I passed one of my test driving theory exams! I did 4 before I took the actual test and failed them all and the actual test, so I’m doing more tests and it’s the first one I passed, so I’m feeling pretty happy right now :3

Zacharie’s being the lil shit that he is,
Batter’s about to scold him.
Karkat is just wondering how tf he even ended up there,
Dave couldn’t be more amused.
Pearl is confused,
Peridot is just hugging her girlfriend close.

P.S I will upload separated pictures of each ship in one post later

Phantom (of the Opera) Wander!!!!

So this was bound to happen with my previous combination of Lord Dom and Wicked (tho i have a picture of wander singing ‘popular’ at Peepers I’ll post later).  I guess it’s like an AU where music is an allegory for kindness, and Wander is an outcast for a reason I haven’t thought of yet, but he doesn’t want others to feel like he does, so he tries to do the better thing and help others despite the entire universe bein a jerk to him.  And one day he meets/overhears someone who’s got a similar philosophy to him and teaches them about kindness and helping people (Sylvia as Christine? idk yet, tho Hater is a giveaway for Carlotta and no one can tell me otherwise), and one day, in the form of the song ‘Music of the Night’ asks them to come with him.  

So I bought some new Doc Martens, right? £95, navy sheen, I do NOT have the money for these babies. They sent me a text last night, they’d be delivered 2-3, perfect right? I wasn’t doing ANYTHING today. They at half two my cousin shows up (legit because she was driving by and could be bothered to text an answer to the question I had just texted her) and asked me if I wanted to help walk her dog. Really? Like, of course she would get here exactly when I needed to NOT leave. But like I was gonna give up the opportunity to pet a dog??? Lmao nah fam. When we were halfway down the street we saw the delivery van and I was like shit turn around drive drive DRIVE

So long story short we just speeded in a residential area, freaked the fuck out of the delivery guy (his name is Baldev) and now I’m wearing real pretty shoes

i carved pumpkins with the family for like the first time in four years omg it was super fun

alex did a starman and i did giygas because i’m an idiot apparently