me, looking at a picture of Seokjin: I’ll never love anyone as much as I love this man!

me, looking at a picture of Yoongi: I’ll never love anyone as much as I love this man!

me, looking at a picture of Hoseok: I’ll never love anyone as much as I love th-

me, looking at a picture of Namjoon: I’ll never love anyone as m-

me looking at a picture of Jimin: I’ll never love-

me, looking at a picture of Taehyung: I’ll never-

me, looking at a picture of Jungkook: I…..

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Congrats on the book deal!! It's going to be amazing :) and this doesn't fit the theme very well, but could you maybe do something with maggie or alex having a lot of panic/anxiety attacks and sanvers having some sort of plan for when they happen? I past week has been less than ideal for me and I just need some hurt/comfort fluff

She’s fine in the field. Sometimes, she’s a little too fine in the field.

It’s the littler things that get to her.

Like having a bad conversation with her mother. Like having a good conversation with her mother.

Like wanting to eat at a different restaurant than Maggie does, and feeling like she’s a terrible girlfriend for it.

Like forgetting to set her alarm and Maggie wakes up late because of it, and she blames herself.

Like when she’s spending time with Maggie and feels guilty for not spending enough time with Kara; like when she’s spending time with Kara and feels guilty for not spending enough time with Maggie.

She panics and she tries not to and that just makes everything so much worse.

She synthesized Kryptonian-style anti-anxiety medicine for when Kara gets over stimulated when she was in grad school. She never thought to use any human versions for herself.

Because she’s always fine, and when she’s not fine?

She should just be stronger.

But Maggie tells her she doesn’t have to shove her feelings down anymore, and Kara holds pillows in her lap and strokes her hair and listens to her talk, listens to her cry. And she always has – Kara’s always been there – but it’s different now. Now that Alex has found so much more about herself to talk about, to share, to explore.

So now, she’s working on acknowledging her panic as real.

Because apparently, it’s real. Apparently, she’s real. And apparently, she deserves a full, happy life.

So she and Kara draw up a plan. And they draw Maggie into it.

A plan, a system, for when Alex starts to spiral. 

When they were kids, after Jeremiah died, Kara would sometimes sing to her in Kryptonian. So that singing is part of the plan.

When she hyperventilated on first sleeping with Maggie, because god, how has she never felt this way before, how could anything possibly be this intense, Maggie put her hand on her chest and told her to breathe out into it, whispered pet names and nicknames and praise and soothing, soothing nonsense until Alex could control her breath, until Alex could calm her own spiral. So that breathing into Maggie’s hand is part of the plan.

But sometimes, she’s alone.

Sometimes, she’s alone, and that’s the trickier part to plan for.

She writes herself a letter, and she doesn’t think it’ll work, but it does; better than she’d expected. 

She keeps a special folder of pictures on her phone: of herself on her surfboard as a teenager, Kara in the midst of leaping onto her back; of the first time she and Eliza took Kara to Disney Land, the sheer delight on her face; of Kara in Supergirl gear, posing Charlie’s Angels style with her and Maggie; of Alex and J’onn, at the bar, her leaning into his chest, his arm around her, his smile so, so, so proud; of Kara and Alex leaning into each other with laughter on Game Night, Winn and James doubled over in the background; of Maggie, sleepy and warm and open on a Sunday morning, wrapped in Alex’s sheets and beckoning her back to bed; of Maggie, kissing her like she’s never been kissed, loving her like she’s never been loved. 

The pictures help. They help a lot. 

Sometimes she’ll look up to find that minutes, hours, have gone by, just her staring at them, just her centering herself through her family. And it helps. So much.

But mostly, her plan is self-talk. Her plan is quieting her spiral voices – but gently, gently, because Kara keeps saying something about punishing herself making the panic worse – and listening more to the kinder voices.

The ones that remind her that she loves hard, so she hurts hard; the ones that remind her that she’s worth it and that she’s loved and that she single-handedly infiltrated Cadmus, dammit, she can get through this.

The ones that remind her that she is stronger than her strongest fears.

She doesn’t like it much: all this planning, all this attention, for herself, for her own well-being. It’s not something she’s… used to.

But she thinks she is. Getting used to it.

“It’s called self-care, get used to it, Danvers,” Maggie will tease her, and she’ll kiss her, and she’ll laugh, and her laughter is the best thing Alex has ever heard.

tyler: josh is great, he’s just the best– *trips* *thousands of pictures of josh spill out from pockets* sorry these are mine, i just love him so much *slips on a pile of pictures* i have never met anyone more lovely *more pictures fall from his pockets as he tries to collect the ones already on the ground* it’s so good to have him around i love him so much

  • Castiel: Sam is great, he’s just the best– *trips* *thousands of pictures of Sam spill out from pockets* sorry these are mine, i just love him so much *slips on a pile of pictures* i have never met anyone more lovely *more pictures fall from his pockets as he tries to collect the ones already on the ground* it’s so good to have him around i love him so much
Why Waverly is important to me

Growing up I was always the after thought in my family. I’ve always felt like I could disappear and no one would notice. I get jealous during the scenes where the Earp sister are looking after/worried about each other. I’ve never felt that kind of love before. Scenes when she’s talking about her childhood I just want to jump through the screen and hug her. Plus on top of that she’s also a young queer girl. I identify with her sooooo much!
I’ve written my own new character for a future season(which I would love to play!):
a 13-16 year old girl who’s been bounced around foster homes/families her whole life, kind of a trouble maker like young wynonna. She gets brought into the sheriffs station and Nicole takes her in. They don’t like each other at first but despite how off putting and rude the girl may be to Nicole she can sense that the girl doesn’t mean it she’s just never felt love before. I can just picture a scene where the little girl falls asleep on Nicole and waverly putting a blanket on them and kissing her on the forehead. This girl would be waverlys chance to be like a big sister in a way.
I know this is a little messy.
I first thought of it when waverly was wiping wynonna tears away in 2x06 and all I could think is “I wish waverly would wipe my tears away”

Hey Emily Andras call me;) jk she’ll never see this.

Cameron Dallas - We ___ in our Calvins


“I’m so fucking nervous,” I mumbled as the makeup artist did the final touches on my face. I was constantly shaking my right foot out of nerve and I was telling myself to chill the fuck down.

“Baby, calm down. It’s going to be alright,” I heard Cam’s voice from behind me. We were sharing a changing room so we had been in the same room since we arrived in the morning.

“Okay, try not to mess up your face,” the makeup artist smiled at me and then grabbing her stuff she left.

“Jesus, this is so frustrating,” I squeaked examining myself in the mirror. I was already in my Calvin Klein underwear and I had a robe on, while Cam was also in his CK boxers and a white shirt.

A few weeks ago Cam and I posted a photo of us in our Calvin Klein underwear just for fun, just because we looked good on the photo and shared it on our social media with the hashtag #InMyCalvins. The photo got so popular that a few days later the brand asked us to participate in a shooting for their campaign. I was a total nerve wreck since then, because modelling was never my thing. I loved taking pictures with my friends or at beautiful places, but doing it on a professional level… not my thing.

Cam told me every damn day that I would nail it, and it was sweet of him, but I was afraid the photos would turn out to be horrible.

A guy rushed into the room telling us that we had to go to the set because we were about to start in ten minutes. Cam gave me an encouraging smile and taking my hand we walked out of the dressing room.

There were so many people on the set that I immediately felt my throat go dry as I thought of that they would see me in my underwear in ten minutes.

“Y/N, you are crushing my hand,” Cam told me and I realized I was squeezing his hand so hard that his fingers went red.

“Uh, sorry,” I laughed awkwardly and let go of him.

“Baby, it’s going to be fine, you look gorgeous,” he said trying to calm me down. I bit into my bottom lip and just nodded trying to control myself.

The photographer introduced himself to us and then we talked about the conception. He showed us everything and I felt a bit better. But I was still nervous.

“Okay, so we are starting in three minutes, but your robes down and get used to the set,” he smiled at us and left to get his camera.

There was a huge, king sized canopy bed with all white sheets, it looked incredible and very pure. I loved it.

“Just imagine that we are home alone,” Cam murmured into my ear as we climbed on top of the bed. I chuckled looking at him.

“That would end up like something else, not a photoshoot for a campaign,” I smirked and I knew he would get it.

“We wouldn’t want that,” he laughed shaking his head. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer for a quick kiss.

There was a scaffolding at the end of the bed, because the conception was that the photographer wanted to take the photos from above the bed, so they would appear like a glimpse of a very intimate moment from our life. He called it God’s POV. The guy was a bit too artsy, but never mind.

He climbed up to the scaffolding and instructed us what to do. We tried out a lot of poses, but somehow every each of them felt awkward. The photographer told us that we were doing great, but I just didn’t feel like it. He asked for a quick five minute break while he changed the lenses, so we just waited there lying in the bed. I turned to Cameron who gave me a sweet smile.

“Don’t you feel awkward?” I whispered like I was afraid of anyone hearing me.

“What do you mean?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows at me.

“I don’t know, it’s so… I don’t even know. It just doesn’t feel right. The poses, the faces, I don’t know.”

“So you don’t know,” he repeated me smiling. I may have said I don’t know too many times, but whatever. I smacked him in the shoulder, but then cuddled him hugging his waist. He cupped my face in his hands and placed a soft kiss to my forehead as we tangled our legs.


I looked up at Cameron and slid my arm up to his neck and laced my fingers through his hair as he placed his hands to my waist.


He tickled me and I immediately squeaked trying to get away from his fingers while I also did my best to be able to breathe while laughing. He knew how ticklish I was but always took an opportunity to torture me.

Click, click, click.

Suddenly we both stopped and looked up seeing the photographer continuously taking photos of us. As we stopped, he took the camera away from his face and smiled at us.

“Guys, this was the thing I needed. The intimacy, the love, the fun, we need this on the photos. Don’t stop, just pretend I’m not even here.”

And we did as he told us to do. In the next hour we were just chilling in that huge bed and pretended like we were at home cuddling. When we saw the results I was amazed. They turned out to be pretty awesome and I actually liked how we looked. I couldn’t believe I was really going to be in a Calvin Klein campaign.

“Okay, thanks for the amazing work guys,” one of the assistants told us when we were all finished.

“It wasn’t really a work,” I chuckled hugging Cam’s waist.

“Yeah, I know. We have one last thing to do. You have to fill out that sentence that’s going to appear on the photos. It’s I… in my Calvins. Which is going to be ‘we ___ in our Calvins’ in your case,”

We looked at each other and answered it at the same time confidently.


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I'm alittle confused on your prices. Sorry if you get this alot or it's annoying but I was wondering. For your photos like the ventish ones you do that are solish colours with the teeth and eyes coloured, how much are they?

no problem, no worry, and never annoying, love!! those pictures are ones i consider “my usual binary style” (those who have commissioned me have probably heard me use that exact phrase haha), and those are usually around $8usd. i say usually because sometimes i’m approached with a more complex animal design or fursona, and from there i simply ask for a buck or two more for fairness sake! however, i also reduce the price with quantity. for one, as i said, around $8usd, two, i ask around $15usd, three, $20usd. this is because i appreciate deals and rounding of numbers haha

also! i might as well answer some other asks here in one post;

you’re a system?

yes. i’m… somewhat nervous to talk about this so openly, so pardon my hesitant wording. it’s complicated but it’s the main reason i am unable to post/draw as much as i perhaps used to. we are… a mix of several alters, with only one (myself, ‘jaime’) being truly and utterly invested in drawing. others do, and others have for this blog, but for the most part it is not their passion. we all answer to the name dot, and are still working things out, but i’m honestly very sorry for how our realisation and further splitting has fucked up our art output.

whats your more private blog? is it personal or gore or nsfw or something?

hmm. well, as always, this is a sideblog with the main/core account being @doteverett. from there, my system has a collection of blogs. i’m a… little nervous about posting a full list, so i’ll just say that my ‘vent/edge’ blog is @buckykin, and my system shared blog is @axolsys. please be kind.

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Can you write an imagine about Misses Styles giving birth to Harry's first child and make it all cute and cozy. Love youuuu ❤️

Rating: PG
Warnings: none!
Category: cute (i hope) pregnancy fluff
Word Count: 1,834
Request: Yes! Thank you for requesting, i liked this one a lot!!! Remember requests are still open! ❤️

Note: This pulled at my heart strings and the ending came to me while sitting with my mom scrolling through baby photos. If you guys liked this DO LET ME KNOW cause i have ideas for a full out pregnancy fic…

13. Baby, baby.

Time was surely going slower than ever. Maybe someone had stopped the world. Maybe someone turned out the sound, but turned up his heart, and your voice.  It felt like a scene from a movie, and he wasn’t the one in pain, or the one feeling anything, other than panic.

Your hand was griping his with force, as he griped the steering wheel with his free one. He kept huffing out puffs of air, and his thumb caressed your palm.
“Breathe fo’ me, love”

Harry could perfectly pin point, and remember every detail of the day you’d asked him to join that useless parenting class. You were excited and he had not seen you this cheerful since week 4 of the pregnancy, he remembers sighing and rolling his eyes, the idea sounding so bland, and thinking why did he need to partake in this, but joining all together because he loved you and you were already hormonal as it was. He could perfectly remember being the only guy in the room, and the instructor congratulating them on it. He could perfectly remember all the other ladies gossiping about ‘Harry Styles’ being sat right there. He could remember having to think of anything but that, because you were there, and this made you happy, so he was going to take it and learn as much as he could. As much as it pained him to admit, he did learn a lot, and found himself deep in pregnancy magazines every time he found one – he might have subscribed for “Mommy Monthly” but, let’s keep that a secret – and getting documented on all the things this class has sparked.
“Baby’s about the size of a peach now!” He’d press his lips to your growing belly and smile.

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I walked into the room. Slowly took in every detail of her face, from the green flecks in her hazel eyes to microcleft on her upper lip. I subconsciously turned my camera around in my hands.

“Why do you like taking pictures so much?” She asked never taking her eyes off the snow falling outside.

“Because I want to be able look back on any moment in time and see what I was doing. See who I was with. Cause when I’m old and gray I want to remember my heart pounding as we skinny dipped in the freezing ocean at midnight, and the pounding headache the day after. I never want to forget any of it.” I answered without hesitation.

“Even the bad?” She questioned still never looking back.

I stood up and walked over, put my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. “Yeah, even that.”

—  Excerpt from a story I’ll never write.
The Weight

may or may not have been listening to shawn mendes while writing this oops…

our little innocent baby Moon says her first curse word

and the angst gates were flooding while writing this so enjoy ;)

She came home and saw bags and suitcases piled up outside. Her bags and suitcases.

The door was still open and she can see Gladion sitting on the couch, staring at the ground. Moon maneuvered her way through her stuff and tripped her way inside the house they shared.

“Gladion?” She mumbled, nothing but confusion settled in her expression, “what’s going on?”

Gladion didn’t look up. His eyes danced over a picture frame that he held tightly in his hand. In the photo was the two of them, holding hands and kissing underneath Kalos’ Prism Tower. They agreed anytime they would go on vacation to another region, they’d document their adventures to look back on. That picture just happened to be the vacation they just returned from.

“Kalos was fun, hm?” Gladion scoffed, bottom lip caught in his teeth.

“Yes-yeah it was, but…”

“I wish we could have more memories like that Moon.” He sighed, as he stood up, letting the picture bounce against the couch.

“What’s going on, Gladion?” Moon whispered, stepping to his side.

“You’re leaving.” There was no denying the crack in his voice. “We’re done…”

Moon’s world suddenly shifted to a stop.

She exhaled shakily, “d-did I do something? Was it something I said? Gladion…”

“It’s better this way.” Gladion sighed, turning his head to face her, “I’ve always been alone, being with someone for so long messes with that.”

He wiped her bangs out from above her eyes and watched, heart cracking, a tear slide down her cheek. “There’s just some people meant to be alone. I’m one of those people.”

“Bullshit!” Moon growled, her tiny fingers curling into fists.

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