Diane’s Enzo Predictions

Or at least her crazy hypothesis. 

Okay, so don’t hate me and hear me out on this crazy idea. 

Based on the scenes that we are given in the show so far - current and future (mostly the future ones) I have come up with this horrible idea. So let’s think about the flash forward where Bonnie is in group counseling and she says that she lost some she cares about - that she is responsible for losing that person. And then we immediately see that her go to her room where we find Enzo. Enzo who tells her that that she can’t continue to hide in there. And we of course see them kissing. So rewind back to the current timeline and we see Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship building. We obviously know they are going to be together eventually and therefore we know that she cares about Enzo. She also cares about Matt, Damon, Alaric, and Caroline… but we’ve seen all of them alive in the flash forwards. Each one of them. But let’s go back to Enzo for a second. We only see him in one flash forward. And we only see him with Bonnie that one time. 

So what if….

What if Enzo is the one that she lost? What if he is the one that died that she couldn’t get back? The one that she blames herself for? And the Enzo that we see in her bedroom at the mental hospital is just an hallucination… a manifestation of her guilt over losing him!

What if Enzo is the one that died because of something Bonnie did?

A Return to the Isles

How long had it been? These ruins, while decrepit and decayed, still seemed fresh. No, it was her memories, those were the ones that were fresh, it had nothing to do with the place. Things she would never forget, engraved into her mind, like they had happened yesterday.

Gently, her hand glided across smooth marble. A wealth of feelings rumbled forth, causing her to stop, hand resting on the magnificent pillar. With a soft breathe, her hand moved, the slight rustle of silken strands before the gentle noise of fabric gliding into the ground. Two amethyst gems scanned the forgotten ruins, yet they did not seem out of place. Like two long lost treasures hidden by the small Isle. Yes, this really was where she was meant to be. Her mind flashed to Sakura, her Master, her reason. Silently, she wished the woman could be here with her, yet knew such a thing would only be more trouble for the girl.

A timeless breeze pushed against her bosom, purple strands swaying freely, hugged by their long lost friend, as she pressed further into the Shapeless Isles. The empty abode welcomed her sweet voice as she hummed aloud an old Greek melody…

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He doesn’t bring her flowers, nor she gives him chocolate, they barely see each other after lunch, and when dinner time comes and goes without much fuss, she reasons it couldn’t possibly be any different.

As he bids her goodnight in front of her door she stops him mid-sentence: “Who would you want to win the bet, Raven or Miller?”

He looks at her quizzically, because neither of them knows what the kids bet on.

“Whoever bet on me making a fool of myself,” he says tentatively brushing his lips against hers.

“Then I win,” she chuckles kissing him back.

the last of the drabbles \o/ now you can read them all together on ffnet and hopefully they’ll make sense (and check out the other edits at the links below!)

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AN: title from Catullus 5 (again) cause !!!!!! just read it.

AN2: in Japan valentine day is that time of the year when girls gift chocolate to their crushes (hence the chocolate line)

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What kind of OCs do you have? :)

It didn’t occur to me that when I suggested that people ask me about my OCs that a lot of my followers don’t know ANYTHING AT ALL about them so, here we go, OC masterpost:

Volker and Sherman, probably the oldest OCs I have that I still draw. I’m pretty sure I came up with them in 9th grade. Maybe 8th. Their storyline has changed many times, but in it’s current iteration it centers around their lives growing up in 50s/60s Florida. They both originally had historically based last names but I got rid of those, so their new last names are currently under construction lmao.


  • He’s German, his family moved to the US some time close to the end of / shortly after WWII (although…again details might change on this).
  • Often pretends he’s not actually German (he’ll say he’s either Swiss or Swedish depending on who he’s talking to; no one really buys it).
  • His name is often mispronounced “VOL-ker” instead of the correct “FOL-ker.” He hates both. 
  • Has one younger brother, Lothar.
  • Always very formally dressed (and like former astronaut John Young, he wears those stupid turtlenecks in the Florida sun. How ?? ? ??).


  • American af
  • Has two siblings, an older brother Ulysses and a younger sister Savannah (these Civil War related names made MUCH more contextual sense in the very earliest version of the story and although they now make next to none, I am too used to them to change them).
  • Never seen without that bandaid on his cheek, Volker often speculates as to why.

The place is Arista, New Mexico. The year is 1965. The month is August. Flannery’s family moves all the way from an apartment in NYC to the house next door to Gene’s. School starts. Construction is finished on Arista Atomic Generating Station’s second reactor. Rumors fly about communist spies infiltrating the city. On the 22nd of the month, something finally snaps in the town.

Gene Shepard

  • He’s 12 lmao
  • Tired of small town life, entranced with the fact that Flannery is from New York. This is super lame but I always imagine the story starting out (if it were movie this would be the first scene) with Gene sitting in front a fan in his room, softly singing along to “New York, New York” - specifically that line that’s like “these little town blues are melting away / I’m gonna make a brand new start of it / in old New York / and if I can make it there / I’m gonna make it anywhere” and right as it gets to the climax of “It’s up to you, New York, New York” his mom interrupts and calls him downstairs, saying they have to go welcome their new neighbors (Flannery’s family).
  • Tired in general, but weirdly optimistic? He’s sick of the heat and the dust and the same old people in the same old town, but he’s too young to be fully jaded by it.
  • Spent the whole summer working to save up to order a kit to build a remote controlled airplane.
  • Name Origins: Gene Cernan // Alan Shepard (two astronauts - Flannery thinks this coincidence is hella cool).

Flannery Fitzgerald

  • Also 12
  • She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s obsessed with space.
  • Very much wants to be an astronaut, even though everyone is like “???? but you’re a girl???”
  • Doesn’t mind Arista but wishes her parents had moved to Florida instead, so she could be “closer to the action.”
  • Asks Gene to watch the launch of Gemini V with her.
  • Favorite color is red.
  • Her dad works for the Atomic Energy Commission.
  • Name Origins: Flannery O’Connor // F. Scott Fitzgerald. Usually I don’t explicitly mention characters’ name origins in the story, or put my naming ideas into the mouths of their parents, but when Gene visits Flannery’s house, he sees something by O’Connor on a bookshelf. This is contrasted with Flannery mentioning later on that her parents “have this love-hate relationship with the South” and that they’ll “never cross the Mason-Dixon line.’”

This next story started out as something entirely different (it was about these two living in a bunker after some sort of unspecified nuclear disaster), and then I was like “what if college AU though” and that idea became the actual story. It takes place like, 15 or so years in the future and is supposed to be a comedy. Even in this new version, there was originally a larger overarching theme of capitalism’s role in environmental destruction and a plot arc which involved Julian and Colbie going to Antarctica, but I’m not sure if that will stay or not.

Julian Rockefeller

  • Although in the most current version of the story he is an actual member of the notorious Rockefeller family, he didn’t start out that way. AT ALL. At it’s inception his character was based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, my Historical Fav™ and I wanted the initials “JRO” to somehow be part of his name, so that’s how you get Julian ROckfeller. 
  • The “J” in Oppenheimer’s name apparently (there is debate) stood for Julius and the fact that there was a series of nuclear tests called “Operation Julin” (which I mis-remembered as Julian) are additional reasons for his first name being what it is.
  • An art history major
  • Trying to be Cool™ and not the stuffy, snobby person people would expect him to be.
  • Still needs to Check his Privilege™ tho
  • Has an aesthetic blog
  • plays Pokemon
  • kind of a crybaby

Colbie Ivy (sorry I don’t have any good drawings of her)

  • Name Origins: Her name also comes from two nuclear tests, Colby (part of Operation Anvil) and Operation Ivy.
  • Julian’s roommmate (a girl and a boy living together? ? whAT?)
  • A political science/sociology double major 
  • A coMMUNIST???
  • Likes spicy foods.

{{ How many of you would be interested in interacting with Robert Jekyll and or John Utterson if I made account for them? }}

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It's been Harry's birthday for just a few hours and there are already more people who have wished him Happy Birthday than the people who congratulated Louis on his first child. How people cannot fine this strange is beyond words.

Aaaaah, this seems quite on point to me! Very much on point!

But, hey, it’s all normal, why would one even question it?!


Back beat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out
(I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but you never really had a doubt)


“Of course.” “Im not a baby. Im already eight, you know!”

So the translated English novel scans a lot nicer than my jpn copy and that seemed like a good excuse to scan and color baby!Mika (he’s transparent btw!!) 

What do kids shoes look like