Will and Sonny have a little trouble attending their wedding party. ;u; Missing scene.

Will’s mouth moved slowly but deliberately against Sonny’s, their tongues swirling around each other’s, meeting in the middle and slipping past the other’s lips. 

Sonny’s arms circled Will’s waist, holding him close, as he smiled into the kiss. “Love you,” Sonny mumbled against Will’s lips.

Will slid his hands up Sonny’s back and wrapped them around Sonny’s neck. He returned Sonny’s smile and swiped the edges of his lips across Sonny’s as he shifted his head to deepen the kiss. They continued to kiss lazily, their mouths working against each other languidly, without heat and without any sense of haste.

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Was it just me or did Sonny look very hot this episode. Between his shirt which actually seem to fit, cute shirt, almost half unbutton showing his hairy chest to his attitude and body language. Look at Sonny being all disappointed that Paul left in that gif with Victor. More prove he didn't want Paul to leave. What is going to be the next phase of this story?

Oh, honey, it was NOT just you. Sonny was SO gorgeous on Friday. He’s extremely handsome every day, but yeah, he was extra yummy on Friday. OMG, we rewatched the Sonny scenes earlier and we were literally just talking about his shirt!!! LOVE the extra unbuttoned button! Haha. I am aaaaalllllll about his hairy chest. Paul and Will are beautifully tanned and ripped, but give me Sonny’s hairy chest any day of the week. I’m so glad they’ve stopped shaving it. I’m dying for a PaulSon love scene because of Sonny’s chest hair! I might be a little obsessed? Haha. 

I agree; Sonny is definitely disappointed that Paul left Salem. I think Sonny’s hurt that Paul didn’t say goodbye or let him know that he was really leaving town. Sonny’s probably more hurt than he’s willing to admit. It seems like he’s trying not to dwell on Paul’s sudden departure because it hurts too much and also because the exit kind of makes the decision for Sonny to make his marriage work. That’s what I got from Sonny’s little one shoulder shrug and eyebrow raise in that gifset/scene when he said Paul left town. Victor said Sonny settled when he married Will…I don’t think Sonny settled for Will before, but I do think he might be settling for him now. Paul’s gone and Sonny’s left in Salem with Will, so Sonny’s “decided” to work on his marriage. They both keep talking about how their family (them and Ari) are the most important things. I am sick of people talking about Ari like she’s a reason for WilSon to stay together. It’s the same thing Will has done over and over with Sonny. Will uses Ari as a weapon against Sonny when they fight because Will knows how much Sonny loves that little girl. She might be a reason for them to try, but the whole “staying together for the child(ren)” is a terrible idea. If staying together makes them both miserable for whatever reason…for Sonny: his unresolved feelings for Paul/his distrust of Will; for Will: his paranoia about Sonny and Paul…Ari will be able to feel that tension. Children aren’t oblivious. Ending a relationship/marriage can sometimes be what’s best for the child(ren) involved. It is obvious that Sonny and Will do not trust each other anymore. How can they have a healthy, happy marriage without trust?

As far as what happens next…Paul returns to Salem and WilSon’s marriage continues to flounder as far as I can tell from the vague spoilers I’ve read. Paul will probably be busy getting to know John (and Brady.) Will is going to be busy facing off against Clyde, who wants nothing to do with being the next Sonix cover story. I’m not sure where Sonny fits in. He could definitely play a big role with Paul getting to know his family because it’s Sonny’s family too and that could bring them closer…Fingers crossed, but I don’t know. I don’t know if/how Sonny will be part of Will’s storyline with Clyde. I am hoping that Will uncovers that Clyde murdered EJ and stabbed Sonny. Is it bad that I want Clyde to be held responsible for EJ’s death more than for Sonny’s attack?

I am DYING for PaulSon to be a couple. I’m a sucker for “first love lost, then found” storylines on television shows. They’ve been having an emotional affair since before last Christmas and I’m hoping that it will become physical sooner or later. It feels like that’s where we’re going, especially with all of the people (Chad, Victor, Justin) questioning Sonny about his obvious unresolved feelings for Paul, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. I don’t know. When the WilSon/PaulSon love triangle first started, I was completely against it. But Days has killed pretty much every good quality Will possessed and PaulSon have a great chemistry that can’t be ignored. It wouldn’t make sense to have all of this PaulSon build up and zero payoff, in my opinion. And if Days is determined to turn Will into the new Sami, they won’t want to tie him down to Sonny for forever and ever.

(ETA: Sorry if I went on a bit of a tangent for a minute there! Lol.)

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