Yes, I’ve felt them personally. Not in some, like, weird way. I’ve just touched them a couple of times, and I can say… they’re pretty legit. Unless he’s putting some kind of metal thing in his stomach, I don’t know.

Jacob Batalon when he was asked if Tom’s abs are real in Spiderman Homecoming

Tom: My mother didn’t raise a fool.

Harrison: She raised a psychotic idiot.

Tom: But not a fool.


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summaryWhile doing a screen test after auditioning to be Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man film, you find out that you and the incredibly suave Tom Holland have more chemistry than you expected.

pairings: tom holland x reader 

word count: 2.1k

warningssome swearz, as usual lmfao 

a/n: okay @ the anon who sent this in, i know i tweaked it a teeny bit, i hope that’s okay!! xx

“This is [Y/N],” you answered cheerfully into your phone.

“Hey kid,” you recognized your agent’s voice. “Marvel wants you to come in and do a screen test for Gwen Stacy tomorrow.”

Your jaw dropped, and you managed to stutter out a few words. “I–they–did I get the part?”

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dating tom and sam has a thing for you : head canon 

requested: yes 

summary: all in the title :)

  • Sam didn’t mean to fall for you 
  • He didn’t even think it was more than a crush
  • And he absolutely wished he didn’t have these feelings 
  • You were his dating his older brother, Tom 
  • But he really couldn’t help himself
  • The first day Tom brought you home to meet the family he knew he was in trouble 
  • He couldn’t help but stare a little extra longer than he should’ve when you walked in behind Tom, your hand intertwined with his 
  • He couldn’t help but let his hand linger longer than it should’ve when you two shook hands 
  • He couldn’t help the blush rising on his freckled cheeks whenever you laughed
    • Especially at a joke he made, he wasn’t sure he could even speak after that moment 
  • He for sure couldn’t help the sting of jealousy whenever he noticed Tom’s hands on you, even in the most innocent gestures
  • He’d never developed a crush on someone that quickly
  • And it honestly worried him 
  • With his luck, the happy couple was staying for the weekend
  • Which meant he was given no choice but to spend more time with you
  • In the mornings, he was silently praising you for how beautiful you could look after just waking up, not a trace of makeup, not a trace of anything but sleep still evident in your eyes
  • In the afternoon, he had been messing around on the piano, only to find out you were standing behind him
  • You’d praise his talent, causing him to jump and spin around on the bench 
  • He’d slam the cover shut and jump up 
  • “I-uh, that wasn’t me” 
  • “Don’t deny it, you’re crazy good. Can you keep playing?”
  • He’s certain he lost the ability to breathe and forgot how to do so 
  • He’d sit back down cautiously and play the first melody that came to mind
  • As he did so, you’d take a seat next to him and watch the ways his fingers fluttered across the keys 
  • Your thigh would be gently touching his and even the slightest contact sent sparks through his body 
  • In the evenings, he silently admired the way you offered to help before and after dinner with various tasks
  • But the admiration was soon disrupted when he saw Tom come and wrap his arms around your waist from behind, a giggle leaving your lips as he’d pepper your face with kisses 
  • Sam actually prayed after you had left that the feelings would go away, that it was in the spur of the moment 
  • Those prayers went unanswered
  • A few weeks later you had posted on Instagram, a picture of you and Tom with enormous, matching grins
  • He felt his body run warm with envy 
  • Envious that it was Tom in the picture and not him 
  • You and Sam barely even spoke, but he still found himself infatuated with you 
  • When Tom texted him, called him, or visited, he felt pure guilt
  • It’s not like he had acted upon his crush, but he felt absolutely horrible for having these feelings towards someone his own brother was with 
  • Harry was the first to notice it 
  • “Bro, do you…like Y/N?”
  • “W-what? Where? When? Huh, how? N-no, who’s that?”
  • “God, you’re an awful liar.” 
  • Harry trying to help Sam come up with an intervention 
  • All progress was faltered after Sam’s phone had lit up with a text from you 
  • “Hey Sam! just wondering if there’s any good songs i could start learning on the piano?? since you’re obviously the master at it”
  • His jaw would drop slightly, Harry taking note immediately 
  • “No..Sam…bad Sam.” 
  • He’d respond almost instantly
  • Harry would end up taking his phone 
  • To Sam’s protests, his twin figured the only person that could help this problem would be Tom 
  • Harry rang Tom on FaceTime, shoving the phone in Sam’s face 
  • “Hey, Tom, hope all’s well, here’s your other favorite brother, he’s got to talk to you, alright bye” 
  • Tom being surprised by the random call but obviously happy to see Sam 
  • Sam would be quieter than usual for the first few minutes, insisting on listening to Tom tell stories of his career
  • Of course most of them included you since you tended to travel with him 
  • “IThinkILikeY/NI’mSoSorryI’mTheWorstBrotherEverAndIt’sJustACrushAndIt’llGoAwayAnd-”
  • Tom slightly chuckling at the confession 
  • “It’s alright, bro, I already knew” 
  • “Did Harry tell you, what the hell?”
  • “No, actually Y/N asked why you were so weird around her and I eventually picked it up. No hard feelings, mate” 
  • Sam visibly lets out the biggest sigh of relief 
  • He feels a weight being lifted off of him 
  • “Thank you, I’m sorry, I feel so bad” 
  • “It’s alright, I promise, but thank you for telling me and being honest” 
  • Sam being thankful he had the world’s greatest older brother 
  • The two of them talked for a little while longer before you of course appeared in the background 
  • You noticed Sam’s familiar face on the screen and waved after bidding a hello 
  • Sam returned the greeting and immediately went quiet after remembering he was on a call with Tom
  • Tom giggling at the exchange 
  • “What’s so funny?”
  • “Nothing, love” 
  • The freckled boy is just relieved Tom didn’t spill the beans 
  • However, Tom can tell Sam is back to being uncomfortable and reassures him after you leave the room 
  • “Don’t worry, bud. It’s just a crush and it happens to the best of us.” 
  • As time goes on, Sam does realize how great you are for Tom and starts to appreciate you for that reason 
  • And if the secret is accidentally spilled one year at Christmas after Tom has had one too many beer(s), Sam can’t help but blush all over again before being tackled in a hug by you 
  • “I’m honored, Sam, I really am” 
  • That was all he needed  

Nikki’s 50th Birthday

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Notes: it’s fluffy and a bit rushed, sorry!!!

Word count: 1800+

Thank you to my 210+ followers. You are all incredible!!

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“Here comes Harry Holland with the winning shot. And it’s in! He wins!”

“Dude, we were playing you on two.” Paddy groaned because he was on Harry’s team and was taking all the credit.

“Yeah. Anyways. You missed.” Sam chuckled getting the rebound and passing the basketball to you so you could take the shot. “Take the losers!” Sam laughed as you high fives him. “Victory lap!” You hop on Sam’s back and he runs around the backyard.

“Kids! Young adults. Whatever you kids call yourselves these days. Can you please come inside and help us set up?” Dom asked sliding the back door open to yell at the kids.

“Sorry Dad.”

“Yeah. We’re coming.” You all walk inside and Tessa’s runs around your legs, hoping you’d feed her soon.

“Tessa. Stop scratching me.” You scold her and she sits and looks at you with puppy eyes. You find a ball and throw it out the door so she can run after it and then Dom can shut the door so she stays outside. Dom gave everyone jobs. Harry had to put the balloons everywhere. Sam was in charge of making the kebabs and salads. Paddy got to hang up some streamers and a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ sign in the lounge room. Nikki had decided to go for a drive to pick up the cake she had ordered for her own birthday.

“What about me Dom?” You ask him and he chuckles.

“Whatever you feel like. Maybe just make sure everything looks good. A women’s touch is always helpful.”

“Thanks Dom. I’m glad we got that cleared up before anything else happened.” You giggle and walk into the kitchen and decided to help Sam.

“So, you coming to Canada with Harry and I on Sunday?”

“Yeah. I’m almost packed.” You smile at Sam.

“Awesome. I’m so glad you’re around. Seriously. Having brothers is great, but they drive me insane. At least you’re normal.” Sam chuckled. “I don’t even know what you see in my brother, but you somehow make it work.”

“That’s because-”

“I don’t need to hear about your sex like with my brother.”

“I wasn’t going to. I was going to say, because I get along with you guys so well, it makes it easier for me to not miss him so much. Considering I pretty much crashed here all last week, and the week before, your parents have probably found it easy to cook for four kids people, I’ve just replaced Tom.”

“You can replace Tom any day. Seriously, he drives me up the walls. And he’s not even here.” Sam said tossing the salad and putting it in the fridge. Paddy snuck in and stole some cherry tomatoes from the bench and sat on the stool.

“When is everyone meant to get here?”

“Whenever they want.” Sam said beginning to create the skewers of meat and vegetables. You wash your hands and begin to help him out. Harry comes over with his camera and takes some photos.

“Harry. Put the camera away.” Sam sneered at his twin gesturing to you.

“It’s fine Sam. Seriously.” You smile. When you first started dating Tom, and the media and his fans found out you got some mixed responses which you had expected. Heaps of people began asking you about your private life, and you wanted to keep it that way. Tom made a personal rule to his family that if you were to be in any photos, you would have to be with everyone not just you and another person, not so you got left out but so people didn’t the wrong idea. He never verbally told you this, but you caught on quite quickly. Hence why you never travelled with him, until this trip to Canada which you were so happy about. You got to see Harrison too. You hadn’t seen him in months.

“Moms going to be back any second!” Sam exclaimed trying to tidy up the mess in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in Nikki’s car, Tom said there grasping onto the cake in his lap.

“You nervous? You look nervous.” Nikki laughed stirring around the corner.

“No. I mean, I haven’t seen the family in months. I just feel-”

“Guilty. But we are so proud of you.” Nikki smiled pinching his cheek. “(Y/N) is really excited to see you. I haven’t told any of them that you’re coming today.”

“Seriously? I even told Harry that I would see him next week, maybe he just brushed it off.” Tom chuckled looking at the daffodils at his feet. Nikki pulls into the drive way and grabs Tom’s small luggage bag and starts to walk into the house.

“Surprise Mom.” The boys yell out showing her the decorated house.

“Oh kids. Thank you.” Nikki smiles hugging each of her sons. Paddy hugs his mother and then goes to sit on the couch with you.

“Actually, I have a surprise of my own.” Nikki coughs and Tom walked through the door. He was wearing a blue cap, with jeans and a grey sweat shirt. You were almost certain he had a button down shirt under his jumper as well.


“Tom’s back.”

“You told us you weren’t coming!”

“But Canada. Filming.”

“You’re such a mommy’s boy.” The boys began to tease him as they shook his hand or did a hand shake. You got up off the couch and walked over to him, with a small skip and wrapped your arms tightly around his neck. He placed yours on your hips and smiled proudly.

“I’ve miss you so much.” Tom whispered placing a peck to the top of your head. You were the perfect size which allowed him to do that. That boy just makes you weak at the knees.

“I’ve miss you too.” You smile letting go at him. He gives you the bouquet of flowers and you hold his hand. “Daffodils? Thank you.” you smiled, your cheeks showing some heat. Tom brought you daffodils on your first date. What a heart throb. “How has everything been?” You ask him shocked that he was here, but excited that he was here.

“Amazing. Canada is awesome. You’re going to love it.”

“Really?” You smile excitedly. Tom nodded and lead you into the kitchen and you both sat by the dining table.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming back!” Paddy exclaimed as Dom opened the back door to let Tessa in to greet her owner.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” Tom chuckled. Well obviously.

“Come here Tessa!” Tom smiled excitedly and she jumped onto his lap and licked his face.

“Okay. That’s enough.” Tom smiled and placed a hand on the back of your chair. He was always clingy when he came home. You were wearing a plain cotton dress and some canvas shoes.

“Here. Let me find a vase for your flowers.” Dom suggested looking through the drawers and finally found one.

“Dude. You missed it. The other day we all went into the city and saw the sick fire works display. You know the firework display we always saw as kids, well yeah it was on last week and we all had dinner and went to that nice burger joint around the corner.” Sam began telling his story to Tom. Tom’s hand grazed over your shoulder and clutched onto it softly. He hated missing out on family events like that, and you knew that. He would always tighten his grip on you if he was very upset, nervous, angry or jealous. You could tell he was upset. You picked at the cut up loaf of bread on the table and feed it to Tessa.

“Good girl.” You smiled as she licked her nose. Tom’s hand grazed Tessa’s fur. Before long, guests started to arrive at the Holland home.

“Here Dom. Let me help.” You suggest getting up from your spot and walking over to Tom’s father. You help him carry the trays off meat, skewers and vegetables which he was going to grill.

“Tom’s here!” One of Tom’s cousins shouted hugging me.

“Hey bud. What’s up?” He asked picking up the younger boy.

“I missed you.” He said and hugged Tom’s chest.

“I’ve miss you to buddy.” Tom said placing a peck on the boys forehead. “How was kindergarten been?”

“Really good! Guess what! We got to dress up as superheroes and I dressed up as you.”

“No way that’s awesome.”


“Yes bud.”

“Is your pretty girlfriend here?”

“(Y/N) yeah of course she is.”

“Can we see her?”

“Of course bud.” Tom carried him over to you where you were still helping Dom out.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) I have a question.”

“Of course champ. You can ask me anything.” You smile putting the tongs down to face the small boy in Tom’s arms.

“Who is going to look after me when you go to Canada?” He sniffled.

“I’m only going for two weeks, okay? I’ll be back in time for your birthday.” You tell him pinching his cheek. After a late lunch, you sat outside with Tom and Harry. You sat next to Tom, and caresses his cheek with your thumb.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ve got acne scars. You’re breaking out again. Does that mean we can have another facial night?” You ask excitedly.

“Facial night? Aww can I join too?” Harry joked and Tom sipped on his beer. He had his phone out as the sun was going down. He was filming the lit fire move in the darkness. You place your head on his chest.

“So, were you surprised?” He asked twirling his empty beer on the table.

“That you came home for like, two days. Yeah.” You tell him. “You should’ve told me.” You begin to playfully hit his chest. Tom rolled his eyes. Nikki, Dom, Sam and Paddy eventually all joined us. We were just having quiet drinks.

“I would just like to thank you all here, for not only being here, but for making this the best 50th birthday I could’ve asked for. And Tom, thank you for being here. Oh man, I’m going to cry again and I said I wasn’t. I think it’s the alcohol.” Nikki teared up as she picked up a napkin from the table and dried her eyes. You don’t know if it was possible, but you somehow managed to get closer to Tom. You legs now dangled off his. His lips placed of your head and didn’t leave that position unless he spoke. You couldn’t help but stare at the infamous necklace he consistently wore around a Chan in linked around his neck.

“(Y/N) you listening?” Paddy asked waving a hand in your face and laughing.

“Y-yeah.” You stumble.

“I was just saying that I’m so glad that you’re here, and I really hope you enjoy Montreal and thank you so much for supporting our son. It means a lot to this family.” Nikki smiled at you and you smiled back. Nikki had been the greatest to you in the last couple of weeks when you were both missing Tom. Sure you were only his girlfriend, but Nikki could see how much it pained you when he wasn’t around. There were times that you felt like giving up because you didn’t know when or if he was coming back. Nikki was pretty much a mother figure to you, and she loved you like her own. Actually, you were pretty sure she loved you before Tom realised he loved you. Tom lifted up his drink one last time for the night and drank the rest of it.

Sam: Fall - it represents the beauty of death. The essence of life. The fragility of life.

Tom: Or it’s a new fucking season.

Sam: …You could say that I guess.

Strangers In One Bed (Tom Holland imagine)

Pairing: reader x Tom Holland

Summary: You and Tom Holland end up in the same bed. But not for the sexiest of reasons.

Word count: 1,249

Warnings: Some swearing. Surprisingly, this isn’t smut.

Your car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

Your battery died. It was getting darker, and the heavy clouds carried a lot more than just a promise of rain.

Without a phone, but with an absolutely awful sense of direction, you had to walk on the side of a highway. An empty highway. It felt like you just missed an apocalypse and the rest of humanity had gone extinct. Oh, you should’ve known this day was destined to be a disaster when the alarm clock awakened you at 5 am. On a Saturday.

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