Fic Recs: Illustration for More Things in Heaven and Earth by Alaceron (This person’s writing is amazing): (~3k)

Erik doesn’t believe in mermaids.

And then he meets Charles.

Comments: One of the best Cherik Mermaid (merman?) AU I have ever read (I’m very biased towards Alaceron’s stuff, though). It has a sequel too! It’s so, so funny, and so well written and witty. CHARLES IS SO CUTE. Easily in my top five. 

i think it’s important to recognize that women athletes should not have to compete with men to prove their worth and that women’s leagues are not less than men’s leagues in any way. i also think it’s important to recognize that men use the gender separation in sports to “prove” that women in sports are less than. So while there needs to be more women’s leagues, there’s something inherently messed up with the ideology that most sports fans have (this includes all genders because i know i used to be apart of this group) that women are separate from men not because they deserve their own stage but because they are too weak to compete with “the better athlete that is man”.

in reality mens sports have more funding, people watch them more, teams put more effort into their players because they have the resources. so you have a disadvantaged field. you can’t pretend putting a women’s team up against a mens team is going to be a fair fight. Women are starting 100 yards back from the starting line. Men get top of the line training starting in child hood while women at a professional level also need a part time job to support themselves, which takes up their training time AND shows that they don’t have the money to eat like they want either. It also shows that the leagues themselves have close to no resources.

So when people say “women aren’t fast enough” or “they’re just not talented enough” they’re blind to the bigger picture. These may be facts but they’re not based in biology they’re based in society. Women aren’t fast enough because they work in retail and get as much time in the gym as anyone else who works in retail for a living. They’re not “talented enough” because they need to take care of every other facet of their life. Men in sports don’t have to deal with this. They get catered to and trained up from when they are children. If they’re faster it’s because they train constantly. If they’re talented it’s because society believed in them. Women don’t have that treat.

Even in sports where men aren’t paid like the Australian Ice Hockey League, there’s still an advantage. They still get a big crowd support, social media support, they’re numbers are counted, they’re continuously growing, people care. This is another advantage they have over women. Not only is every part of the institution of sports stacked in their favor, but society already has the idea that they’re better. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: people who say women’s sports are boring have probably never watched a full women’s game in anything.

So the idea that not only are women less than men because of biology but also that the women who are the best in the world [serena williams (although a huge part of her story is also a race issue and i don’t want to demean that), abby wambach, ect.] are more biologically “male” beacuse of their physique is messed up. Women don’t have to be feminine to be women, that’s true, but musculature, height, sexuality, and whether or not they wear dresses or have long hair does not make them less female and less of an icon for young girls.

Way too many hours and countless program crashes later I can finally present to you my latest useless endeavour: a supercut of Mads Mikkelsen’s scenes in the third season of Hannibal. Flashbacks of previously shown events and scenes of Il Mostro are excluded. 

Total runtime: 3 hours and 6 minutes

Disclaimer: this isn’t meant to be a polished viewing experience and it’s not pretty. The quality is low and there probably are some messy cuts. There may be scenes missing here and there, as I wasn’t about to rewatch all 13 episodes in their entirety, and I used my discretion when cutting the clips. It’s only meant to be approximate. Let me know if there are any errors or missing scenes.

click here to watch.