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Flamingo Tie Top / Flamingo High-Waisted Shorts / Flamingo Sweetheart Top

Jellyfish Tie Top / Jellyfish High-Waisted Shorts / Jellyfish Sweetheart Top

Plots Bunnies: 5sos Edition (Pt. 1)
  • 18: Muse A is a famous singer who is known for having a lot of lovers while Muse B is her biggest fan. He goes to all her concerts and has all her merchandise — also, he is deeply in love with her even though she’s much older than him. One day, Muse A goes out of the tour bus to smoke and finds Muse B outside. She doesn’t believe in love but she offers him a deal: He’ll be her groupie, but it must be a secret because he’s an under-age.
  • Daylight: Muse A is a rich kid, he is mean and selfish. He usually treats the no-popular people like they’re nothing, but he keeps a secret: He’s obsessed with the supernatural world and usually spends hours playing on the web. Muse B is a freak, a total gamer and a nerd. She is one of the victims of Muse A but she has the feeling that he’s hiding something. One night, behind pseudonyms, both find themselves in a video game and start talking without knowing who is the other.
  • Good Girls (Are Bad Girls): Muse A is an straight A’s student, she’s the president of the class and is Miss First Place. Muse B is the second in everything, he hates Muse A for being better in everything. One night, while Muse B walks in front of Muse A’s house, he sees that she’s leaving her bedroom through the window and running to some place. He follows her just to find out Muse A is the leader of a nightly gang.
  • She Looks So Perfect: Muse A is a photographer and Muse B is a girl who is looking to rise as a model. She goes to Muse A studio and makes a casting photoset; two days later Muse A calls Muse B to tell her that she’s going to be his new underwear model.
  • Long Way Home: Muse A, Muse B (and Muse C) are friends and classmates since they were kids. One day, after their graduation, they decide they’re going to travel around the country for their holidays before they go to college. Everything is perfect until Muse B gets engaged with Muse D and has to spend all his summer holidays with his future wife.
  • Lost Boy: Muse A and Muse B have been dating for three years after a love-hate relationship and they’re already thinking about moving on together and getting married. The thing is that, in a car accident, Muse B loses his memory and he can’t remember Muse A as his partner but as his enemy. She has to be strong and make a decision: she can let him recover his memory by himself or she can try to help him, even though he thinks they hate each other. 
  • Rejects: Muse A, B, C and D are part of a gang and spend their days making fun of their classmates, stealing and smoking at the back of the school. They own the town until one day another gang comes: Muse E, F, G and H are a girl-gang that wants to have the control of the place. A new war between both gangs starts.
  • Out Of My Limit: Muse B is the president of the class and Muse A is her assistant. She only thinks about the future of the school and the students — He only thinks about he. Muse A knows it’s impossible a relationship with Muse B because of her politic of not dating anyone who works with her. But he’s not going to let that stop him from trying to ask her out.
  • Amnesia: Muse A and B are friends for years and they’re making plans to go to college together. Muse A is decided to confess his feelings for Muse B after the graduation but they find out that Muse B’s father has to move on for a new job. This is going to be their last year together before Muse B moves on to another city.
  • Disconnected: In a world full of technology and fast food, Muse A and B believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than the nature and what it gives to the humans. They spend their days out doors, ignoring people calling them hippies as an insult and having a vegan life until Muse A has a new job as the leader of a brand new industrial company, which is completely against their beliefs.

anonymous asked:

Top 5 favorite pictures of Mads? :)

asdfjkl; I’ve been sorta secretly hoping someone would ask this xD

okay it’s sorta impossible to pick 5 tbh?? so I’m gonna go with just photoshoots for now because otherwise I’d spend the whole day trying to narrow it down and failing

I might make a photoset or something later with fave Mads pics, top 5 isn’t doing him justice xD