Daichi: I’m not a father! I don’t even have kids…

Hinata: *walking past* hey Dad.

Daichi: oh, hey

Nishinoya: Dad, is it ok if I go see a movie with Asahi tomorrow?

Daichi: Yeah, just be home by 11.

Tsukishima: Dad, could you sign this so I can skip class for a doctors appointment tomorrow?

Daichi: of course, just be sure to get the notes from your classmates, son.



Daichi: okay, listen.

Hit: *Grabs Frost by the lizard scruff* ….. look me in the eyes when i’m talking to you.

Frost: :P

Hit: Do you have any idea what you’ve done?! *Narrows eyes*

Frost: 8P

Hit: You’ve committed the worse crime you ever could-!

Frost: ….. -3-

Hit: You- *Lifts empty box of doughnuts* ….. look at the havoc you’ve created!

Frost: …….

Hit: ……

Frost: ……

Frost: *Licks doughnut sprinkles from lips* 

Hit: It’s obvious that you’ve done bad before….. but I never thought you could be so evil. *Lets him go*

Frost: *Crawls away and back under his snuggie*