My third and last starter for the BACC (time to start playing!). This one is smallest, with the least room for expansion, so Jay the single guy will live here. 

Surprise, surprise, this is also based on an old Sears home (will all my BACC lots be re-creations of kit homes? MAYBE). This one was listed with the very fetching name of “No. 264B244″ but apparently it was also known as the Osborn, as you can see on this page. This one is not as true to form as the other two, as the exterior was pretty strange. In the colorized drawing on that page you can see the peaked gables and stucco it was apparently intended to have, which make for a really bizarre “Japan meets New Mexico” look. I did re-create the floorplan though; I’ll post comparison pictures for this one later as well.

an english kinda day                                                                                                  My 7/100 days of productivity                

So today has been all about studying for my English class. The topic I did today was The British Empire and migration to the UK. Saw an amazing sunset but my polaroid camera failed to pick it up (ill post a good picture later).                                                                  

My ball python has scale rot. I don’t understand. His aspen is always dry. I am really scared. It looks pretty bad. I’ll post pictures later but he’s in shed and I don’t want to stress him out more than I already have today. I’m so scared. I don’t know when I can get him to a vet but for now I soaked him in betadine and put Neosporin on it. He’s now on paper towel. I’m so scared. It looks like it got WORSE after the betadine. His scales are lifted with a lot of red under them. I need to get him to a vet but that probably won’t happen until next Saturday. I’m panicking. Is there anything I can do in the time being?

(maybe I’ll post a better picture of this later but tbh this is…almost as good as it gets) Anyway in honor of the new civil war trailer I was feeling a need for some Positive Tony Stark Vibes on my blog. Also I’ve realized I will never finish that drawing for @marvelobsessions from a zillion years ago so please accept this instead
I drew this v fast but it is Pure

My @renkunhiiret mouse blog got the 100th follower today! :) I wanna thank everyone for following and submitting great questions and comments!

And though the mice don’t really care I thought it would be nice to get them something new for this special occasion. Their old nest house (in the picture) is full of holes by now so I might get them a new one, or something else, who knows. ^^ But it’s going to be fun and new and I’m going to post pictures of it later!

Vaavi (left), Viivi (right) and Litta (on the background) in the picture. :)

I think the last 24 hours went as good as could possibly be expected.

this is going to be a really unpopular opinion. I debated even posting this because I’m sure it will be misunderstood or I will have to nitpick every point for people who want to believe the worst but I think it’s worth saying so here goes, a breakdown and why it’s all been pretty positive thus far.

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i carved pumpkins with the family for like the first time in four years omg it was super fun

alex did a starman and i did giygas because i’m an idiot apparently

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Whats the whole thing with the monkey?? Ive legit never heard of this

a couple of days before the boys were going to go back on tour, louis was papped at lax. everyone was really confused, because he didn’t need to be papped (his name wasn’t as near as big then as it is now) and it didn’t look that great given the band was about to go on tour and it was clear they weren’t in rehearsals. then, louis posted a picture of himself with eli the monkey from the steal my girl video. later, an update account posted a picture of briana with the monkey but quickly deleted it and all of them refused to post it again. it was basically like, ‘leak it yourself if you want it out there.’ briana at the time had an instagram, but it was private. after the pictures of her and the monkey didn’t circulate, she went turned off private and put her instagram on public to get them to spread around. i can’t remember if that ever worked. but, either it did or she realized no one was going to post it, so she went back on private. anyway, it later came to light that the trip was highly publicized and talked about because i think it’s supposed to be when louis “found out” about the baby, even if i think she would have missed her period like days before he showed up. and instead of keeping that on the downlow and sorting the situation out, his team thought it was a good idea to get him papped.