Lexa Meets Niylah

Lexa: Hello Niylah. Thank you for coming to Polis.

Niylah: Well when Heda asks you to come, you come.

Lexa: I wanted to thank you for taking care of Clarke.

Niylah: Oh it was my pleasure.

Lexa: So…tell me, Niylah did you have sex with her?

Niylah: * laughs.  A girl shouldn’t kiss and tell.

Lexa: True. A girl also shouldn’t touch what isn’t hers.
Put her on a tree!

Lexa: Any last words, Niylah?

Clarke: Lexa, stop!

Lexa: This doesn’t concern you, Clarke.

Clarke: You can’t just kill everyone I’ve ever slept with.

Lexa: Yes. Yes, I can.

Clarke: If you do, I won’t do that thing you like.

Lexa: *sighs. Ugh, Untie her. *pouts

Someone more talented then me, should make this a gifset @jayenator565