this week has been… tough, mentally. not bad, just. when you have some quiet in your life it seems like that’s when your brain kicks into high gear to process old things and new things. anyway i’m worn out so i’m going to watch british bake off and drink tea and eat cookies and draw for the next two straight days so feel free to hit me up this weekend my fam

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reunion tour insp for @ex-skydiving-scientist you didn’t ask for it and yet here it is

Can anyone explain me what Father means in this context in English (I always guessed it’s the baby, but I don’t know why such a word is used)?

MRS HOLMES: Cup of tea. Now, if Father starts making little humming noises, just give him a little poke.

Okay, don’t feel that bad about my knee jerk response to a “Not to be rude but - [proceeds to be rude]” comment. 

But I have since realized this was a comment that should have read: “What on earth is this “Podfic” thing? And why are you posting it on Ao3?” 

Which - okay - fair, if you have no idea what podficing is, then the Ao3 entry does look super sketchy. So, that’s… more understandable. Did not realize they were asking that since… they… didn’t… actually ask that. Did my best to explain once I understood what the actual question was supposed to be  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I did my makeup, got ready for life, you know.

And then poured boiling water over my entire hand trying to make tea and now I just want to not think about the day. I fucking screamed.

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Masur and yunan reacting to sinbad flirting with their lover or aladdin groping their breast?


“You’re head is a nice shape, it would look great next to mine in the morning” Sinbad delivered his pick up line smoothly as you backed away uncomfortably. 

“I’m with someone…” you tried to protest meekly. There was suddenly a dark shadow that loomed over you and the Pervy king. “She said she’s taken. Buzz off” Masrur’s eyes glaring down at Sinbad like a demon straight out of hell. Even Sinbad knew better then to mess with Masrur and quickly retreated behind Ja’far.


“Now just wait here and I’ll make some tea” Yunan cooed at his lover before turning around to his kitchen. You smiled shyly but can’t sit still and get up to look around. He chuckles hearing you move but doesn’t stop you. He suddenly remembers about his other guest.

“Oh just be carful-”

“BOOBS!” Aladdin cuts him off lunging at your chest and nuzzling your breasts like a man who just found buried treasure. 

“Oh its been so ling since I’ve nuzzled a nice pair of knockers” Aladdin swooned all over you before getting a sharp pull from his braid.

“OWOWOWOWOW WHAT WAS THAT FO- oh” Aladdin shrunk back at the dark look Yunan was giving him. 





“I’M SORRY!” Aladdin cried, now utterly terrified of Yunan when he was angry.

11 different jobs George Osborne could do now he's resigned from government

George Osborne has resigned from government, with Phillip Hammond appointed to pick up where he left of as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It’s been a privilege to be Chancellor these last 6 yrs. Others will judge – I hope I’ve left the economy in a better state than I found it.

— George Osborne (@George_Osborne) July 13, 2016

But fear not, George – we’ve seen loads of evidence over the years of other jobs you could turn your hand to now. Why don’t you make a cup of tea and mull this lot over:

1. Farmer

(Jane Barlow/PA)

2. Tour guide

(Anthony Devlin/PA)

3. Builder

(Stefan Wermuth/PA)

4. Health and safety inspector

(Joe Giddens/PA)

5. Bingo caller

(Matthew Horwood/PA)

6. PE teacher

(Darren Staples/PA)

7. Pizza maker

(Andrew Matthews/PA)

8. Train driver

(Joe Giddens/PA)

9. Artist

(John Stillwell/PA)

10. Engineer

(Ben Birchall/PA)

11. Beer taster

(Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA)


THREE times the dialogue ambiguously hints at Mary as the Holmes sister!!
TWO could be coincidence! THREE is on purpose!
And among all the other hints in that dierction!
Whether it’s the actual reveal or a red herring, it is an intended thing Moftiss did on purpose!

  • Mrs. Holmes calls Mr. Holmes father in front of Mary.

MRS HOLMES: Cup of tea. Now, if Father starts making little humming noises, just give him a little poke.

  • Mycroft’s calling Sherlock “little brother” in The Abominable Bride in Mary’s presence could be from her point of view as well;

MYCROFT HOLMES: Little brother has taken the case, of course.

  • Mycroft’s “mad sibling” in The Abominable Bride being gender neutral, so it might be referred to Mary;

MRS WATSON: He likes to keep an eye on his mad sibling. 


“What?! Gods no, darling, come on, it’s too cold for you to just be moseying around outside.”

Maribelle looked at the other like they were crazy, pulling them along inside to her chambers for a bit of time to warm them self up.

“Now let me make you a cup of tea to warm you right up, darling.”

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I just need a peaceful day where i can lying around, drinking a hot caramel latte, eating brownies, smile when looking at our silly but cute babies. Where all of these didn't happened. Cheers abbie

that honestly sounds amazing right now, i’m gonna make a cup of tea and just watch real got7 to chill out from this bs lmao

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Hi! My name is Brianna & I'm 15. I weigh around 115 pounds & I'm 5'5. My goal weight is 105 & 100 pounds. I really want a thigh gap. I feel fat. It all started in fifth grade when someone pointed out my fat thighs. Besides that, I love music and movies. I'm currently listening to Bright Eyes. (such a wonderful band) I can't choose a fav movie. I really like tea as well. I'm going to make some green tea right now. I hope you have/are having a wonderful day. Make sure to smile! Love your blog! <3

Hey Brianna!! You are actually at a really good weight at the moment. Your body shape/bone structure may not allow you to obtain a thigh gap so try not to feel discouraged. I haven’t heard of the bright eyes before. I’ll definitely listen to them haha. I love tea as well! It’s so amazing & calming & healthy :) I hope you have a wonderful day as well!! Thank you

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Is there any recipe that has a sort of iced green tea without any calories as I want to drink green tea but as it is boiling right now.

you could make a big batch of green tea and keep it in a bottle in your fridge so that it stays cold for when you need it. You could probably even turn them into popsicles if you wanted something extra cold ^_^ I don’t really like the taste of green tea so sometimes I add a berry or lemon tea with it to give it a nicer flavour without the extra calories.

I’m going to the beach tomorrow with some friends!! I am super excited. I am making ice teas and fun stuff right now. I’ll be online in case anyone feels like chatting!