so, peridot and lapis always believed they deserved better than what happened to them… and jasper didn’t. this just confirms to me more than ever that she needs a support system. her lack of one just. tore her apart mentally, by letting her perpetuate and reinforce her toxic ideas about herself without any real outside input from someone who knows her issues and still accepts her.

@ the entire show, please help her.

Happy belated V-day~

dont even speak to me if you cant bench press my entire weight??

ok really tho i like thinking about non combat gems adapting for a battlefield. Synth isn’t a fighter, she doesn’t have any skills that she can manifest herself outside of fusion but she’s scrappy and durable and makes a pretty good projectile. pyrite is @shacklefunk

also she ok

Every now and then some new hotshot will join the LSPD and come after the FAHC. These rookies and transfers who think they have some shiny new angle to crack the whole case wide open, think they alone can bring down the whole syndicate and earn the respect and awe of their peers. There is a prevailing theory that one crew member could be singled out and turned on the others, and with greed and ambition driving each inspired newbie to work in secret the seasoned veterans of the force have no chance to rebuff their erroneous assumptions.

For their part, the members of the FAHC regard these endeavours with a mix of condescending amusement and dismissive scorn. They have varying levels of tolerance, and while the whole crew has had some exposure they are by no means equally subjected to the various attempts to divide and conquer.

Not even the newest of rookies is stupid enough to go after Geoff, interesting enough for Jack to allow near her, or halfway brave enough to approach Ryan. Ryan of all people tends to take great offence at this, complaining loudly and at length about the implication that he isn’t worth saving and the injustice in failing to even consider that he could be a worthwhile informant, that he might be a victim. The fact that these passionate rants often occur over the cooling bodies of problems he has personally dealt with never really slows him down.  

A few wishful thinkers have gone after Michael, a short lived venture if ever there was one. For the most part Mogar lives up to his reputation, short fuse sparking as soon as he works out what’s going on, raging against the utter stupidity of the attempt even as he scares them away. Once, when he was in a particularly peculiar mood, Michael hung around long enough to hear the spiel, deranged smile progressively growing wider across his face until he’d frightened the eager officer into a hasty retreat.  

Something about Ray seems just harmless enough to approach, at least for those unfamiliar with his reputation, his headcount. If he can’t duck away without being caught Ray tends to make direct eye contact then simply zone out, rocking the thousand-yard stare until it grows too uncomfortable and they walk away. For the particularly persistent he will slowly get out his phone, dial a number, state his location then begin to describe the officer before him in great detail, down to the clothes they are wearing and their approximate measurements, which never fails to send them running in fear of an incoming attack.

When Jeremy got his first, and so far only, offer of salvation the crew threw him a party - look at their little boy all grown up - and sent an invitation to the station for the poor baby cop to be the guest of honour. She didn’t even rsvp. Rude.

When it comes to naive officers trying to isolate and flip members of the FAHC Gavin unquestionably receives the majority of attention. It all comes back to variations of the same old assumption - that he is something of a naive rich boy who is in well over his head, running with the wrong crowd in a new country, perhaps to defy his daddy back home, presumably the source of his obvious wealth. Such a boy is arrogant and prideful, sure, but not loyal, at least not once he’s been shown how this crew is just using him, how they will turn on him and let him take the fall. A simple offer of protection and immunity should be enough to have him fold, and from there the trick will be keeping him together long enough to bring the others down.

Gavin likes to cooperate, play it up, stringing along his newest toy by showing the perfect amount of hesitant interest, cocky pride underlined by poorly hidden fear. Patient where the others aren’t Gavin can keep it up for weeks, build a relationship through multiple meetings, gathering borderline bribes and pricey free meals. Watches the excitement build as his would-be saviour grows confident in their success, waiting for the moment they decide its finally time to bring in their superiors. The moment when failure would bring the most humiliation. Gavin always did like to play with his food.

The rest of the crew watches on with amusement but its almost painful, almost too cruel, the way Gavin relishes in the fall. The slow dawn of confused horror when he drops the act, spineless brat fading into smirking predator, the prey of the day left helpless as their dreams of glory crumble in an instant.

psa: the people you stan for are actual real people. stop acting like being a fan means you deserve any kind of details about their personal lives. stop being an entitled asshole. stop.

  • Me: *is going about my day*
  • My Subconscious: But where is Rip Hunter?
  • Me: Not this again. Look, I'm sure where ever he is, he's fine.
  • My Subconscious: But is he eating and drinking enough?
  • Me: Probably not but-
  • My Subconscious: Is he wearing the proper clothing?
  • Me: Well-
  • My Subconscious: Does he know that Team Legends admire and miss him? That Sarah and Jax are stepping up. That Mick isn't messing up the timeline on purpose? That he made them better heroes and brought a group of strangers together and made them a legendary team???
  • Me: ...
  • Me: F*ck
  • Me: Where is Rip Hunter?


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