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thanks for speaking up about the fact that everyone expects romance? i'm ace and i have absolutely no idea how any of that stuff works, and because of it i've been writing strictly romance stories for practice for like two years now because i'm too scared that nobody would like any of the action/adventure fics i have in mind if i don't at least add a couple romantic scenes in them? it feels like pairings are all that matters to anybody... and i STILL suck at romance.

Don’t do it, Anon.

There is beauty and complexity in human relationships that has nothing to do with romance or sex. Writing about it will only help us as a culture shift our perspective to appreciate that fact.

So don’t write romance. Give me sin and tragedy and victory. Give me high drama. Give me discovery and triumph. Write me adventure.

Give me families of choice. Give me nonsexual cuddle times.

Give me broken relationships full of anger, bitterness and spite thick enough to choke me.

Give me platonic relationships with the breadth and depth that society ascribes to romance.

Why do we feel the need to make the last person who left us regret their decision? We buy new clothes and cut our hair and change our look and our hobbies and everything else to make it seem that we are something besides the person who loved them. We go out of our way to make sure they know we now prefer tea over coffee and picked up poetry and run and go out on all these crazy adventures. We put on the best impression that we are new and bouncy and bright and happy, we convince everyone, even ourselves for certain periods of time. But then we are out getting groceries or in the shower or buttering our toast and we think, “goddammit, my heart hearts” and we know we are none of what we say we are.

imagine the kids are bothering Leo and first he just glares at them but he starts getting very red and suddenly his mouth emits a high pitched throaty noise, the kids then fear for their very lives, but hakyeon knows what to do. He puts one of Leo’s hands on his waist, and the other arm bent at a 90° angle facing up with the hand closed, fingers joined at the tips pointing outward, hakyeon boops the nose and out of Leo’s hand comes tea. Leo now feels better and the group makes amends through a tea party.

i just want to make a gifset of pedrazar + landslide by oh wonder but i literally can’t pick which part of the song to do because it’s all so perfect 

where are my southern witches at?

where’s the witches that make potions from sweet tea

or the witches that throw curses with a sunshine smile and a “bless your heart”

the southern kitchen witches who work magic into canned peaches and homemade biscuits

the witches from the bayou

the southern cottage witches who enchant their homes to be warm and inviting

witches naming their spells things like “mind your manners” and “y'all (don’t) come back now”

I have no idea if there are any witches who do that stuff, but it’s what I imagine my fellow southern witches might be like lol

Aaaaaand I’m starting to feel the effects of hosting a field trip today.

Voice is raspy now, and my throat is sore. Downside of having to do the field trips in a noisy food court. :/

Fightz with yourjusticelawliet part II
  • me:L, you drew on my TABLE in maker. It still won't come off completely.
  • L:It was the only surface available and I needed to write my ideas down.
  • me:...
  • L:You wrote song lyrics in the death note.
  • me:It was the only surface available and I needed to write my ideas down.
  • L:That's very childish.
  • me:you're telling me I'm childish? Oh my.
  • L:I do not appreciate your tone, Izzy-San.
  • L:That is incorrect. Sometimes you make wonderful tea.
  • me:!!!!!!
  • L:Now, I need you to prepare some future broadcasts and collate transcripts, gather my latest casefile for reviewing and prepare the database for our unfortunate - but you insist it's necessary - absence for the majority of today, Izzy-San.
  • me:Please?
  • L:Please, what?

I have reached so many layers of procrastination that it’s starting to get ridiculous. From thesis to fic to other fics to going “hey, I should get my violin out and tune it” (which I did, and I surprised myself by remembering several songs despite not playing in years). This has got to stop.

Meanwhile thesis writing consists of staring at my document and occasionally changing a preposition to another preposition. I know exactly what I need to do and I have no excuses.

  • me:like idk tbh I don't know if you can help rn
  • pandora:nah i gotchu
  • me:ok i'll give you a try
  • me:omg thank you pandora
  • pandora:say it
  • me:

i just moved into my new place and I’m listening to lullatone. it’s nighttime and i have a small planetarium in the corner of my room spinning slowly around with star shapes distorting my garish purple walls. i have to do my dishes by hand so I’m going to buy some rubber gloves tomorrow, which excites me. i’m going to make some tea now and try to forget there is a giant moose head hanging up in the living room. goodnight all.

Splatoon’s Next Japanese Splatfest Makes Players Choose Between Kirin Tea

Now, Nintendo has revealed the theme of the next Japanese Splatfest: flavors of tea. Players will have to choose between Kirin lemon tea and Kirin milk tea, once again presenting two very real products most players will be quite familiar with.  

Check it!


orlesianshoes replied to your post: Okay, so here’s something to think abo…

At the end of that scene, it is shown that Riley is holding the cup of tea. This means that Capheus was using Riley’s body to interact with the physical things in Riley’s environment. It’s the same as what the others said about Kala making the bomb.

Okay I am really excited right now because for the amount of times I have seen that scene I have never actually noticed that Riley is suddenly standing with the tea and now that part totally makes sense which is really cool ahh