You’re Still My Man

Title from Whitney Houston’s song of the same name.

anonymous asked: Can you write something where, post divorce, Sonny returns to Salem after a year or so away because he can’t get over Will and returns to find him in a relationship already and has to court and woo him to get him back? Just… sexual tension like craaayyyy

Sonny stood outside the Kiriakis Mansion, his hands in his pockets. He hadn’t been in Salem in over a year, needing time and space to clear his head and figure out his heart after divorcing Will. 

It had been a long and difficult journey, the mountains he climbed seeming much higher and less sure-footed than when he had climbed them years ago after high school. The cultures he visited were less interesting, somehow, more foreign, without Will next to him and Ari giggling and playing with her toys at their side.

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theguywilson: A lion and his cub. #DaysOfOurLives #WillHorton #DOOL @nbcdays