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Days finally succeed in not making me like Sonny in the show. I can't care about the one on TV unless Days decides to fix him. I hope you write fix it fic where Sonny gets self respect and is done with Will. Your fics are probably the only place I can find the Sonny I fall in love with. Hopefully you put warning in your fics though if Wilson love is there cause I literally physically can't tolerate it. No point in even waiting to see how he leaves the show. What does it matter anyways.

Aw, see, I could never dislike Sonny. I can only think of a total of two times he ever even made me angry with him, and they were years ago. I’m not mad at him now. I just feel so damn sorry for him. Sonny is a diamond in the rough, a character that has no right to be as pure and precious as he is considering the cesspool of morality (and bad writing) he lives and exists in. I know a lot of people were frustrated with him for the emotional affair, but the way I see it, Sonny has spent the better part of a year emotionally starved. Sonny, who loves and loves and is basically the human personification of a beating heart, has felt neglected and unloved for pretty much a straight year. And even now, he refuses to take advantage of a potential outlet in Paul. Sonny has been drowning, and even if I didn’t ship paulson, I would understand why he would let someone, anyone come around from time to time to assuage his aching ego with assurances that he is worth loving and waiting for.

And now, Paul has taken that away from him, too. Paul, who just a week ago, told him that he believed they belonged together and that he would never give up on him. Paul basically just told Sonny that all the beautiful, romantic declarations he’s been making for eight months have been more about him avoiding his own problems than about Sonny.

How beat down does Sonny have to feel right now? The two respective loves of his life– in the course of the same day– have told him in various ways that he isn’t enough to satisfy. That the life he’s built, that he’s poured his entire being into preserving, has been a mistake. There has never been a bigger Wilson shipper than Sonny Kiriakis. He defied everyone to be with Will, because he believed. He believed in them when no one else did, not even Will. He built everything around that belief. He was wrong. I hate it so unbelievably much that anyone could, with a straight face, blame Sonny for anything Will has done to him, but I can’t blame Sonny for not running straight for the door. Where is he going to go? Where that he wouldn’t have to face the complete fallacy his life has become or where he wouldn’t have to explain all this aloud? How stupid must he feel right now, when everyone warned him? How stupid must he feel for that part of himself that believed Paul, that maybe saw a light at the end of the tunnel or even a divine reason for the painful implosion of his marriage? How can he trust anything that he feels right now?

I don’t hate Sonny. I hate the writers for doing this to him.


Will and Sonny 07-03-15

I feel relieved to end my tiring weekday with WilSon reunion!!!!!

I can’t wait for next week Will and Paul’s scenes.

Days 7/3/15

I’m not even remotely looking forward to today’s episode, but here we go anyway…

Aidan’s back! And he’s outside TBD. Hope joins him and wonders what’s wrong. He asks her for information and she assumes it’s about Clyde. Uh oh, it’s not about Clyde, is it? And he assumes she has new info about Clyde. Well, she does. She tells him that Clyde had a meeting with Stefano. Aiden doesn’t want to talk about Clyde anymore. Stop squabbling about Clyde! Aiden starts telling Hope about his case. A: “…I need you.” Aww. I’m trying to dampen down my Haiden feels, but they’re so sweet together. They discuss the jailhouse snitch/case. Damn it, they’re so cute! The kids are excited about the holiday. Oh, don’t with the he’s made such a difference in Ciara’s life stuff. I’m gonna cry! Lol. Do NOT bring up Clyde again, Aiden! Forget about him! Aaaahhhh!!!! Clyde totally is behind Aiden , huh?

Ugh, WilSon. Sonny blames himself again. S: “Of course, you’re responsible for what you did. But I need to take responsibility for what I did too.” W: “Are you talking about Paul?” S: “No. You and everything I’ve done to you from the very beginning.” Yeah, Sonny let’s go ahead and question your entire relationship and Will’s coming out. That’ll be fun. I hate this. Who cares if you love each other? Clearly, love isn’t enough here! Okay, so you’re both very different. Duh, Sonny. Oh for the love of God!!! He did not just say he took advantage of Will!!!! Please tell me I blacked out and dreamed that shit!!! These writers should be ashamed of themselves. They create this beautiful, groundbreaking love story and then they complete destroy it. It’s disgusting. At least, Will is as outraged as I am. S: “..,We started this up and I let it fall into a relationship. And I’ll admit, it was incredible that I was the first man, the only man you’d ever been with.” Fuck you, Sonny. And fuck Will too. What is the fucking point??? Sonny says Will sleeping with two other guys means something. Welcome to 6 months ago, Sonny. Jfc. S: “It means that you weren’t ready to get married.” How do people know when they’re “ready” to get married? I’ve never been married, so I don’t know. They were in love and wanted to be together forever. Yeah, they were really young, but that doesn’t mean that Will couldn’t have been faithful always and forever and that they were doomed. This is so stupid and I hate Sonny for saying this crap. What is St. Sonny’s solution for all this? Stay together? Divorce? Turn a blind eye to Will’s infidelities? If they wanted to reconcile WilSon, they should’ve done it a couple months ago. It’s so pointless now. We all know Sonny/FS isn’t long for Salem, so what’s the point? To redeem Will? That’s not happening for me. This is just making me lose respect and love for Sonny.

W: “Sonny, that is so bogus.” AGREED. Will is UPSET. He says he wanted to marry Sonny and that he still wants to b married to Sonny. S: “…I didn’t take into account what you needed. Before we got engaged. Before we walked down the aisle. And frankly, what you need now.” To screw other guys. Sonny, you’re an idiot. Will starts to leave. Sonny wants to keep talking and face the truth, so they don’t end up hating each other. Well, I’m already there. I hate them both right now. Surprisingly, Sonny more than Will. How are you going to solve these problems, Sonny? Sonny tells Will that when he found out about the guy in LA the first thing he wanted to do was find Paul and sleep with him. Baby, you should’ve. Even if it wouldn’t have been fair to Paul. Fuck that. You can’t be married if this is how you’re gonna think and behave and problem solve. End IT! UGH!!!!!

W: “Oh my God. All this time you just wanted an excuse to sleep with Paul and I gave it to you.” Yeah, but he didn’t. Unfortunately. S:“ That would be totally unfair to him and us.” True. Ugh. S: “How did we get to where we are right now?” So we’re back to Sonny being obsessed with getting married. Ugh. If I could punch the ex-writers in the face, I would. This is CRAP. Sonny didn’t want to think about kids or settling down until he was like 40 and now he’s always been a marriage-hungry dude? What?? NO. Sonny says that when Will came out he jumped into a committed relationship. Yep, and that was Will’s CHOICE. S: “Be honest with me, wasn’t it somewhat comforting to latch onto me? To feel
somewhat normal?” Well, yes, the heteronormativity of their relationship had always been glaringly obvious, but it was such a beautiful love story. And now it’s shot to hell.

W: “That’s enough, Sonny. Seriously.” Usually Sonny takes the words right out of my mouth, but today it’s definitely Will. He tells Sonny that he’s wrong. Oh great, let’s talk about LA. Ugh, did he just say it was a taste of freedom for Will. Sonny, shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!!! Yes, we know Will didn’t get to travel the world and have adventures before you got married. Will wants them to go and have adventures together. S: “That’s not the answer.” So what the fuck is the answer, omniscient Sonny? Sonny wants to go to a new couples’ therapist. Oh, fuck off with the WilSon theme, Days. And Sonny thinks Will should go to therapy alone. That is a fantastic idea. The guy should’ve been in therapy for at least a decade now, maybe more. This is pointless. You aren’t getting through anything, Sonny. You are LEAVING. So this is POINTLESS.

Serena’s back in her room and promises Roman she’s staying in town. He hangs up on her. Haha. And now she’s smashing the elephant. Yikes.

Daniel, Brady, and Victor enter the Kiriakis study. So many Kiriakis men in one room! Happy 3rd of July to me! (Yes, I count Daniel as a Kiriakis.) Haha. Daniel and Brady want answers about Xander. Uh oh, Victor. Victor acts as if he can’t believe what Xander did. Damn it, Victor! Cut the crap. Daniel and Brady know about you getting Xander out of that murder charge and they confront him with that knowledge. Victor regrets helping Xander back then. Victor, you are hiding information from them. Stop lying. You’re better than protecting that trash. I don’t think Daniel is buying anything Victor is saying. Brady might be though. Lol.

Xander enters Roman’s office with Abe, acting all polite. Roman is not happy and tells him that he won’t get away with what he did. Xander keeps his cool and asks if he’s free to leave. So the case is Nicole & Eric’s testimony vs. Xander’s airtight alibi. Ugh, the DA isn’t going forward with the case right now. Abe tells him not to leave town. Get the hell out, Xander. Abe and Roman might not be the brightest crayons in the box, but they know you’re full of crap. Xander leaves.

Nicole’s all ready to leave the hospital. Up and dressed and everything. Hi, Eric. He wants to talk about what happened. Nicole does not. How did you almost make love, Eric? If you almost made love, then I’m impressed. I really don’t know if you could’ve performed while you were literally dying. Idk. Nicole says that they just got overwhelmed by the situation. She doesn’t want to worry about or think about what happened. Eric can’t and won’t do pretend. Ugh, come on, Eric, just forget about it! Haha. I’m kinda digging this role reversal tbh. Nicole tells Eric that his words and presence kept her going, but she loves Daniel and she wants to be with Daniel. N: “…I thought you already knew that.” Ouch town, population: Eric. N: “I’m glad that you pushed this because it’s given me a chance to tell you how much you mean to me. Even if I still love Daniel more than I ever have.” Double ouch. Eric totally understand, I’m sure, Nic. Lol. Or he’s completely crushed. Either/or. Lol. Eric just wants her to be happy. Well, that’s lovely, honey. I’m loving Nicole’s outfit. Love all the zippers. Um, I don’t think Nicole wants to tell Daniel, Eric. She almost told him, but then Abe showed up. N: “Why would we tell him what we almost did? Why would we hurt him? That’s not what we both want, right? Eric, let’s keep this between us.” Oh, Eric doesn’t want to lie; he can’t. This feelings for her are all back now. Oh, honey. She wants to be with Daniel, so there’s no point. Wait til Chloe comes back. And for the new doctor. Lol. Hi, Daniel & Brady!!! Nicole and Eric have been signed off on and they’re free to leave. Yay! Eric thanks everyone and leaves. No, Brady, your brother isn’t really okay. He takes off after Eric. Yes, Daniel, she still cares about Eric. Deal with it. Aww, Daniel asks her to move in with him!!!!! That’s so sweet!!!!! But should she really is make that kind of decision after a near death experience? Lol. Daniel is done with going slow, huh? D: “I don’t want you anywhere, but right by my side.” Aww, Daniel! He is ready to jump in with her and I love it!

Nicole and Daniel are leaving when Roman steps off the elevator. Nicole forgot her discharge papers in her room and goes to get room them. Roman tells Daniel that Xander is out. Yep, Xander’s alibi is a good one. Roman leaves again. Nicole back. Something is very wrong, Nic. Daniel wants to go home and talk about it. Ugh, another doctor needs Daniel’s second opinion, so he goes. As Nicole waits for him, Xander steps off the elevator! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Back in Serena’s room. Who’s at the door? Xander, of course! He tells her all about his alibi. He saw her statement to the police? That’s no good. Good news, it’s Xander’s word against Serena’s. The only problem is her “big mouth.” She promises to keep quiet. Xander swears that if she tells the police about his business dealings, he’ll go after Eric. Uh oh. Bye, Xander. Nice talking to you.

Brady finds Eric sitting in the park. Yeah, Eric talk to your brother. Tell Brady about being locked in that room with Nicole. Yikes. Lol. Eric tells Brady he’s confused and he feels strange about what happened last night. Brady, he isn’t talking about Xander, so stop talking. Eric wants to be alone. Brady invites him to the house later to meet Tate and then he leaves. Flashbacks to Ericole. Hi, Serena.

Victor is on the phone making sure there’s no paper trail between him and Xander. And now Xander is calling him. He tells Uncle Vic that he’s out. Victor tells him to stay away from him and not to call him. Victor is worried about Maggie or Daniel or Brady finding out about their connection. You should be, Victor! It won’t be a good day for you when they do.

So…today sucked just as much as yesterday. I hate what WilSon, Sonny, Will have become. HATE. If this way the road they were gonna go down, it should happened at least 2 months ago. It’s just completely pointless now. (Not that it wouldn’t have been pointless then, but still.) If they were both leaving, this would make sense. They could reconcile and work through their issues and then leave Salem hand-in-hand a la Carrie & Austin or Doug & Julie. But that isn’t going to happen, so I repeat: WHAT IS THE POINT??????????????

Haiden were so sweet today! They’ve got a timer, I know, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Can we skip the whole Hope/Rafe foolishness and skip right to Bope? Pretty please?

Poor Eric. I’m not a fan, but I’m sad for him.

Aww, Danicole are gonna move in together!!! They’re another couple I’m going to enjoy while they last! Lol.

I can’t wait for Serena and Xander to be gone. I’m so over that whole storyline. (And have been for a good long while. Lol.)

Victor lying to Daniel and Brady was annoying, but expected. It’s only a matter of time before the other Kiriakises find out that Victor helped Xander again. Should be fun! Haha.

Thanks for reading!!! Have an amazing weekend!!! And for those who celebrate it: Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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