Days 7/31/15

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Gonna add a tw for homophobia & slurs for today’s episode.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin and Kate discuss the Narita name change; it tested off the charts. Surprise, surprise. *rolls eyes* Lol. Kate jokes about giving Will a cut of the profits. Kate’s got jokes today! Haha. K: “…it was a genius move to hire Paul.” J: “Was it? Now which genius do we know came up with that?” K: “…Don’t start gloating or I’m taking it back and I’m leaving.” J: “Don’t leave yet; it’s cocktail hour.” Look at them getting along! I knew they could do it! Lol. They toast their turn around. Justin’s already taken care of Lucas’s lawsuit. Impressive, Kiriakis. No, stop flirting. Flirting is not okay. Be friends. No benefits. Lol. Oh oh, Justin wants to discuss Clyde.

Kate gets defensive and thinks Justin is pinch-hitting for Victor. Nope, this is all Justin. He knows Clyde is trouble. Well, yeah, he tried to murder your son and he threatened the entire Kiriakis family, and Ari, and Gabi. Oh, and he killed EJ. Kate says she can handle “trouble” and insists that Clyde isn’t any more “trouble” than any man she’s ever been with, including Victor. Kate, I don’t know about that, honey. Justin says this concern is coming from him because he “gives a damn about her.” As a friend, right? So she was nice to you, so now you’re being nice to her? Okay, I’m on board with that. He tells her to be careful, she promises she will be, and thanks him.

Aww, Haiden are in the park. She comments on how beautiful the stars are and he compliments her beauty. Aww, he’s so cheesy. Haha. They’re so happy! And now they’re dancing in the park. OMG I can’t take how sweet they are. All this talk of a future together is sad. They aren’t going to have one.

Oh, Chabby. Chad tells her that what she has with Ben can’t compare to what they have. He moves in to kiss her as Ben shows up outside WilSon’s door. Ben, go away! Before Ben can knock, his phone rings. Yes! But the ringing stop Chabby from kissing. NO!!! Abby opens the door, but Ben’s gone. Yay. Lol. A: “I was about to make a big mistakes…” C: “No, no, no. That’s not how it felt. Is it? You and I both knew in that moment.” Abigail denies it and Chad calls her a liar. He would know, right? Lol. A: “I can’t do this, Chad. I can’t do this.” C: “Because of Ben?” Flashback to her telling Will she’ll know paternity test results tomorrow. Abigail starts to leave, but Chad stops her. C: “Do you believe me?” A: “That isn’t-” C: “No, it’s everything! Look at me. Look at me. I love you. Tell me you can feel that.”

Abby asks Chad why he’s doing this. C: “Because I couldn’t live with you not knowing.” She tells him that he can’t pressure her; that it’s the wrong time. C: “It’s only going to be worse later…Things are starting to get serious with you and Ben. Is that what you meant by ‘the wrong time?’ Am I too late?” Maybe. Well, not at all really. It’s never too late. Even if by some cruel twist of fate, Ben’s the father, it’s still not too late.

Abby, he knows you and Ben are living together. That’s not an excuse to not be with him, if it’s what you really want. Chad suspects that Abigail moved in with Ben so quickly because of all the horrible lies he told her. Well, he’s not really wrong, Abs. C: “…You deserve better. I want to give you-” A: “Stop! Stop!” C: “Okay. Look, this is a lot. It must feel out of nowhere to you. So you don’t have to say anything else right now. Just please, whatever happens, whether you choose to stay with Ben or not, I just, I want you to understand that you were not used by me. I would never, I couldn’t. Okay? I wanted to be with you because I love you more than anyone or anything in this world. You are loved. You are. Loved.” A: “I know. I know.” I’m flailing, I’m weepy…shipping Chabby hurts, but in a good way.

A: “I know how you feel that what I said.” C: “And you?” (Omg the little voice he asked that in!!! It was like a punch in the feels!) A: “I need time. I need time.” C: “I don’t except you to make any promises.” A: “I couldn’t, Chad. Even if I wanted to, but I can’t right now.” C: “It’s okay. I’m here.” Abigail leaves the apartment.

Clyde calls Ben; he wants to see his son before he sees Abigail. Ugh.

At The Edge, the homophobes are taunting Paul and Sonny.

Outside TBD, Will introduces Marlena and John to his “friend” Derrick. *rolls eyes* I hate everyone and everything. Lol.

Back inside, Sonny tells the two guys to walk away. “You let your girlfriend do the talking?” Will: “That’s not his girlfriend, jerk! It’s my husband!” Really? Awkward lines, awkward delivery. Just so painfully awkward. Lol. And now they’ve escalated from using the word fairy to the other f-word. Charming. If the type of bar The Edge is, is in question, fellas, I’m sure Sonny could call up his Uncle Vic and alleviate any confusion you two have. Paul, please don’t do anything you’ll regret. The lead asshat pushes Paul and LRD puts himself in between them. And he punches LRD, so Paul punches him back. All hell breaks loose. Will starts shouting Sonny’s name. Are we supposed to be under the misapprehension that Sonny Kiriakis can’t handle himself in a physical fight? Because yeah, no. Lol. I think he’s more than capable.

Rafe and John come running and break up the fight(s). Asshat 1, this is John’s business. For more than one reason. He’s a cop and that’s his son you’re tussling with. Lol. John asks Paul what happened. And Asshat 1 calls Paul the f-word again. J: “What did you call my son?” A1: “You’re his dad? What’d you do to him to turn him?” Really, Days? Rafe grabs both asshats and pushes them out of the club. John tells Paul he’ll run them in. Paul turns to Sonny: “What do you want?” Interesting. Sonny wants to just forget it and move on. P: “Don’t worry, Dad, it’s over.” He called him “Dad!” I may or may not be tearing up. I’m sure you can guess. Lol. Will goes to get ice for LRD’s eye. Paul tells John he’s fine. But I don’t really believe him.

Marlena offers to go talk to Paul for John. I think that’s a good idea. Rafe’s back and tells Sonny, LRD, and Will that the next round’s on Uncle Victor. Who declines free drinks? WilSon, apparently. Lol.

Marlena finds Paul outside The Edge and asks him if he’s alright. P: “I’m fine. Or not. I’m not fine at all.” And why would he be? I don’t think he’s faced that kind of bigotry in person before. Paul tells her that he’d been living in a bubble and maybe if he hadn’t thrown his arm out? M: “…You’d still be living in the bubble. You wish you did?” P: “The truth? Yeah, sometimes.” Marlena tells him that he helped a lot of people when he came out; people he’ll never know. He thanks Marlena and she heads back inside the club.

Rafe and John toast with shots. Should Rafe be drinking while he works? No, he shouldn’t. Lol. John is extra surprised/upset about the “stupid” guy because Paul’s his son. Duh. That’s completely understandable. Paul may be all grown up, but he’s still John’s son. Add that to John not being around when Paul was little? John probably feels more protective of Paul.

Paul comes back inside The Edge and thanks John for helping out with the asshats. He then goes back over to LRD and WilSon. WilSon need to leave to pick up Ari. Sonny, how was this fun for you?!?!?!? And why would you want to do it again???? You spent all night with a heartbroken face on, and then there were slurs spewed, and finally a fist fight. How is that a rip roaring good time in your book, love?? PaulSon walk over to the bar together. Will wishes LRD good luck. Could you be any creepier, Will? Do you want a detailed play-by-play tomorrow morning? Ugh.

Ben meets up with Clyde in the park just off the HTS. Cl: “We need to have a serious conversation about Abigail.” Do we have to? Can we say we did and not? Lol. Today is Ben’s mother’s birthday! Ugh. Clyde gives Ben the last birthday present he ever bought his mom; a diamond ring. Clyde wants Ben to give it to Abigail. Oh, stop saying kind things Clyde! You don’t mean them. He tells Ben to give the ring to Abigail tonight. Please don’t. For so many reasons. Not just Chabby-related ones. Lol. Ben isn’t sure. Cl: “If you love her, why wait?” Why would you take love advice from your father, Ben???? Ben gets a message from Abigail; she’s on her way home. Ben thanks Clyde and heads home. Ugh.

Back outside The Edge, Clyde tells Marlena that he made an appointment with her next week. Ugh. Then he escorts her back inside the club. John asks Rafe about Hope’s suspicions about Clyde. Aww, Jarlena dancing makes me happy! Rafe remembering Haiden dancing and kissing does NOT make me happy! Stop ruining this lovely John & Marlena moment, Rafe! Cl: “Looks like you’d rather be out on the dance floor instead of tending bar, huh, Rafe?” LOL. I don’t know why, but that made me laugh way too hard. Yes, Kate likes powerful men, Clyde. R: “And criminals.” Touché, Rafe. Haha.

Marlena and John are still dancing. M: “I can feel you thinking. Honey, Paul is going to be okay.” J: “Yeah. I just don’t know why the kid had to deal with any of this at all.” M: “Paul is not a kid. He’s a man, living in the world. Maybe that’s part of it.” J: “Well, I should’ve been there for him when he was a kid. Cuz if I had maybe this wouldn’t-I don’t know.” M: “Do you believe what that cretan said? John, look at me. Do you think, really, that if you’d been there while he was growing up, he wouldn’t be gay?” Oh, don’t do that, Days. Don’t have John be totally accepting and cool then take it all way. Don’t do what you did with Lucas back when Will came out and then started dating Sonny. J: “I know that being gay isn’t a choice. Paul’s gay because he’s gay. Doesn’t matter who raised him.” M: “His mother did a wonderful job raising him. He is an extraordinary young man.” J: “Yes, he is. And all I’m thinking is maybe I, maybe I could’ve helped him be okay with who he is.” M: “It’s a miracle that you know him at all…You’ve connected. He knows you love him. That’s all that matters.” Agreed. But I have a bad feeling right now.

Paul and LRD walk through the park. Paul blames himself for the fight and for the guys bothering them in the first place. LRD insists that isn’t true. Yeah, it’s not. LRD tells Paul about being hassled. And now they’re kissing. Gross. Please don’t have Sonny see them! LRD pulls away, but Paul kisses him again. How awkward is LRD’s hand on Paul’s shoulder? Lol. Can’t stray south of the equator…or in this case, the Tropic of Cancer. Haha. And of fucking course, Sonny (with Ari) sees them kissing. WHY DO YOU HATE SONNY SO MUCH, DAYS????????????? I hate this show so freaking much.

Will arrives home, just as Chad opens the door to leave. Sonny’s picking up
Ari. W: “So it went well?” C: “I wouldn’t go that far, but she heard me out.” It could’ve gone better, but it also could’ve gone way worse. C: “I think she believes I do love her.” Chad tells Will that Abby needs time. C: “…and I’ll respect whatever decision she makes.” Good, baby. C: “You know, I felt it. You know, that connection between us; it’s still there. It’s still strong. And when she looked into my eyes, I could tell that she still feels the same way, you know, she loves me.” Oh, honey, she does, but please don’t get your hopes up too high. Will tells Chad to be careful. Agreed. But too late, Chad has already gotten too excited. C: “Because she’s it. We’re meant for each other and she knows it, alright? I could see it. And yeah, so maybe she’ll deny it tomorrow, but it’ll still be true. She can’t forget that.” Chad starts to leave. W: “Chad, seriously, you cannot count on this working out.” C: “Listen, we’re gonna be together. Alright? I know we will.” Oh, sweetness. I love you’re confidence in your love, but there’s a nefarious plan already in motion that will keep you apart.

At home, Ben stares at the ring. Abigail comes through the door and Ben pockets the ring, but she sees it. He takes the box out and opens it because they made a promise to be honest with each other. Okay? Too bad Abby isn’t keeping that promise. Lol. He tells Abigail the story about the ring. Oh jeez, he’s proposing. Oh, good lord, don’t say yes, Abby. Please stop talking about your wedding like it’s going to happen, Ben. He asks her to think about it. Yikes. He goes to take a shower. Oh, Abby. This has been a huge night, huh? *hugs* Who is calling you? Will. He tells Abigail that Chad is “cautiously ecstatic” because he thinks they’re on the same page. Oh, don’t look at the ring box, babe. A: “It’s just such a mess.” No, William, the paternity test results won’t help her make a decision. And why should they? She can’t be with the man she loves because she’s having another guy’s baby? Screw that. She deserves to be with the man she wants, not the man who happened to knock her up. Sorry, that’s such a crude term.

Haiden walk through the HTS. He wants to walk her to her car, but she insists she’ll be fine. She’s armed, after all. Lol. They say goodnight and Aiden leaves. Hope recalls overhearing Aiden and Rafe’s conversation earlier.

Back at The Edge, Rafe gets a call from Hope about Clyde. She wants to meet up and talk about Clyde, but Rafe blows her off. Ugh. Because he likes her. Gross. Hope picks up a bicentennial announcement off of the bench in the HTS. Again? Days really wants us to get psyched for the 50th, huh? It’s only July 31st, Days. Calm your tits about the 50th/bicentennial in November, Days. Lol.

Poor Abby. She is in the middle of a huge cluster right now. She’s nothing, but a jumble of emotions and both dudes think she’s completely in love with them. One guy pledges his undying love for her in the most devastating way and then the other kinda sorta proposes to her with his dead mother’s ring. That’s a lot for a scared, confused, pregnancy young woman to deal with in one evening. At least, she has Will. I almost like him in their scenes together. Haha.

So the violence didn’t end in a hospital trip for anyone. I don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed. I am more than thrilled that Sonny is physically okay. He got yet another punch in the gut today when he saw Paul and LRD kissing in the park. *sighs forever* I just want to wrap Sonny up in a big, fuzzy blanket and tell him he’s loved.

Haiden remain flawless and adorable. Haha. Though Rafe’s feelings for Hope are creeping up. Ugh. Not here for it.

I love Kate and Justin being friends. Let’s keep them just friends, Days. Justin sleeping with the mother of the guy his wife is sleeping with is just too much. Haha.

Was today the first time Paul called John “Dad?” He’s introduced him as his father before, but has he addressed him as “Dad” before today? I don’t think so, but I can’t remember.

I was a little scared about where the Jarlena convo about Paul was going, but it turned out alright. Thank goodness.

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous weekend!

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l4ur0nd0 asked:

Aw, i didn't think of Sonny being said when seeing Paul with Derrick in the way that he never got to be public with Paul and that's what's getting to him. That just makes those scenes with his expressions more sad. Poor guy :(

It really does. It’s all so freaking SAD. I keep trying to think of a more eloquent way to describe it, but I can’t. It’s sad. Sonny putting on a happy face when he’s dying inside is sad. Will’s plan is sad. LRD’s cluelessness & history is sad. Paul falling hook, line, and sinker for Will & LRD’s plan and opening up to a guy other than Sonny is sad. The current state of WilSon’s marriage is sad. The unresolved PaulSon non-relationship relationship is sad. Thank goodness for Chabby! Yeah, they’re sad too, but it an awesome, “keeps you coming back for more,” “it’ll pay off in the long run” kind of way. Lol. The love square isn’t (probably or possibly) going to end with a wedding, a baby, and happiness for all.


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