things i’ll never stop doing:
  • standing up for my rights
  • believing in love
  • dreaming of brighter days
  • saying hello to dogs (and animals in general)
  • picking wild flowers
  • reading books
  • taking pictures of everything
  • cheering people up
  • stargazing
  • being clumsy
  • enjoying the little things
  • writing random letters to my friends
  • remembering little details about everyone
  • associating everyone to everything
  • buying flowers for myself
  • talking to my plants
  • creating unique nicknames
  • collecting seashells
how i picture real percival graves
  • will fume if you call him percy
  • would rather not socialize… ever
  • usually very serious at work
  • will try to be funny sometimes but his jokes are always rude
  • takes himself very seriously
  • gives an occasional awkward hug
  • secretly emotional
  • wants to have friends but doesnt know how, hes like me @ myself why are you this way
  • genuinely cares about a lot of people but afar
  • not good with social cues
  • loves booze
  • obsessed with his fireplace
  • cursed with handsomeness, just wants  to be looked at as an authority
  • would never fist bump under any circumstances
  • would have fun if he actually went out with coworkers and let himself talk about shit other than work but lol 
  • excellent penmanship
  • type A as fuuuuuuck
  • organizes his socks and underwear
  • has a mopey side that comes out with alcohol
  • hopes and dreams his coworkers are afraid of him
  • but also just wants to be chill and liked
  • hates so much

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Okok so it can be a scenario or a list of things idc buuuuut super insecure MC going to an art exhibit with V to find out that his entire gallery are beautiful pictures of her /a lot of them are nudes too because insecure but V obviously finds her beautiful/ and he wins?? And everyone finds the photos incredible. And she's never felt more happy and beautiful. I just want V to have a good happy damn ending with MC

This is wonderful yes! I’ll write this as V has his eyesight.

~Okay but I changed it just a little bit, I’m sorry. I love the idea but I also don’t want anyone putting nudes up of someone without their consent? So MC has said yes to the photos but hasn’t seen them so that’s the surprise okay? I hope you don’t mind!


Fluffy fluff <3

Word Count: 1,278

     “Don’t be nervous,” V spoke in that calm way of his.

     It was easy for him to say. He wasn’t the one about to be put on display for everyone to see. Months ago he had asked if you would be his sole subject for an upcoming gallery. It was his big comeback after getting the eye surgery, and the only thing he said he wanted to shoot-was you. How he talked you into this, you’ll never know. Well…you did know. It’s because he looked at you like you were the most beautiful thing in the world, and the way he talked had you believe it yourself for the first time. But staring at your reflection in the mirror now, thinking about all those people who had been anxiously waiting for his return and packed in to the space like sardines gawking at the photos, your stomach was doing flips. What if they didn’t like them? V hadn’t even let you see the pictures, he said he ‘wanted it to be a surprise.’ You were standing in front of the bathroom mirror taking deep breaths to calm yourself and fumbling with the stupid clip of your necklace.

     V moved your hair to the side and took the clasp from your hands, kissing your neck softly after securing it. He rested his chin on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your waist to hug you from behind. He smelled of his cologne.

     “Ready?” he hummed excitedly.

     “No,” you pouted.

     “It’s going to be alright,” he chuckled, “have faith in me.”

      Just as you expected, the space was packed. An uproarious applause incited by your arrival lasted for what seemed like an hour, and your cheeks were feeling hot. A few faces stuck out in the crowd of strangers. People you’d had dinners with or photographers friends of V’s. The room was buzzing and you were feeling sick.

     “I need a glass of champagne,” you squeezed his hand.

     “Alright, love. Wait right here, I’ll be back,” he replied before disappearing.

     You had tried to avoid looking at the pictures but you supposed you had no choice now. The memory attached to each photo replayed in your mind while looking at them. That close up of your face. He had pulled the camera up and snapped that picture in the middle of a conversation, “your eyes are sparkling so brightly right now,” he’s said.

     And that angled photograph on you among tall trees looking towards the sky. You’d both been out on a nature hike that day and you stopped to admire the sun shining through the leaves.

     And the black and white portrait of you nude on the bed, body parts peeking out through the silk sheet. You almost choked. That was taken one night after you’d just finished having sex. He’d rolled out of the bed and reached for his camera.

     “V, no…” you had put your hands over your face.

     “Please…you’ve never looked more beautiful. I’d love to capture this for the gallery. The flush of your cheeks and your messy hair framing your face…you look sexy and elegant and confident. Please, would you let me?”

     “Well…alright…but keep the compliments going,” you laughed.

     You had forgotten about that one. Oh god, where was that champagne? Looking around you caught soundbites and snippets of conversation.

     “This really is his best work yet.”

     “What a comeback!”

     “These are really inspiring, I’ve already chosen the one I’d like to purchase.”

     “This whole collection is so beautiful and raw, I’m in love!”

     It was almost too much to take in. People were liking photos of…you? Buying photos of you? It was like being in the twilight zone. How many times had you cried in a dressing room when something didn’t fit right, or looked at yourself in the mirror after a shower with disgust? And now here you were, body on display for the world to see, and they were enamored with you? At some point in your trail of thoughts a smile had spread on your lips. Perhaps you hadn’t given V enough credit…

     “That’s you, correct? You’re the girl in these?” a tall man had taken a spot next to you.

     “Oh…um, yes. I am,” you nodded and blushed.

     “These are excellent. I am particularly interested in this one here,” he gestured to a photo of you smiling with his cocktail, “what modeling agency are you with? I think I have a few opportunities for you. Would you like to go to dinner maybe, talk things over?” he took a confident sip of his drink.

     “Careful, buddy. Don’t steal her away from me now,” V appeared with your champagne glass and handed it to you, chuckling and slipping his free hand around your waist.

     “V! My apologies, I didn’t realize… Well, can’t blame me for trying, right?” he shrugged, “excuse me, then,” he took a few steps and mingled himself into another group.

     “I’m sorry I took so long. Every step I was getting pulled in for a chat”

     “It seems like everyone is raving about your work,” you noted before taking a much needed sip.

     “Yes. But what do you think?” he replied in that serious tone, like he was nervous to even ask.

     “I…I love it. I’m shocked, but I love it.”

     “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear you say that. I know you were hesitant at first. But, I wanted everyone-including you, to see just how beautiful you really are. To see you as I see you. Come on, let’s look at them all together,” he beamed.

     It was a night of praises and cheers. It seemed everyone was pining over the photos and praising your looks. Every group had something wonderful to say. ‘You’re a lucky man, V’ ‘What a beautiful couple you two make’ ‘I’d take her photos, too’ ‘Will you be doing a second collection like this one?’

     As the evening dwindled down you felt like floating. All of your fears and insecurities seemed so small and insignificant now as V held your hand and kissed your forehead in pure joy at the responses you both had received.

     “V, all of the works have sold! I can’t believe it. What a night!,” the woman who ran the gallery was gushing. She might have even been a little buzzed off of champagne in celebration of the success.

     “I’m glad to hear that,” he smiled.

     “But there is a man who wants to talk to you. It’s about that photo, the one you didn’t want sold?”

     “Oh? Alright then, where is he?”

     She led you both to a large man in a thick black coat. He was holding a drink in his gloved hand, his eyes transfixed on that black and white portrait of you on the bed.

     “Ah, the man of the hour!” he shook V’s hand, “now you can explain to me why this lady here says I can’t buy this piece.”

     “I’m glad you like it,” he laughed, “but it’s just as she said. It’s not for sale. I wanted to add it to the gallery, but I’m afraid I can’t part with it.”

     “I’m a determined man, V. I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time now. This photo is emotional and brilliant. This woman looks fierce but elegant. It’s truly captivating. I don’t like to take no for an answer. Now, if it’s a matter of money…”

     V couldn’t help but smile and nod, all three of you were now gazing at the picture.

     “Right you are,” V replied, “but I’m sorry. This one is just for me.”

We got engaged! I finally got the opportunity to propose to my beautiful fiance. The whole story and more pictures are on my blog, which I’ve linked to the picture and here for good measure. I’m in love with this woman, and over the moon that she’s agreed to share the rest of her life with me. I never imagined I would ever get to a point where life could be this good, but here I am, and it is. 

(For reference, I am the one in the beanie and my username is @prettyaveragewhiteshark here on tumblr. My gorgeous fiancee is @goldfyshie927 on tumblr.)

Yuri on Ice ParentAU

1. Yuri and Viktor decide to have kids after 6 years of marriage

2. Their baby is born just after Yuri finished his program in the Grand Prix Finals and have to run to the hospital without waiting for the results.

3. Yuri is the first to hold the baby. He cries and Viktor cries too, kissing their baby and Yuri and hugging them both.

4. Phichit takes pictures of the first moment together as a family and uploads to Instagram. They go viral.

5. Yurio tries to act cool and calm but really falls in love the moment he meets them. He calls the baby ‘Piglet’

6. Phichit and Chris are the God fathers.

7. Viktor is ‘Papa’

8. Yuri is ‘Dada’

9. Viktor is grossly cute fun parent who can’t stop take photos of his precious child.

10. Yuri is worried over protective parent who freaks out if they so much as sneeze.

11. They never use the cot. Baby always sleeps in between the dads in their bed.

12. Baby’s first word is ‘Vkusno!’

13. For their first birthday the child gets some baby skates.

14. Dads teach their child how to skate from an early age, either though Yuri is very reluctant to let go of their child’s hand.

15. Child loves watching their dads skates, whether it be during training, on TV or at actual events. They are inspired to become a skater themselves.

16. It is the proudest day of Yuri and Viktor’s lives when their child wins the Juniors Championship. Lots of hugs and crying.

Evans: Regulus Black

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Can you do a imagine with Regulus where reader is Lily’s younger sister and they fall in love? Maybe you can add the part where both Lily and Sirius find out and they’re shocked? Love your writings so much

Her body moves like the gentle trickle of a creek, flowing in graceful arcs, limbs in motion and painted a picture no artist could ever achieve. Silk gracefully twirls around her body; her eyes twinkle with mischief as her torso moves seductively. With each sway of her hips, with each alluring twist of her lean form, she told a story that was beautiful. Her movements were like ribbons swaying in the wind, elegance at its finest form. Decorated in silk and poised balance, I could read a thousand books and never take in less than when she compacts in one performance. She amazes me, living for the moments of stepping out onto a stage and performing as though her life depended on it; in some ways you could say that her life did depend on it, she had the scars and bunions as well to prove it. Her strength was the reason I fell in love with her, her grace and beauty comparing to none I’ve known before.

My hands drift down to her hips, settling there for a moment to admire her curves and then I pulled her closer. The corners of my mouth curl up into a smile when I hear her inhale sharply, her soft hands reaching up to rest against my chest. Her eyes held a sense of innocence but the smile on her face tells me something else. “Must you be so perfect?” She mumbles and my laughter booms through the empty room before dying down into a soft chuckle. Dressed in only a thin black shirt my breathing quickens when she spreads her fingers out against my chest and slowly start to descend.

I lean down and bury my face into the crook of her neck, nuzzling her neck with delicate kisses. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably in my arms and I hum before angling my head to the side, inching closer and closer to hers. I was a breath away from kissing her when I noticed that her mouth was opened, our warm breathes mingling together in the cool winter atmosphere. I don’t know if it was just me but I could feel my heart flutter inside my chest. “(Y/N)” I whisper slowly, catching her eyes before they fluttered close and our lips brushed against each other. One thing I knew about the girl standing before me was that she loved when I prolonged the syllables of her name as if I was savoring a piece of chocolate cake.

I couldn’t bare not to be with her and I could barely breathe when she was around. I lived for those moments when we would sneak off to a secluded area and indulge in pure human nature, those were the days I would someday die with imprinted into my memory and lingering on my lips. When her soft pink lips brushed against mine warmth spread throughout my enter body and the world slowly fell away. I would climb mountains and swim across oceans if it was to get a simple kiss from her, I knew that if I lost her I would lose myself, she was the half that made my soul whole.

When she pulls away from the kiss, her eyes danced with the flame of lust and desire. She yanks me forward once again and her mouth covers mine in a hungry kiss. Our lips crushed together, her mouth so warm and the caresses of her lips softer than I could imagined, I allowed her entrance with a low throaty moan. In the back of my mind I could register the feeling of her hands on my body but I was drunken by her kiss that I would walk blindly into war for her. I truly knew the meaning of blind for love, it was the moment when no matter if the world was against you, you knew that the one person would stand by your side. Time seem to go in scenes and when I open my eyes again I’m sitting on the edge of my bed in nothing but my boxers and (Y/N) is standing before me. Red hair wild and bright underneath the lights of the lanterns, freckles decorating her face like tiny brown stars and my school shirt hanging on her body loosely.

Her presences stole the words I didn’t need to say. The silence that hung around the world bare all our secret midnight kisses and the love that existed between us. In these moments her love was what gave me strength, one kiss and I had the courage of twenty men. When she manages to sleep at night it is as though the world has stopped for a few hours, there’s no war or death or suffering, just us. I don’t care about the people around us, in fact when she’s in the same room I hardly notice anyone else. It would sometimes feel as though I was living in one of those cheesy muggle movies, living out my days with a happy ending.

“Why do you always seem so deep in thought?” She questions and I couldn’t help but kiss her once more. I couldn’t help it she tasted like November, hot chocolate on stormy mornings and the crisp autumn air. Whenever she asked me this question I would smile and reply that she was so beautiful she plagued my mind, and she would laugh and then playfully kiss the tip of my nose. Most nights I would spill my heart out to her and tell her all my secrets and fears but we were interrupted by the sound of my room door slamming open. The ancient woods creaked underneath the force of the impact and (Y/N) whimpers in my arms before burying herself into my side, I would be her knight against the dark dragon any day.

I carefully look up from the mountain of blankets that covered us and saw Sirius casually leaning against the door with Lily gaping at the scene before her. For a moment my eyes catch those of my brother and there is an unspoken understanding between the two of us, one that I had promised the moment my eyes landed on the girl laying in my bed:

Don’t hurt her

it honest to god makes me so upset to see every single fan pic from that fucking screening to be with kat or matthew….. i havent seen any picture of a fan with isaiah, honest to god wtf is wrong with yall i would probably just jump on isaiah and never let him go, take 10 million pics and tell him how much i love him

Park Bom is the most weak and pathetic idol I have ever laid eyes upon. The tragedy she faced in the 1990’s when her friend died, is not an excuse to go on a three year hiatus in 2014. Dong-woo of infinite’s father recently passed away before their comeback, and he never once considered going on hiatus. He continued to promote and be part of the comeback because he loves his fans and gained nothing but their support. Park bom is a selfish, coward with weak personality. Cant handle a fan base.

Admin Y: Every person deals with loss difrently you can’t compare one case to another. We are all unique and deal diffrently with grief, agony, pain of loss, sadness, health issues and even joy. The same goes with mental illnesses/disorders.

Also I dind’t took your permited pictures because Bom was super blurry.
And everyone needs to see crossdressing
Dongwoo as Bom ♥

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any new social media related fics?

Crashing Into You(r DMs) by redgrapetae - “But Jungkook had to leave all this behind… he knew. Which was why he was scared of it. He’d rather pretend his feelings were never there than to have to bear the pain of acknowledging it when he left. It was like he was drowning because of Taehyung… but at the same time, he was loving every second of it.” –in which jungkook is an idol and taehyung decides to send him bad pick up lines and cute selfies via instagram direct message or that one time idol!jungkook liked a picture on fan!taehyung’s ig page on accident because he found tae cute

blind kissing by jonathcrane - In which Jeongguk and Taehyung participates in a blind kissing challenge.

From Tumblr to Lovers by snksloth - jungkook wasn’t sure who followed the other first. he just slowly noticed that an awful lot of notifications came from one blog, and an awful lot of his own reblogs were from that same blog. he never really thought about it, but he also didn’t think he’d ever get a message from the blog either. (aka an internet friends au told entirely through messages and a few phone calls)

Instantly Fell For You by jeondemuse - Jungkook loves the thrill, but he thinks he loves Taehyung more. A lot more. (or that instagram!au in which Taehyung is lowkey a model and Jungkook does parkour)

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask^^

You know those friendships or relationships that you’re afraid to move on from because the fear of being alone or no longer having that person in your life takes over your entire being so you remain in it, even though deep down you know you should free yourself from it. Well let me tell you, fear only has one intention and that is to keep us away from happiness, peace and love;  it wants to keep us as far away from them as possible, so it paints a picture to kind of traumatize us into believing the worst, into believing that we’ll never have other amazing relationships or friendships, but here’s what you end up not realizing. When your spirit knows deep down that it is time to walk away from someone, it is because The Universe which is connected to us, is simply trying to let you know that there is someone else out there in your path that you’re suppose to meet, kind of like your souls [yours and the new person you’re suppose to meet] are tugging at each other but because you won’t let go of the old, it makes it difficult to introduce you to the new, and these introductions always happen when you least expect it, one of the fun surprises of life. So if a friendship or a relationship is coming to an end [yes it will hurt, we’re human but that’s okay time heals our heart] allow it to have closure, not only so that you can grow from that friendship or relationship but also so that when you do meet this new person, whomever they may be, you’ve made peace with your past so that you can wholeheartedly enjoy the present and make new, wonderful and exciting memories. 

If you want to be surrounded by happy, healthy, positive and loving relationships or friendships, release the fear of loneliness from your being. You’re pretty great you know, you reading this, so stop allowing fear to rule your thoughts. <3 

Yours Forever (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Dean x reader

THIS IS A SOULMATE AU: “you have your soulmate’s name on your body, but it only aplears after a certain event has happened”

A/N: first time writing a soulmate au. English is not my first language so deal with me. My writing is horrible. Feedback is very much apreciated.

Requested by a lovely anon!

Warnings: drinking, self concious reader, language, my horrible writing and that’s pretty much it I think… lying, also Harry Potter spoilers

Y/n would have never guessed that her life was going to end up like this. She dreamed of a family, kids, a house, a job, maybe even a dog! She totally pictured her life in another way.

But here she was, stuck with the two Winchester brothers, the two people most wanted by demons. Great!

She really liked the brothers. They were awesome after all. But she wanted to find her soulmate and settle down. But who said life had to be fair!

She took her coffee mug and went to the library. She was on a two day break after a hunt and she very much apreciated it. She hadn’t bothered that morning on her looks. What mattered was that she was feeling confortable.

Taking a seat on her favourite chair, y/n pulled out her book and started reading. ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’ was an amazing book, but she was hitting the part where Dobby saved Harry from the Malfoy’s Manor and she couldn’t leave it. It was becoming an addiction.

Sam entered the room when Wormtail was coming down the stairs.

“Y/n, I am going on a supply run. You need anything?”

She shused him and continued reading. She was so immersed on her reading that she didn’t notice him leaving the bunker.

As Dobby was diying on Harry’s hands, y/n started sobbing uncontrolably, making her body tremble. She put down the book and walked around the room in order to calm herself.

As a fast reader, y/n was almost done with the book an hour after. During the battle of Howgarts suffered as one of the characters, fought with them in her mind and, finally, broke down crying when Fred died.

She got up from the chair and tried calming herself. But how could she if she was thinking about George’s future without his twin. About Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley… she could not handle all that sadness by herself. So she looked for Sam.

She wandered around the house looking for him. When she couldn’t find him, her bookworm partner, she made her way towards Dean’s room.

She opened the door and walked in. Only to find Dean only covered by a towel.

“Oh my Chuck! I am so sorry, Dean! I didn’t mean to… you know… Hell, this is so embarassing…”

She walked right out, leaving a very confused and ecstatic Dean behind the door. She run to her room, Fred Weasley nearly forgotten, and locked herself in.

Y/n blushed madly at the mere thought of Dean in his towel. ‘Damn! He is a god, I swear. An Apolo? Damn right he might as well be even better!’ She thought.

She blushed even more at the thought of his v-line and the way the dropplets of water stained his muscles… and what muscles!

She had to forget about that. Even if she liked Dean, she couldn’t let him know about her oh-so-massive crush on him. She cohldn’t ruin their relationship! Besides, she was too shy to even make a move.

She decided on going out that night to the bar and have a few drinks by herself so she could clear her mind from the oldest Winchester.

As the day went on, y/n decided that avoiding Dean was her best option to forget about her attraction for him. She watched Netflix and scrolled through tumblr for the rest of the day.

When her watch marked eight o'clock, y/n started getting ready for her night out. She did her make up in a more elavorated way than she always did and chose an open back shirt with some jeans and heels.

She threw a leather jacket on so she wohldn’t get cold and left her room. On her way outside she found Sam and told him about her plans, asking him to join her. He refused for a night in with movies and beer, leaving her to go by herself.

She didn’t waist any time on arriving to the bar. She made her way to the counter and sat with her back to the door.

“Whiskey. Just plain whiskey” she simply asked “and leave the bottle here”

After three shots of whiskey, she started to feel warmer, taking off her jacket.

She was completely oblivious to the name in between her shoulder blaids. But someone wasn’t.

~Dean’s POV~

Closed the door behind her Dean releashed a breath he himself didn’t know was holding. He passed a hand through his hair and blushed.

He really liked the girl. She was cute and smart and funny and sarcastinc and shy and… yup, he was goner. He entered the bathroom again to get dressed, making sure he locked the room that time.

As he was putting his shirt on, Dean felt an itch on his back. He tried to rub it, but it didn’t go away. He couldn’t see what was bothering him. So he took a picture of his back to see.
Between his shoulder blaids there was a word writen. It simply said ‘y/n’.

He rub his face and looked at the mirror. What would he do? He couln’t put her in more danger than she already was!

He remebered hearing stories about soulmates that never met and an idea popped into his mind. He knew that only after a certain event in the soulmate’s life the name could be seen. So he would wait to see if y/n even knew about the tattoo of his name.

Not feeling really into the plan, he went to Sam after thinking about it the whole day. He also noticed y/n ignoring him.

“Sammy, I need your brains for somethin’” he stated, looking at his younger brother.

Sam left the book to his side and looked up from his chair in the kitchen.

“Sure, what do you want?” He asked after rolling his eyes.

“You know if y/n knows about her soulmate yet?”

Sam looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Why would I know? Better yet, why would you want to know?”

Dean stared at him devating between leting him know or not. He then finally lifted his shirt over to where y/n’s name was written over.

“That’s why. I really don’t kniw what to do, Sam. Should I let her go? Should I tell her? Does she know?”

Sam stood up and looked down at his brother. “There is only one way to know the last one”

He took the keys to the Impala and drove towards the bar. The trip was tense and silent. Dean decided to see her firts and then decide on what to do.

It was true that he was already attracted to her but rumour had it that when you knew who your soulmate was, the attraction got stronger. He thought that maybe he wouldn’t feel that way.

They got to the bar in no time. Dean wasn’t feeling as courageous as he always did when aplroaching a woman. And he felt less that way when he saw how when y/n took her leather jacket off his name could be seen in between her shoulder blades. Right at the same spot as hers was.

Dean sat down on a table and stared at the tattoo, trying to master his courage to go talk to her. Just by looking at the name he felt safe. Safer thhan he ever had been.

“Did you feel this way about Jesa, Sam?” He asked. Sam looked down to over his left collar bone, where Jess’ name was crossed out with a thin line.

“Pretty much. Although I took less time in mastering the guts to talk to her” he smirked.

“You know what? You are right. Let’s do this” Dean said while getting up.

~y/n’s POV~

She took what looked like her fifth shot that evening and poured herself some more.

She was about to drink from it when a hand took the glass drom her hand. Rising her sight she saw Dean drinking from it.

He let the glass down and stared at her.

Something on her cliqued in a way it had never done. She looked at his green eyes and got lost in his forest.

She blushed when she realised she had been staring at him. Y/n diverted her gaze from Dean’s eyes took look at anything else.

He just smiled, placed his index finger under her chin to make her face him and kissed her.

From that moment he knew he would never want to let her go. He realiced that he couldn’t live without y/n.
That he was y/n’s and y/n was his forever.


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Thank you

Thank you for Sonja apologizing and thank you for not showing Even trying to commit suicide or saying he wants to die (because I’ve got recent history of depression and I was NOT ready for it. I would have stop watching, it felt too tender)

Thank you for respecting your subject and characters enough to
Never picture anyone in black and white, okay Sonja flipped last week but fuck she was scared and a perfect stranger was stepping in and he didn’t knew shit either so she lashed out and really I can’t blame her.
The thing is as a spectator I can see the effect her words had on Isak (The he doen’t love you) but she just blurted out anything on the heat of the moment probably not realising she was hiting a spot. People can say stupid things in stressful situations. But the fact she apologizes and even gives Isak advises makes he human. She’s not perfect but nobody is.

Plus she never apologizes for saying Even didn’t love Isak and for me that’s even better for 1) She says it’s better he stays with you, thus implying she knows Even loves him and is going to feel better with him and as well implying that she trusts Isak to care for him.
2) it might be something she said when under stress and she really didn’t think it was true, it was lashing out and she maybe don’t even remember which part of what she said could be hurt full and so she apologizes for the global attitude.

Thank you Skam for not having a Big Bad Character, all of your characters are rather grey and I can understand them all. Thanks for treating them all with respect.

Inktober #19: FLIGHT

In which Milos is reunited with the true love of his life.

As much as I tried, it was hard to escape the Silver Dawn for this one. The beautiful, almost humorous dramatic irony of this picture is that it fell out of canon while I was in the very process of working on it, but I decided to finish it, partly because I was lazy didn’t want to leave it unfinished, partly because I had no better idea. But even if it will never be canon, I’m glad that at least this picture exists, where Milos’ dreams come true and he gets to genuinely grin from ear to ear for once.

The last sketchbook got filled with “ESCAPE”, so I bought this new one of the same size but slightly different type of paper. It reacted to the ink much better than the previous, and has a slight yellowish tint that I like.

fuzzapotamus said:                                                                                                                            You could always make a side blog where your quality control is lower. I personally like seeing the less put-together things as well! It’s insightful seeing what people think is “bad”, or just looking at the process. Up to you, of course! But it’s a thought. (:                             


True. True. I don’t think I’d go side blog with it though, I’m not THAT ashamed of the quality. I think a lot of it stems from things that I’m not sure if I want to return to. I don’t really like posting wips (works in progress) pictures. I’ve always felt it diminishes the effect of the final product a lot. So if there’s any chance that I might return to something, my will to post anything about it drops by a billion percent. SEKRETZZZZ. I dunno. I suppose I should be a little more free about this.

I suppose I could post the sketch lines of things I do finish if that’s a thing people are interested in though?

Whenever I see these horsblr pictures with super emotional captions about how their horse is their world or how they’ve never loved someone so much as their horse…

I’m like, I literally introduce my horse to people as “this asshole.” I love him, don’t get me wrong, but idk man, I just can’t relate to those pictures’s captions and it makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me. 🙃

Mister Burr

A/N: Hey! So school has really messed up my schedule so I am so sorry for the inactivity. This was probably my favorite request and I thought it would go good with Christmas! (and Burr is great) ALSO I THINK IM GOING TO PUT GIFS OF WHOEVER IM WRITING ABOUT BECAUSE I LOVE THE IDEA OF YOU BEING ABLE TO PICTURE THEM!!!

Request: (anon) burr x reader with 171, 182, and 208? where burr awkwardly flirts with the reader and the reader is laughing at his ridiculousness but is also flattered :^

171:  “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

182:  “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

208:  “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

Pairing: Burr X Reader

T/W: maybe second hand emmbarassment? Depends on you. Terrible Flirting. Smol Burr.

Word Count:744 (short but sweet)

AU: Modern Coffee Shop

Originally posted by playbill

You walked into your favorite coffee shop run by four of the rowdiest men you knew. You breathed in the amazing scent of coffee and took a seat right next to the counter. A shorter man with a dark black ponytail came out to greet you. Alexander.

“Hey Y/N! How are ya?” Alex asked, leaning against the counter on the right of him. You smiled up at him.

“I’m doing great! How are you Alex?” You questioned, not even noticing a man sitting right across from you. Alexander smiled at you which quickly turned into a frown when he noticed the man sitting across from you. You turned to him, taken by how handsome he was. He smirked at you before scowling at the sight of Alex. 

“Burr.” Alexander growled at the man. The man known as Burr rolled his eyes, turning back to you and returning your gaze. You turned away quicker than intended when he caught you staring, blushing softly. Alexander looked at the two of you and you knew he was disgusted. Scoffing, Alexander went to make you and Burr coffees. 

“Aaron Burr.” The man said confidently, holding out his hand. You gladly shook it, smiling.

“Y/N L/N.” You smiled wide. He thought for a second about what to say which made you suppress a giggle. 

“Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.” Burr said extremely confidently with an awkward smile. You burst out laughing. 

“Nope. I wish.” You giggled, turning down his pickup line in a way. You didn’t exactly feel bad considering you had a plan. 

“I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.” He smirked, red making an appearance on your cheeks. Whenever you blushed it was obvious. Of course Burr noticed this and had a proud look in his eyes. 

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” You smiled. He immediately lost his smile. 

“No no. It’s just…” His smile faltered before he forced a smirk upon his face. “What time do you have to be back in heaven?” You blushed profusely at his comment but played it off the best you could. 

“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” You smirked. it was your turn to make him blush, which you obviosuly did. His eyes widened as he attempted to think of another pick up line.

Suddenly he pulled out his phone, typing in the pin and going to his camera. He took a quick picture of you. “Sorry. I wanted to show my best friend what my next girlfriend looks like.” He smiled. You both sat in silence for a few minutes before Alexander finally came with the coffee after what felt like forever. You pulled the cup from Alex’s hands quickly, taking a sip to hide your blush. Spoiler alert. It didn’t work. Once Alex left Burr spoke up again.

“You kno-” He began before you cut him off.

“Hold on. Wh-” You began before he cut you off.

“Sorry, I can’t hold on… I’ve already fallen for you.” He smirked proudly, causing you to giggle once again. 

“Well Mister Burr….” You began. “Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.” You replied causing burr to spit out his drink on Alexander who was standing close by, cleaning. Alex turned around, murder in his eyes. You grabbed Burr’s hand and got up.

“RUN.” You ordered burr. You ran hand in hand to the park so Alex wouldn’t murder Burr. 

You sat on a bench, catching your breath. Burr sat next to you, your hands still intertwined. You both noticed this and pulled your hands away, blushing scarlet. 

You turned to him and smirked. “You know, sweetie, my lips won’t just kiss themselves…” You said rather suggestively. 

Before you knew it your lips were against each other, neither of you noticing the running footsteps in front of you.

“GROSS.” All four boys shouted at the sight of you and Burr. You both pulled away,turning to the boys. Sure enough, there was John, Lafayette, Hercules and Alexander with disgusted looks. You were blushing like there was no tommorow. Burr grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, kissing you again knowing the boys would hate it. He flipped the boys off as your mouths moved together.

A/N: Okay this is really cute

anonymous asked:

Hello hon I just wanna let u know that I love your blog and even tho I haven't visited in a while your pictures never fail to make me laugh and brighten my day I am so very jealous that even your badly drawn anime is goodly drawn anime (😂) and even as you apply for colleges I pray you have many acceptances and a beautiful and entertaining future ahead of you you beautiful artist you

thank you this message made my day <3