not included. I stuck with Walt Disney Animation Studio movies (you can see a list here). I didn’t include Fantasia 2000 or Dinosaur to cut back on length, and I honestly forgot to include Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear, and I didn’t realize it until I had finished making everything. I’m sorry they’re not included.
 2 - Sorry if you don’t like the “events” that I picked for each year. Trying to pick one (or in some cases 2) events for an entire year is not the easiest task. I tried to pick events that most people would be aware of. Also I tried to stick to a variety of events, some are good, some are bad, some are small, some are bigger. I also based my choices on what I thought would be interesting, and hopefully bring some realization of how long animation has been going on, as well as that some of these events happened more recently then you’d think.
3 - I got all the dates for things on this website, so I’m hoping I got them all right.
4- These aren’t supposed to represent the most important events by the way. They’re just supposed to represent EVENTS in general. Some are going to be more important then others.  I hope you enjoy this obnoxiously long post.

So as I said with my commissions post I am going through a real hard time right now with my job being unable to give me work, and me having gone through surgery. So i shall be doing something in which I normally save for conventions and that is selling pins. This is only a temporary sale but I shall be selling the above pins in which you can put on your bags, your hats anything. 

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I am now in debt.

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With that being said, I am taking commissions. They are only $5 (up to shoulders) because of my lack of artistic ability, that is all I can do.

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It’s really upsetting to see young girls and teenagers (even adults) striving towards unrealistic and unhealthy goals. I sometimes see a lot of girls posting ‘bodyspo’ and ‘ideal body goals’ and honestly it hurts.

It hurts because I want you girls to know better. 

I want you to learn that the way you achieve those bodies can be harmful. I want you to know the mindset behind the ‘ideal goal body’ is not healthy. You have probably been told this or read this countless times and either don’t care or won’t think it applies to you. 

But I promise you that if you think like this it is not healthy.

It hurts because so many of you won’t ask for help for fear of looking ‘stupid’ or because you don’t want people to know that you are actively trying to change the way you look.

No one expects you to know everything from the start and the people who count won’t have any trouble with you asking questions (honestly no question is stupid). Irl and here on tumblr there are so many people that will let you come to them with questions or even ways of finding out the information you need so easily.

It hurts because you don’t see how beautiful you are.

You think that no one will think you’re attractive until you look like those girls in the magazines. I promise you this is not true and any body that thinks you need to change in order to be attractive to them is not worth the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. 

I think it hurts most because nobody ever told me this when I was younger. 

It took me years to learn that my mindset was not in any way healthy. I don’t want any of you putting yourself through what I did. 

Every body is different and you wont ever look like her. In a lot of cases she doesn’t even look like that. Yes, strive from the best you but don’t use other people as goals. 

You won’t ever be able to stop seeing images of these women but instead of viewing them as goals (or even competition) instead look at them as inspiration. Just realize that real healthy bodies take work. 

I need help. I want to order pizza because Papa Johns just gave me a 50% off code on my pizza and hell yeah fucking right.

But like there are guys working on my roof and I ignored their knocked because I was like “Who tf are you?” And then I watched them pull their truck up and start working anyway.

So my problem is idk if I want them to know I ignored their knocking but I won’t ignore the pizza guy when he gets here.

A Conversation with a 2 year old
  • Child:*looks at my TARDIS earring* Tars! Blue Tars!
  • Me:Yeah, you remembered, that is a TARDIS! (I hadn't worn any TARDIS things in a couple weeks, so for her to remember is pretty good)
  • Child:*checks other side* Other Tars! Two Tars?
  • Me:Yep. Got a necklace today too. Three.
  • Child:*picks up pendant and studies it* I want a Tars.
  • Me:Me too. You'll hafta take that up with the Doctor though.
  • Child:Doctor?
  • Me:Yeah, the Doctor.
  • Child:Who?
  • Percy:Firefighters are on their way sir! We'll be there in any minute.
  • Jason:We'll go flying, that will be faster!
  • Percy:Lets go Bro!
  • Jason:Yeah
  • Leo:My baby's! MY BABY'S!
  • Percy and Jason:*Rare ambulance noises*
  • Nico:*Opens the door*
  • Nico:
  • Nico:
  • Nico:What
  • Percy:Ehh...
  • Jason:You see ...

littleflowerlily asked:

Okay sooo I'm very VERY new to the whole Paganism, Wicca,witchcraft stuff, and I'd really like to learn more,but I have no clue where to start at all. Help? -Lily

(oh wow my first question ok i’ll do my best)

ok, so, first of all - don’t worry to much about “where to start.” you’ve started. you are now a witch. ta-da!

seriously, though, it’s more useful to go ahead and start doing magic in ways that feel right to you than to stress too much about doing it the “right way.” technique and philosophy can come later.

continuing from there - pick a path, whether it be neo-wicca or anything else, and research the fuck out of it. i don’t mean become a scholar in that area necessarily, just read anything and everything that interests you. if you decide that a particular practice isn’t for you, modify or do something completely different. i was really into wicca for a couple years before i decided it wasn’t doing it for me and switched to chaos magic. now i’m mostly secular & eclectic with a strong dose of pop-culture paganism. your practice is a journey, just like everything else in life. don’t get bogged down in one way of doing things.

(on that note, remember that magic/witchcraft doesn’t necessarily involve religion, and vice versa. you can have one or the other, both or neither. it’s up to you.)

if you want more a specific advice, here are some possibly-helpful posts:

and some possibly-helpful people:

  • crowdog66 is old-school wiccan and a really good source for all things related to that, though she doesn’t post a lot about it anymore
  • thelivingwiccan is also wiccan, though i don’t happen to follow them
  • @asksecularwitch is intense and takes no shit and can tell you whether or not a book you’re interested in is really worth reading
  • thiscrookedcrown does spiritwork and astral traveling and has a great etsy
  • bibliophilicwitch is just plain cool but i don’t remember her specialty
  • hellboundwitch has left tumblr but still has a good archive of posts about tarot and divination in general
  • witchyhouseproject has lots of witchy inspiration
  • grimoire-of-geekery focuses mostly on pop culture paganism
  • thepaganstudygrouppage is unfamiliar to me but it might be good to check out
  • arcanemysteries has good info on tarot, though i don’t happen to follow them either

lastly, i also suggest you check out my to-avoid tag for posts about shitty authors and common culturally-appropriative practices.

anonymous asked:

I'm a 1d blog and I have over 1,4k followers. Should i consider my blog popular? Or at least 'known'? And i'm on tumblr since summer 2014.. Is it a goos amount of followers? Idk lmao

I mean I guess? It doesn’t really matter. I honestly don’t really care about follower count. Like obviously I get happy when I gain followers but like as long as my blog makes me and others happy I’m good to go. The only thing that matters to me is that my mutuals don’t unfollow me because I’m great friends with some of them lmao.


anonymous asked:

Do you ever think about how season two would have gone if they actually addressed Jemma's PTSD and made it a focus. Imagine in the Ep where we find out she's at HYDRA and the cute morning sequence if they went about it like this. She wakes up with a smile but there are clearly bags under her eyes. She's exhausted but she's smiling because if she doesn't smile she won't be able to get through the day. She ones through her morning routine and after working out she showers. The music grows softer

(Cont.) the main sound focus is on Her heart beat and her breathing. Her heart starts pounding and her breath turns shaky. Her intakes become quick and short and in the background you hear “god help the girl she needs all the help she can get”

I DO THINK ABOUT THIS A LOT, YES. but oh wow!! this would have been really great if the second hydra ep started like this??? i mean, i was just DYING for them to parallel that opening at some point later in the season, just to show how she’s struggling more and more to keep it together. i guess we could get some sort of parallel at the start of s3?? maybe?? 

actually i was thinking about that sequence the other day, because imagine if, wherever jemma is, she’s stuck in some kind of groundhog day-esque loop from which she can’t escape?? and we keep looping back to a ‘god help the girl’ type sequence, except she’s becoming increasingly distressed with it each day. would be heartbreaking to watch, of course, but super compelling