I mean, gentiles can talk all they want about how the US is a judeo-christian society but
  • Jews have to think twice about revealing their identity–doing so in the wrong company can mean antisemitic jibes at best and violence at worst. Christians advertise their Christianity on bumper stickers. 
  • The most well-known Jewish holiday is actually a pretty minor one, and even that is basically an afterthought compared to Christmas
  • Christmas episodes on TV shows are considered standard fare for December. Most shows have a Christmas episode for all of its seasons. The number of Hanukkah specials can be counted on one hand.
  • We’re in the most danger when we’re celebrating our most important holidays. Yom Kippur services without some sort of additional security are unthinkable
  • How many times a year do churches get defaced? How many times has someone targeted Christian-populated neighborhoods with genocidal messages?
  • Being Jewish is considered a special interest
  • Their is a decent population out there that thinks we have horns. Fucking horns
  • We can’t even blog in peace, because rather than delete tumblrs that exist only to harass, this good for nothing site’s response is to just let the victim change the way they use the site.
  • Most suspicious, bad traits that have been ingrained in our society are Jewish-coded. 
  • People don’t even know our most basic terminology.  
  • Uh, look at the religious hate crime stats

The US is not a judeo-christian society. “Judeo-christian” suggests that we’re on equal ground and we’re not. It is a Christian society that uses Jews as a battleground in the causes that suit white Christians. Best case scenario, we’re treated like the family pet by philosemitic Christians, not human beings. 

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No offense but the shecan hecan thing. Maybe the poor kid didn't even know about nb because when I joined tumblr I Didn't even know gay people existed. So he could be just as sheltered as I used to be. I didn't even search for it. I just happened to stumble upon it one day

The answer to that issue isn’t saying, “There’s nothing wrong with this concept, he’s doing good!” The answer is to bring it to his attention that it is problematic, explain why it is problematic, then expect change in the concept.

Is it his fault if he didn’t know he was perpetuating patriarchy and gender roles, while simultaneously erasing other genders? Nah. If he didn’t know, that’s not his fault. Like you said, some people are sheltered or just aren’t exposed to this stuff.

Patting him on the back and not saying anything about it just because he helps feed homeless people isn’t going to fix anything, though. That adds to the problem. Defending the problematic aspect of his business is even worse.

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Wait so if you can't be racist to white people because of slavery in America the that means Europeans can't be racist to black people because of the Barbary slave trade. Or is that different?

Tumblr mostly isn’t aware that the latter even existed 

Listen, I’m not saying don’t ship it. Ship it all you want on the privacy of your blog and other people’s blogs whatever. But please for the love of god respect them enough to not ask them about something that that have stated many times makes them uncomfortable, yes, they sold merch with Jalex on it (Did they Idk I heard that and I’m probably wrong but whatever) whatever. Shit If I was them I would too. Free money. Yes, they probably play it up for the show. But Alex is engaged and people have been disrespectful to his fiance in the past because of shipping Jalex so I’m sure (Well not really sure because I don’t know him but pretty sure) he’s not ok with this (Would you be ok with someone telling your significant other that you’re cheating on them with their best friend constantly? Or telling them you belong with someone else?) despite the jokes they make about it. Ship it all you want but have some decency to keep it to yourself, these are real people and that shit is fucking disrespectful. 

sometimes i see amazing edits or gif sets or ridiculous memes of the squad or big paragraphs that almost make me cry and i just think so do the players at fc barcelona even know that tumblr.com exists? do they even know that there’s this little online family of cules that are comedians and artists and shit?! on another note i think if they went through their tags and saw the beautiful/crazy things we all post about them it would make them happy

Things that should be improved instead of making the layout more minimalistic:

1. Proper message system that doesn’t eat fan mail and asks. See: Literally any basic forum messaging system. They are all superior to what we have now.

2. Revert text posts back to their previous format. There is such a thing as too much fucking minimal design.

3. Blocking users should prevent them from viewing your blog completely. No way of contacting you, no way of see your posts, no way of knowing you even exist on Tumblr any longer. See: Facebook’s blocking function.

4. The video player.

5. Being able to use shortcut keys (Shift + R/Shift + E) when searching tags so you don’t have to open another tab, load, click reblog/queue, close tab and resume searching.

6. Remove “Recommended Blogs/Posts”.

Okay, so I’m writing a Phanfic, and for a part about the radio show, I need ideas for what the hashtag should be, and what the Dan vs. Phil challenge should be. Any ideas?

(Note: for the Dan vs Phil, I’m looking for the kind of suggestive ones that the phangirls freak out over)

denial of terms describing sexuality and/or gender identities does not make you a critical thinker. it just makes you close minded to the point that you are incapable of understanding development and necessity of scientific vocabulary

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Nobody took my depression and anxiety seriously before tumblr even existed and people still don't take it seriously. If somebody is dismissive of a mental illness theyll find a way to belittle it regardless, selfdxing is just the latest excuse.

Exactly. I was a gate keeping asshole well before I ever heard of self dx. I acted lie other people were full of shit. Assholes will be.

yeah ok this is a not-so-friendly psa that if you reblog this post or even just agree with it that you should go ahead and unfollow me now tbh??? and save me the trouble later??? k thanks.