(( Alright, so I’m here to do some self advertisement, sort of. 

I have a Deviantart account, but I’m not using it for drawings or cosplay. On my Deviantart account I post photos I take of things in my room or other things, I will probably post a cosplay picture or two later.

If you want to check my gallery out or become one of my watchers you can find me on BlueIceCrystal  ))

anonymous asked:

Would you ever post another "almost full body" progress picture?

Yeah later today after my workout maybe

i’ll probably post another munday picture later. my hair isn’t this red because i showered a few hours ago *pouts*

  • Spanakopita!

Every time someone says "spanakopita" in the episode "Spanakopita!"


more pictures of me at MCM keep popping up on facebook! I’m so glad, I didn’t get any at all last time and felt like such a twit

also just fyi there was another Mary on the Saturday (the one with Bert) and she was amaaaaazing and actually tall enough I’m so tiny omg but yes that isn’t me so sorry if you’ve linked me to that cosplay mistakenly ;w;

Mary = Me

RGB = owl-in-a-bowtie

if these are your photos and/or you’re in them and you want linking to please tell me I’ll be more than happy to! :D xxx