Look how cute my Sisters birthday cake is though

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Will that be okay? *rests my chin on your shoulder* I don't want you to do it if you're tired or busy. - Red

Mark: Sure. *kisses the side of your head and pulls away from you gently* Now stay here while I go make you some tea, okay? Be a good girl. *smiles at you and heads to the kitchen to prepare your tea. Comes back some time later with a cup of tea for you, sits now next to you* Here you go~~ *handles you the cup carefully* … be careful because it’s still hot.

- Admin Seung

It’s time for a mini update-y post of stuff from the past few days!✨

  • I’m still sick 
  • I’ve worked three shifts in the past two days 
  • As well as a three hour life drawing class and art history lecture yesterday
  • I was offered another shift today but after a lot of deliberation I turned it down because my physical and mental health comes first and I really need a rest (trying hard to convince myself of this// not freak out because I’m ‘wasting opportunities’ or something😰)
  • I’ve been a tad absent on IG lately… This is for many reasons, which I don’t really feel that I’m able to talk about super publicly, but I promise I’ll be posting super regularly again soon!
  • I know that quite a few of you beautiful souls have been struggling recently, and I want you to remember that you are wonderful, strong and worthy. Keep pushing for freedom and happiness and one day you’ll realise that you’ve got it.  I love you so so much❤️❤️❤️

Also when I was first starting to learn how to cook (WHICH NGL WAS LIKE 2013 I always asked to learn but like their idea was like “okay watch” “no can you like write it down please” “THERE IS NO MEASUREMENTS YOU JUST FEEL IT” “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN MOM”) my Mom was teaching me how to make lumpia and like she was like “okay mix the cut veggies and the ground pork and beef together” “Wait you want me to touch raw meat” “Yes Christina you mix it with you hands” “thATS ICKY” but I started trying it I think? And I think I was doing like a weenie job so she was like “no LIKE THIS” and just grabbed my hands and was making me mix it and I was just screeching pretty much

I’m so bad at spending money on myself that I was just about to go out and buy coffee creamer then I remembered that I spent $5 on an EP yesterday so now I’m just making tea

i’ve been obsessed with this song for like two days and now i’m making a fitzsimmons video when i should be sleepingbut you know

I just remembered like dang probably a few years ago at this point, I was writing a fic for one of my friend’s and I’s rps as a sort of prequel for a character (that reminds me I should go back to working on that I’M SORRY iffypanther I owe you so much shit xDDDD) and it involved like…them thinking they were dying or dead in some void and they were thinking about the people they were leaving behind and how they couldn’t do that to them, and especially the other half of the OTP and I was listening to ‘You are Mine’ by Mute Math and I had to fuckin’ stop I was crying for a good couple minutes I GET SAD JUST THINKING ABOUT IT DANG

All done! Pants are sewn and adjusted, I added the tail. All I have left is to choose a top and I am ready for convention next weekend (AKA, the physically exhausting task of surviving crowds and walking in hooves). 

  As for right now, I’m gonna go make a cuppa tea and then probably go give my bed some love. I’m beat.


i cleaned my room and washed my clothes and the dishes. which really isnt much but it’s a lot to me bc i’ve been too depressed to do anything the past few weeks. im gonna go make some tea and watch hxh now. :0


Honestly, there’s nothing more fulfilling to me than jumping out of bed being so freaking excited to get to work, you actually contemplate making tea because you want to start RIGHT NOW. 

I’m writing my thesis with a research group here at my university. I finish my degree in June 2016 (fingers crossed), and I would love to get my PhD in Clinical Research afterwards, within that same research group, which is why I’ve agreed to take on more work. 
It’s a “I do stuff for you now and you pay for my PhD position later” kind of deal.
So what I’m working on right now is a book chapter that my professor has been asked to write. It’s on decision-making, and how decision-making processes are impaired in certain mental disorders - especially Major Depressive Disorder. 

I’m working on this with another member of the research group who has already finished his PhD and is now training as a psychiatrist. He’s at this with such passion and drive TO UNDERSTAND, it’s beyond exciting (how often can I repeat the word “exciting”?). 
He’s taught me so much already even though he’s working his regular hours as a doctor and is doing this thing in his free time, basically. We’re constantly talking about the subject, tossing ideas back and forth. 

The whole thing goes to show once again that one of the number one key things that contribute to my happiness is being BUSY and STIMULATED. 

Throwing the freaking hashtag BLESSED out there, y’all. Because I truly feel so lucky to have discovered a field of work/research that makes me brim with … excitement (sorry)! 

Only slight downside to all of this: It’s not actually anything I need to do for my degree. Things I SHOULD do and have been slacking on:
- write my thesis in order to graduate on time next year
- study for finals on June 29th (while the book chapter is due July 1st …)

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Remember that time you live blogged making tea? You should live blog more stuff :D

lmao well right now I’m sat in my friends room and I just finished an exam and I’m texting people so it’s not really exciting stuff