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How how? Go to your blog, poke this palette, and you’ll see some new switches.

Tips? Yes! Go look at other Tumblrs that are showing their follows and likes. Discover yourself in the millions of corners of Tumblr you didn’t even know existed. Learn everything.

Everyone refers to otherkin / fictionkin / therians as a tumblr thing, but while this is currently probably one of the biggest kin / therian communities, kin has been around for long before tumblr even existed. Kin as a name was coined back in the 1990′s and yet people still can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the kin community goes beyond tumblr.

Hey, cool.

Now three women, all of whom I had been mutuals with on here for years and years, a couple even before tumblr existed, have unfollowed me. One was a while ago and if it was an accident, my presence wasn’t missed. I just noticed two others, and one of them has blocked me and I friended me on Facebook. All of these people are good friends on here.


That feels real fuckin cool. And don’t blame my depression because y’all have it and still follow people more miserable than me.

I’ve clearly done something. I wish I knew what it was. I’m not a mean person. I’m not a bad person. Maybe I’ve just become so sad and miserable I’ve driven them away, but blocking me? Trust me, I wouldn’t be like this if I could help it.

So my spiral of sadness continues, with a few fewer friends. Cool. I love feeling my heart break even more.


This tag by the incomparable @thefairfleming on one if those posts about young people being hopelessly perplexed and even somewhat affronted by the presence of “old folks” on Tumblr immediately became one of my favorite tags ever!

Because how sad is it to believe there’s an age limit to enjoying frivolously amusing things? To liking things “JUST BECAUSE”? To enjoying talking and laughing and occasionally indulging in some over-the-top gushing about things you like with other people who like them too? To thinking that meeting people from all over the world is fascinating and enlightening and a hell of a lot of fun?

I’m not the least bit angry about people 30 years younger than I am objecting to my presence here based on some bizarre idea they have about “age-aprpropriate hobbies.” You see, one of the great things about being my age is that I care so much less whether or not anyone else approves my taste or hobbies.

I am sad, however, every time I see one of these posts because it means some poor young person who probably really enjoys whatever she or he is doing on tumblr honestly believes they need to stop doing it at a specific age. That’s really sad. I just STARTED enjoying the internet AFTER I was an old married lady! Yes, children, you can develop NEW interests at ANY AGE.

Tumblr didn’t even exist until after my 40th birthday! Heck, I was 27 and looking forward to my wedding the first time AOL told anyone “You’ve Got Mail!” So, I either learned how to play on the internet or NEVER enjoyed this cool thing because it came around AFTER I grew up.

New, very fun stuff will continue to come along–when you’re 30, 40, EVEN 50! AND BEYOND!! And you are allowed to learn all about it and enjoy it at any age–as you finish school, get jobs, get married if you want, have kids if you want, or even RETIRE!! Please don’t think life stops before it actually ends. John Mellencamp was WRONG when he sang, “Life goes on long after the thrill of living goes on.” The thrill lasts as long as you keep yourself open to the things that thrill you. :-)

How to Succeed In Headcanons Without Really Trying

I have been writing fanfic for years upon years, since before Tumblr even existed. Something that has always existed, but I’ve seen a lot in my tenure on Tumblr, is this “Gee, I wish people wiould write about X/Why isn’t anyone interested in this aspect of character Y?/ I’m so tired of being the only one who ships z!??” *

Generally, my response of tenderly grabbing their laptop and going, “Ohhhh….wow!!! You have access to…both google docs and tumblr??? Did you know??? That is all I use??? To write fanfic???” Is not particularly well met. Must be something in the wording.

So, finally, something helpful: A guide to getting the writing you want without having to pick up the slack yourself. (I assume art is similar, but as every time I have tried to art I hate myself, I don’t art, and so I don’t know.)

I’ve put these, in order, from most to least effective


Literally the most effective way to get what you want is to pay for it. My Patreon has commission-level on it (Though I think it’s all full right now) and I’m sure other writers take commissions. This is 100% guaranteed to get whatever you want written about written about. I don’t care what my comissioners ask for. Want me to write about how Michiru doesn’t eat sea creatures because of a strong emotional kinship? Great. 2,000 words on Pharah’s obsession with lawn croquet? Love it, fabulous.


If someone writes something with even a shade of what you’re looking for, gush about it in the comments. Writers are, at heart, 85% lost children who want love and affection. Even if a fic contains other things you don’t like, if you comment, excited, about how “Wow I love love love how you talked about Tracer’s Sonic the Hedgehog lunchbox!! What an amazing character touch!” The writer will very likely remember this, next time they sit down to write, and it will become more of a recurring theme in their work. I try very hard to do this with any kind of character take I love. Reward them for doing what you want!


Most/many writers take prompts from time to time, so when they ask, feel free to put it forward! This is the least effective because a) Some writers only take prompts from lists (although, fellow writers, some of my best stuff has come from an ‘open call’ prompt, so consider taking them.) and b) they always have the right to ignore your prompt if it doesn’t speak to them.

These three things are, as I see it, the most helpful ways to get the characters takes that you really crave out in the wild, without ever having to write it yourself. Other writers can throw in their two cents, but by and large, I will add that your posts about “why doesn’t anyone talk about Y?” make me never want to discuss Y ever again, roughly 78% of the time. Don’t try to guilt trip the writers you’re trying to convince! I know rewarding with the carrot and not the stick is a weird concept for this hellsite, but trust me: We respond really well to flattery.

*I’m not talking about legitimate criticism of ableism/racism/homophobia in shit, and you all know I’m not, don’t be deliberately obtuse. (I have a whole ‘nother post on how “I don’t like this”/ “This is not how I see this character” does not necessarily equal problematic and this website’s difficulty in separating the two, BUT THAT’S A DIFFERENT POST )

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I have to give one for Genndy for not caving in to todays silly standards that every cartoon/show has to be politically correct and has to have gayness to please Tumblr. He is finishing the story the way *he* intended to not how Tumblr wanted. You know the people on this site are off when they are ready to accept/defend some forced/horribly written gay romance instead of a good straight romance with the sole argument being that they are 'Straight'.

Genndy planned this for years without considering the fandom in mind which is what artists do, person makes a story for themselves more than for anyone else, he was probably planning it before tumblr even existed and for everyone to be all “that’s hetero homophobic bullshit” is kinda ridiculous to me? Also do people forget that he worked on the Steven Universe pilot?

Genndy had a vision that’s his own and no fans can change it the shows already finished were just waiting for the airings since we are just an audience.

Personally genndys story telling and art style has inspired me since I was a kid and that (along with other 90-2000 cartoons) got me into pursuing art and animation as a career so when people bad mouth him I take it a little personal like “yo,,, that man literally made my childhood I literally am a decent person cuz of him that’s literally my almost father.” Anyways I’m rambling that’s my more then 2 cents

If Matthew had a secret fan account (which is highly likely) what do you think his account name would be?

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lhacpwuvwugw I just saw an aphobe (sapioposi) say that the SAM "was probably created by some nerd with a bunch of Homestuck yaoi ships" I'm pissing it was made by a gay bi man before tumblr and hs even existed


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Regarding Contestshipping fandom changing, it's pretty funny because AG aired before social media on the internet was a thing. People used to discuss it on pokemon forums or fanart sites, but social media like tumblr didn't even exist when AG was airing. Even youtube didn't start till 2005, and AG ended the next year in 2006! It's kind of funny that Contestshipping is so old that it pre-dates the modern internet, which is why the fandom now seems so different than 10 years ago.

That is true! And even now, the trends can be a bit specific to each branch of social media. Like I never really saw many school AU ideas on here, but they were in fanfiction or ways of telling story through video (those Pokemon High School things on Youtube…ah :’D). But I don’t see fankids in other places nearly as much as here (also I feel that’s calmed down here too?? idk)

But I think fandom is better now. There’s way more bad parts, too, obviously. More fights and annoyances and all that…but it’s neat to have so much communication now! Places like Twitter and Tumblr are popular around the globe and so you get a wider variety of users to interact with. I think days of forums and stuff were much more isolated.

I can’t believe Contestshipping is like a time capsule of internet history lol

Why Heidi Turner Is Definitely Not An Ad or Why People Should Stop Treating Heidi Turner Like Shit

I am sick and tired of people labeling this season’s breakout star on South Park, Heidi Turner, as an ad. While god knows what Trey Parker and Matt Stone have planned for her, knowing the certified nut jobs that they are (but we all still love them though), maybe it is time that they finally give South Park the firm female lead that most other adult animated series like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, Archer and yes, even Family Guy, all have. All of that aside, there are two clear signs out there that Heidi Turner is not an ad. For one, Heidi has been on South Park since the end of the last millennium, which is longer than quite a few people on Tumblr have even existed and it’s unlikely Trey and Matt would turn suddenly turn one of their long-time characters, especially one of the kids, into an evil robot bent on taking over the world. My other point is that making Heidi an ad would be a retread of last season’s whole debacle with Leslie and wouldn’t be all of that exciting since it’s been done before. I also suspect a lot of people who want Heidi to turn out to be an ad or worse yet, dead altogether have one of three motives of why they want her gone. The first reason people want Heidi moved out of the way is because they want Cartman, who has shown interest in people of both genders, to enter a relationship with Kyle, who has shown little, if any, signs of being bisexual, let alone completely homosexual. All of these folks hate Heidi because she “gets in the way” of a potential romantic relationship between Cartman and Kyle, who I doubt will ever become a couple. They have a complex and perhaps even close relationship as frenemies, but there is never going to be a romantic relationship between them. Basically, certain Kyman shippers, not all of them, are resorting to the same tactics as the kind of Style fans that hate Wendy and sometimes even want her completely written out of the show. Again, there are a great deal of Style fans who tolerate and love Wendy, with some of them even shipping Wendy, Stan and Kyle all together. Despite the efforts and whining of those salty Style shippers that loathe her, Wendy still remains a regular part of the show and will even play a huge, playable role in the newest South Park game coming out next year. The second kind of people who want Heidi out of the picture are the fans who hate the girls of South Park altogether and want the show to be all about the boys being in love with each other, who see all of the girls as nothing more than a waste of space, which is ironic considering that many of the fans that fall into this category are female themselves. The third kind of fans that don’t want more of Heidi on the show are the sexist frat boys and meninists who want the show’s lead characters to only be male and treat all women, not just the ones on the show, like third-class citizens. Basically, I have just one thing to tell those special kinds of assholes: Girls Rule. Women Are Funny. Get Over It. All in all, everybody should be rooting for Heidi Turner to become a huge fixture in the South Park mythos, it’s about time Trey and Matt finally put a girl front and center for more than just a couple of minutes at a time!

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12 and 57 for the ask thing

12 Favorite Angel

Does Castiel count? I feel like he shouldn’t cause that would be too easy lol. Cas but if we rule him out then Gabriel. 

57 Did I watched the show because of tumblr?

Nope. Did tumblr even exist 13 years ago? I’ve been at it since the pilot. I followed Jensen to be honest but I knew Jared from Gilmore Girls too. 

Supernatural ask meme


Show off your likes and follows

You are a person of remarkable taste. Make this taste known to all mankind.

How? Display the posts you like and the Tumblrs you follow right at the top of your blog.

How how? Go to your blog, poke the palette button, and you’ll see some new switches.

When? This is rolling out over the next week or so.

Tips? Yes! Go look at other Tumblrs that are showing their follows and likes. Learn about the millions of corners of Tumblr you didn’t even know existed. Become brilliant. Fall in love.

As always, Tumblr Staff love to make absolutely awful updates that compromise the privacy of their users! In other news, water is wet! The “option” to make Likes visible to all Tumblr users visiting your blog appears to be happening automatically–or at least it has for my blog, and for every blog I’ve visited so far. 

For obvious reasons, most people do not want their likes to be publicly available. When one likes something, but does not reblog it, they do so with the intention of that Like being accessible only to them. Whether because your Likes contain sensitive material that you wanted to keep private, or whether you just don’t see why the mess that is your Likes should be accessible on your carefully curated blog, I’m thinking most of you are not interested in your blog defaulting to this setting.

To change the setting, click on the icon in the top right corner of your dashboard that looks like a little person: this will provide a drop down menu, from which you should select “Settings.” You can also get there by typing in https://www.tumblr.com/settings/account to your browser. 

Once here, click on the blog you want to edit, on the right hand side or go to https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/[your url]

From here, scroll down to likes: where it says “Share posts you like,” turn this function off by swiping the option from on to off. 

And there you go. Hopefully this helps any of my followers who have been impacted. I know that although I had nothing too embarrassing or personal in my recent Likes, I was furious when I saw what Tumblr had done, because it is a huge violation of privacy to change the blog settings of users without warning and make private information publicly accessible. You have a right to decide what information is available to people viewing your blog, and what isn’t. I hope you are able to change your settings quickly, and that no one is put in a compromising position because of this action on the part of the Tumblr staff. 

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(anon from before) i meant that you have pretty much no buffer time for replacing loved ones that exit your life and if i were one of your exes i would feel bad about it for sure. no one likes feeling interchangable. also, no idea what 'amica' is supposed to mean. apologies.

i like to have a very accurate and up-to-date label on everything in my life as much as possible. and, at the time, all current exes condoned the accuracy updates to my relationships page. except ezzy, who didn’t have to, because my tumblr didn’t even exist when we broke up.

besides, i know if i don’t get to it immediately, i’ll forget to update the page for weeks—if not longer. and i certainly don’t want my exes hanging around on my /ily page just to be a sock in the gut a month later.

furthermore, i’m not “replacing” anyone. i’m polyamorous. my feelings for one person are independent of my feelings for any other person, and if anyone feels like they’re being “replaced”, that’s honestly not my problem.

also also! if you break up with me and then subsequently feel bad about it when i change my relationships page to reflect the change in status and move on with my life, that’s entirely on you. and also, again, not my problem. it’s not my job to coddle the people who dumped me.

sorry if that sounds cruel to you, anon, but there is literally no point in hanging onto feelings or text on a page that’s only going to hurt me down the road. i’m only being accurate and practical.

addressing sidenote: an amica endura is a relationship akin to queerplatonic partners, the platonic parallel of cybertronians’ “conjunx endura”. these terms were introduced in the idw publishing g1-based transformers comics.

and for what it’s worth, i’m not planning on getting into another romantic relationship for a fucking while. whole different ballpark from my current relationship that i’m not ready to play in again right now. not to mention that most of my relationship changes have been overlapping in some fashion anyway, so your point is pretty moot, imo.

Richards on Tumblr

Inspired by this

Richard I - would write poetry in Occitan, have long discussions on military strategy and fortifications, reblog pictures of the Holy Land and everything his mother blogged; would troll Philip II Augustus mercilessly

Berengaria of Navarre (his queen) - not on Tumblr; did she even really exist? ;p

Richard, earl of Cornwall - in his younger days he trolled his elder brother Henry III but as the two got older, Richard started to give Henry supportive reblogs; would give financial advice (most of which says “let your brother, the king, pay for your stuff”); carries on extensive conversations with the German electors and compliments them endlessly, all while making empty promises

Richard II - follows all the literary and art blogs and reblogs every image or quote that is about him (or might be about him); reblogs everything Robert de Vere posts, without fail; makes endless posts about saints, especially ones who are kings or have ties to English history (Edward the Confessor is his absolute favorite); frequently gets into arguments with people (including the Archbishop of Canterbury, earl of Arundel, city of London, and Henry Bolingbroke - his annoying cousin)

Anne of Bohemia - makes posts in multiple languages, in particular Czech and German; reblogs numerous pictures of fashionable hats and shoes; closely follows her husband’s blog and smooths over anything offensive Richard says, does, or threatens to do

Isabella of France - really shouldn’t be on Tumblr since she’s not even 11 yet; mainly posts pictures of kittens, puppies, and ponies; often reblogs pictures of manuscripts, dresses, jewelry, and toys that she tags “#richard I want this”

Richard III - blog shows a marked interest in boars; devoted follower of the city of York’s blog; posts pictures of cool places in northern England and labels them “North Rulez;” slavishly reblogs what his big bro Edward posts (except when Ned’s posts are NSFW)

Anne Neville - makes lots of posts extolling the Beauchamp and Neville families; gives lots of advice on how to be a good duchess and keep a huge household in ship-shape; posts excessive pictures of her only son Edward being cute

So I joined tumblr February 2011 and posted only these fucking two pictures.

Then I forgot that tumblr even existed until Yuri on ice happened.

Now after 2,200 posts and reblogs I can only think of what have I become.

I regret nothing