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Little lads first heists. Michael's is at a few months old, Geoff takes him along as a prop. Gavin age four first heist, stealing the tip jar from a store that was mean to his mama and micoo. Jeremy is seven and attempts get away driver. Badly.




Hee hee, Jack would be pisssssssed.

As for Gavin, I just see him in his room with a bunch of stuffed animals on his bed, and him calling them ‘his crew.’ And Jeremy is at the foot of the bed, excited because Gavin is actually including him, and Gavin is like “The traget” and he points to a scribbled drawing on a giant pad of paper. “He’s a meanie man who was mean to my Jack and my Micoo. We are going to make him pay.”

And this tiny voice asks, “How?”

And Gavin says, “Easy, by making him pay.” And Jeremy doesn’t get it, but he’s 2 and really Gavin didn’t really understand what he meant either until he saw the tip jar the next time they went into the store.

And Jeremy has a wagon on the back of his bike that Michael and Gavin are supposed to get in after they steal Anthony and his brother’s pocket money. And here come 10 year old Michael and 9 year old Gavin running around the corner and Michael is screaming, “GO GO GO!” And Jeremy, not even waiting for them to get into the wagon, just starts peddling. And Michael yells, “Not without us!”

Jeremy doesn’t get too far, he hits a pole and falls off the bike. He doesn’t hurt himself badly, just a few scrapes, but Michael never lets him be the getaway driver again.


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Little Lads and bring your parent to school day. Jack and Geoff hurriedly trying to come up with cover stories for their REAL "Jobs" as criminal master minds before speaking to the class. Geoff lying through his teeth to a class of 5 year olds as Gavin frowns and tries to call him out on lying because he's proud of dad getting away with lots of crime.

“I work in financing…” Geoff starts.

“Liar,” a small voice shouts from the back of the class.

“It’s really boring work…”

“He’s lying!”

“And you don’t wanna hear…”

“Super lying…”

“And I know a little boy that’s not getting dessert tonight if he doesn’t let his father talk,” Jack speaks up from the back of the class.

“….carry on.”

I love this idea. Because of course they can’t tell the school what they do, but Gavin is 5. He doesn’t understand. Like Michael, he’s 6, he gets it a little bit. And Jeremy is 3 so he’s not in school yet. So it’s Gavin they have to worry about because he’ll walk up to an elderly couple and proudly say, “My dad does crime. And gets away. It’s great.”

Kent had given up on unpacking about half an hour ago. He’d been living out of his suitcase for the month he was out of Fox Tower, and he would probably be doing the same now, only adding a few more boxes to the mix. It was a trend he seemed to follow every year, taking at least until the start of the actual season to fully unpack everything he owned (which wasn’t even that much, compared to some of his teammates). He believed he at least deserved some credit for unpacking all of his Exy gear, though one could easily point out he only did that because his roommate would be calling practice that night. But for now, he would live with boxes stacked in his corner of the room, clothes peeking out from over the edge of one box and one suitcase with a few articles thrown across his freshly-made bed (which he also believed he deserved credit for).

But unpacking was boring, especially while there were people to see—only he didn’t see anyone right away when he ventured out of his dorm room. It made sense that he was early, having not ventured far from Fox Tower meant he could move in as soon as their doors opened to the players for the start of their preseason, but it sucked hearing the silence of an otherwise lively hall. Figuring he would have better luck seeing who came in and out from the floor’s lounge, Kent found himself lying on the shared couch, tossing an Exy ball up repeatedly.

He couldn’t tell who passed at first—a teammate moving in? A Vixen curious to see who was here? Hell, he’d even take staff checking in on the team—but it caused Kent to sit up a bit as they neared him. “Hey!” he called. “You know, some of the best ideas come from this couch—or maybe just boredom, I haven’t decided. But anyways, I’ve decided I wanna get a tattoo… now I just need to figure out what…”