Some of you may Have noticed that I’ve fallen into a bottomless abyss of Tron lately. and, well, I was painting and things got a bit out of hand.

Reunion Tour Edit

Daisy’s instagram pre-break up

1. @thetokenbi and I switch shirts everyday so no one really knows which is which 2. Just some casual teenage fun in an parking garage #shoppingcartracechampion 3. If May wants me up before 6 am she’ll have to carry me! …which she did. She’s one seriously trained manager 4. Two cool kids playing around in the editors office to sneak some previews of our songs #wearesobad 5. Unpacking led to frustration which led to me seating myself in my half empty suitcase. Don’t know what it solved but I feel better 6. Watch out @thetokenbi there’s a new rebellious wild child in town!